Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker – There is no shortage of small, portable Bluetooth speakers. And the number is increasing every month. The current trend towards smaller and smaller speakers should ideally also be strong enough to survive a trip to the beach followed by a quick shower. Logitech has built a little brother for the UE Boom and we are very impressed.

PLUS It sounds amazingly loud and is great for the price. The size allows you to fit it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

LOW It is more suitable in small environments. Power supply adapter not included. It doesn’t sound as loud as the bigger UE Boom.

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Like its big brother UE Boom and Jabra competitors, the Mini Boom is protected by a rubberized surface that is safe from spills and dust. It is available in a variety of colors, including black, white, and orange. The front and back are covered by a metal grill with laser-cut holes. Because of the size, the passive woofer is not placed in the back, but in a narrow slot in the back.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

The number of buttons is small, but enough. Two buttons for volume and the third button for Bluetooth search. On the back is an on/off button, an analog mini-jack input, and a micro USB port for charging.

The Mini Boom has a sound that belies its small size. It’s surprisingly loud, and vocals in particular are played naturally and openly. There’s no real bass, but it’s low enough to have a heavy feel and is well controlled. It’s not “Hi-Fi” by any means, but it sure is cool. The best results are achieved when space is limited, such as in the front window of a car. The Ultimate Ears Mini Boom, placed two feet away, sounds great, and music is distilled into what it means the most: listening pleasure.

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Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

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Like the larger UE Boom, you can connect two speakers simultaneously and have them play in stereo using the companion app for iOS and Android. For fun, we tried playing with Boom and Mini Boom, and it was possible to play them together, but only in mono.

In a direct comparison to the Jabra SoleMate Mini, the UE Mini Boom is a little less open in the treble and the bass is a bit tighter, but the midrange is otherwise cleaner. So the choice between the two close contenders comes down to whether or not you prefer the clean vocals and air guitar factor a bit more. Finally, the Mini Boom stands out thanks to a slightly higher maximum volume, with a cleaner sound.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

We’re constantly amazed at how much great sound quality you can pack into a small bluetooth speaker. Logitech’s Mini Boom Ultimate Ears make a bold attempt to maximize performance in a small size at a low price. It’s getting very close. Due to its compact size, it is so easy and convenient to put it in your jacket pocket and take it anywhere.

Logitech Ultimate Ears Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

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Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

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The UE Mini Boom is a great value for those looking for a rugged Bluetooth speaker, a repeat delight with an emphasis on stellar sound performance, portability and approachable design.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

The saying “never judge a book by its cover” applies to more than just books. In the case of the Ultimate Ears Mini Boom (EU): Don’t judge this Bluetooth speaker by its size. If you do, you’re missing out on an affordable option that belies its small appearance with impressive sound for a fraction of the price of some larger tweeters.

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At $99 (£79, AU$99), Ultimate Ears’ tiny speaker convincingly proves that size doesn’t always matter. Beware the competition, the UE Mini Boom is on a mission to seize the throne as a reference speaker and is one of the best values ​​out there.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

This meat-sized Bluetooth speaker begs to be your companion anytime, anywhere, and it delivers with its durable, understated design that minimalists love.

The speaker is housed in an integrated rubber casing. Orange-flavored Ultimate Headphones in the Mini Boom range. It is a festive neon color that gives the speaker a wonderful look. The Mini Boom also comes in the bold black and red you see above, plus black, purple and green variants.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

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It’s not just looks though, the rubber band acts as a protector, providing good protection against drops, scratches and cracks.

Above the speaker is a simple panel of buttons that offer a satisfying tactile click. From left to right, we have a speaker, a pair of Bluetooth and an additional volume to complete the presentation. On the side of the panel is a prominent microphone that takes phone calls with the press of the pairing button.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

It can also be connected via NFC by holding the compatible device near the top of the Mini Boom. Overall, this is an easy-to-use design that even Bluetooth newbies should feel right at home.

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Rounding out the Mini Boom, its front grille is painted white and consists of unique diamond-shaped perforations. A bright blue LED lights up to indicate a successful Bluetooth connection. Other than that, there’s not much to see here, but there are a few other details on the back.

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Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

Here you will find an on/off switch, a micro USB charging port and a 3.5 mm jack that connect to a small plastic island in the metal grill on the back. There is also a perforated area at the back which allows for a surprisingly deep bass.

The speaker works out of the box, but Ultimate Ears encourages you to download its self-titled companion app (available for iOS and Android), Mini Boom, to expand its capabilities. With it, you can navigate the product manual, adjust EQ settings, change the name of your speaker, and even pair it with a second Mini Boom for stereo sound. It’s not necessary, but it just adds to the value that comes with this tiny little box.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

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The UE Mini Boom takes a subtle approach to design, shaking up the market with a completely simple and elegant compact Bluetooth speaker. But wouldn’t you know, that’s not Mini Boom’s strongest suit either?

In terms of performance, the Mini Boom delivers an amazing level of fidelity for its small form factor. What’s more interesting is that the sound is very deep, which is almost unthinkable for something of its size.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

Overall performance, regardless of type, is generally impressive with the powerful Mini Boom. Jazz has warm sounds and hip-hop is deep. However, not everything is perfect. Ultimate Ears clearly focuses most of its attention on deep bass and mids.

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Although the speaker can easily fill the room, I noticed a haze hanging over the highs. Rock and pop fans will love the sheer volume the Mini Boom can deliver, but the lack of ultra-sharp delivery will leave you wanting more definition.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

Battery life is another strong point of the UE Mini Boom. Although the charging time is a bit long at four hours, I was able to squeeze 10 hours of advertised performance out of this little one at various volumes.

Communication with Bluetooth and NFC is quick and easy, as it should be. With the companion app, the Mini Boom can wirelessly connect to another Mini Boom to stream music from two speakers within an impressive 50-foot range. We had another one in the office, so we had a chance to test the functionality. Best of all, it’s also possible to switch it to stereo mode with the appropriate channels on each Mini Boom.

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

Logitech Ue Boom Speaker Replacement

EU Mini Boom

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