Ue Mini Boom Pairing

Ue Mini Boom Pairing – These days, it seems like not a day goes by without some company introducing a new Bluetooth speaker. They’re pretty much everywhere and like it or not, even guys like Ultimate Ears (UE), who usually live at the high end of the audio market, sometimes come out to play.

A few weeks ago, Logitech/Ultimate Ears asked me if I’d be interested in trying out their new Bluetooth speaker. I generally don’t accept many bluetooth speaker reviews because there are too many to test, the new speakers tell me they are very special because they have super long battery life, they can be combined to produce a big and loud sound. Rich, and this thing was extremely small. Since some of these claims seem to defy physics, I’ve had a lot of good experiences with Ultimate Ears headphones in the past, and in my opinion, if there’s a company that lives up to these claims, I’m very impressed.

Ue Mini Boom Pairing

Ue Mini Boom Pairing

So, today we will look at the Logitech UE MINI BOOM bluetooth speaker. The first thing you’ll notice about the UE MINI BOOM is that these guys aren’t kidding. The unit itself is just 4.4 inches wide, 2.2 inches tall and 2.4 inches deep, with a curb weight of just 297g (~0.65lb). It’s roughly the size of three iPhones stacked on top of each other.

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The design of the EU MINI BOOM is very simple. There are no bells and whistles around, no LED light display, and no elaborate setup to begin with. It is simply a speaker unit housed in a rubber outer shell. There’s an on/off switch to turn on the unit, a micro USB port to charge the unit, and an assistant to connect non-Bluetooth devices. Once you turn the unit on, there are three buttons on the device to worry about: volume up, volume down, and Bluetooth pairing. Considering that the Bluetooth pairing button is only needed to pair new devices, there are really only two buttons to worry about.

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The unit can be paired with standard Bluetooth devices or NFC. The integrated Bluetooth module allows you to connect up to two devices simultaneously and store up to eight devices in the memory.

The UE MINI BOOM is powered by two 1.5-inch drivers, which are placed close to each other considering the unit’s 4.4-inch width. There’s also a port on the back of the case with a 3″ x 1.5″ passive radiator to help add more oomph to the low end, which in theory should help reduce gate noise and motion stutter. .

The sound quality on the UE MINI BOOM is far superior to what you’d find on typical small speakers or things like portable radios. When the two drivers are so close to each other, there isn’t much room for sound separation, and the audio is shallow, making everything a bit flat and two-dimensional. It’s not a big deal for casual listening, phone calls and podcasts, but it’s definitely not ideal for someone looking for something special to enjoy their music. It’s simply the laws of physics at work, and Ultimate Ears unfortunately haven’t broken those laws yet. That said, the UE MINI BOOM lives up to the “boom” part of its name with its ability to get really loud, especially in small spaces, and the bass port on the back of the enclosure helps the drivers have plenty of power inside. Low end. That said, the UE MINI BOOM is rated for a frequency range of 130Hz – 20,000Hz, so after a certain point the low end sounds like the same buzzing sounds.

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As for the microphone, several people I called told me it was roughly comparable to the iPhone’s built-in unit. A digital microphone would have improved this a lot, but I doubt many people are buying the UE MINI BOOM for its ability to function as a hands-free device.

The unit’s battery life is estimated to be around 10 hours of playback, but I’d say you can expect more, around 5-8 hours, depending on how many devices you connect if the units are running in double-up mode. , and how long are the noisy parts. I suppose it’s reasonable to get 10 hours of low-volume playback if your device is plugged in with a 3.5mm aux cable, but that’s probably the only time you’ll compress playback time. That said, it’s pretty long battery life, and high-capacity, high-quality portable batteries like the Patriot Fuel + can power the UE MINI BOOMs through all-day play.

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For those who really want to celebrate, you can buy a second UE MINI BOOM (or have one of your friends get one) and link them together in what UE calls “Double Up” mode. Double Up mode allows you to use the UE MINI BOOM units in dual mode, which essentially syncs the sound between two MINI BOOMs or in stereo mode, which sends left channel audio to one unit and right channel audio to the other. Room. The best thing about stereo mode is that it allows you to space out the left and right channels, creating a larger soundstage, increasing the overall volume and making the audio sound more three-dimensional.

Ue Mini Boom Pairing

While Double Up Mode is a great concept, it comes with a number of small issues. First, you must have an Android or iOS app. If not, Double Up mode will not work. There are no buttons on the devices that magically snap together.

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Update: 10/10/13 Shortly after I published the review, I was told that the UE MINI BOOMs can be paired without a smartphone. This is detailed in the Double Up section of the UE MINI BOOM Dive Guide (yes, I know, RTFM): “You can also double up the UE MINI BOOM without the app by first pressing the Bluetooth and Volume + buttons. On a speaker that is playing music at the same time, then double-press the Bluetooth button on the speaker you want to add. Unfortunately, this manual isn’t readily available in the box, and the included quick start guide only mentions the ability to pair speakers using the iOS or Android apps. That said, it’s great to know that the UE MINI BOOMs can pair with each other without using the smartphone app for those who don’t want to install the smartphone app or just want to use it on a PC.

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Second, every time the device is turned off, it must be reset in Double Up mode. There is no memory, although the built-in Bluetooth modules can remember up to eight devices. Third, the size of the two parts does not match in stereo mode. This means that if you want to adjust the volume on the MINI BOOM, you need to adjust the volume on both units at the same time. While this is fine in dual mode, it’s a problem in stereo mode as the volume on the MINI BOOM cuts the sound. That said, these aren’t necessarily headaches and most are software/firmware issues that can hopefully be fixed in a future software/firmware update.

The EU MINI BOOM costs $99.99 (Amazon) and you can currently choose between red, black and yellow (although yellow looks green to me). For a Bluetooth speaker, the MINI BOOM is definitely one of the more expensive around, but I think it’s worth considering. While I’d prefer something like the Creative Sound Blaster Axx for home or computer use, I think the UE MINI BOOM is the perfect travel companion. It’s small enough to fit in a purse, backpack, or handbag, has good battery life, and the sound is powerful enough for a small group setup. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’d definitely give the UE MINI BOOM a good look. Update: As this post was originally written, Ultimate Ears has removed the Boom 2 and replaced the Mini with a roll.

Last year we took the best Bluetooth speakers we could find and put them head to head in one big “mega review”. In the end, the absolute best in the field was the Ultimate Ears (UE) Mini.

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It retails for $99. Since then, we’ve looked at many others, including new greats like the $149 JBL Charge and the $199 Bose Mini Soundlink.

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