Ue Roll Wireless Speaker


You can throw it in the lake. Or you can lift it to the front of the kayak when you’re going up stream with the alarm. No problem. Really.

Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

No other speaker has the capabilities or portability of the ROLL 2. Move it to your bike, board, backpack and it’s still there.

Ue Roll Review: A Uniquely Designed Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

More friends crashing the party? Double your wireless connection with a second Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 speaker and take your sound to a new level.

Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

We understand the importance of a pool float – that’s why every ROLL 2 comes with a free float. Now, when you sleep on your giant swan, your ROLL 2 can float by your side.

He never stopped getting better. Download the Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 APP for more fun features like Block Party and Remote On/Off.

Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Connect up to 8 Bluetooth-enabled devices – Connect up to two main devices simultaneously. Play (stream) wirelessly to ROLL 2s from the same source.

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Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

The Roll joins the Ultimate Ears line of speakers with the same ruggedness as its siblings, but with a wider profile and a more affordable price.

Amazon.com: Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Portable Waterproof & Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker

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Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

It’s hard to innovate with wireless Bluetooth speakers these days, but UE is doing its best with the Roll, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that looks like a UFO, is completely waterproof, and comes in six different colors. It costs $100 in the US, £80 in the UK and AU$150 in Australia.

The UE Roll is a small, waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a unique design, great sound for its size, and great battery life. It has a built-in rubber cord and a waterproof life preserver (included if the speaker is purchased from the UE website) that allows it to float in water.

Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

Logitech’s New Ue Roll 2 Waterproof Speaker Review 2018

You can find cheaper Bluetooth speakers that do the job, but the tiny UE Roll still needs to stand out more for its price, both in terms of design and performance.

The Roll is the third wireless Bluetooth speaker in the UE line, following in the footsteps of the UE Boom, better known as its big brother the UE Megaboom, both of which feature a cylindrical design (UE is Ultimate Ears, Logitech’s top audio line ). ). This product replaces the UE Mini Boom, which also retails for $100, but is discounted after its retirement.

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Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

What’s great about the Roll is that you can lay it flat or remove the included rubber cord and hang it on anything you like, including your shower head. Overall, the speaker feels great and is compact at 11.8 ounces or 336 grams. The built-in rechargeable battery provides 9 hours of music playback, and the speaker has a wireless range of 65 feet, which is double what a standard Bluetooth speaker offers.

Ue Roll Bluetooth Speaker — The Dude Rack

There is a volume control on the top of the speaker, but no pause/play button or speaker volume. As I said, this model is fully waterproof – IPX7 certified – with a set of sealed ports and fully submersible. However, it doesn’t float, but if you buy the Roll from the UE website, you’ll save a lot of valuable life with your purchase and be able to attach it to your speaker with a rubber cord.

Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

I received the pink lifesaver from UE and tested the speaker in the pool with good results. There are other speakers that float, but the life preserver keeps the Roll well above water. Sometimes it rises all the way, descends into the lake, so the sound is distorted. But as soon as I righted the ship, so to speak, Raleigh came back.

The sound is very good for a speaker of this size and price, and mixes well at maximum volume (to be clear, this is for background music, not the beach). It’s most impressive with the audio equipment, and like most of these speakers, it’s strongest in the mids, with vocals coming out warm and spacious.

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Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

Ultimate Ears Ue Roll Review: Rock ‘n’ Roll

While you won’t get bass or volume like what you get from the UE Boom or Megaboom, there is some bass. The speaker struggles to sort through complex songs when playing a lot of music, and it just can’t handle some bass well. For example, with Alabama Shakes “Don’t Fight” he sounded a little rough. But throw on Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie – Live” and the speaker will do well.

If you want to add audio, you can combine multiple reels using UE’s free iOS or Android apps. You can’t have left and right speakers like you do with UE’s Boom speakers, but grouping the speakers allows you to spread sound across a wider space.

Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

I didn’t put two speakers in the pool and listen to them float, but with one speaker in the pool, the sound was sufficient (interesting pool acoustics). I also took it out on the table next to the grill and hung it on a tree. It is perfectly designed for outdoor use.

The Best Bluetooth Speaker Gets A Sequel: This Is Ue Boom 2

Both its sound and design had friends asking who made the speaker and how much it cost.

Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

Conclusion You can find cheaper Bluetooth speakers that do the job, but the UE Roll needs to stand out more for its price, both in terms of design and performance. It’s a fun little speaker for about half the price of the UE Boom. Yes, the design of this level is getting more detailed, but Roll has its own accessories that recommend it.

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Ue Roll Wireless Speaker

Ultimate Ears Ue Boom 2 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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