Tws Earbuds Pairing

Tws Earbuds Pairing – I7s TWS Bluetooth earphones allow you to listen to music, answer calls while driving, walking, playing games. And the i9s is equipped with multi-function buttons to receive/end calls, play audio/video without using the phone software. Since the i7s is a Bluetooth device, you may encounter questions about Bluetooth connectivity. This article will discuss how to pair the i7s TWS binaural and monaural.

Step 1: Remove the L/R earphones from the charging case and turn the L/R earphones and connect with each other.

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Tws Earbuds Pairing

Tws Earbuds Pairing

Step 2: After successful connection, the blue and red lights of the master handset (left earpiece) will flash alternately and announce “connection, left channel, pair” as well. While the right ear has a white light that flashes and announces “connect, channel is correct”.

I7s Tws Pairing

Step 3: Turn on the phone’s bluetooth search “i7sTWS”, then click Connect and it will say “something connected” to the earphone (left function).

Step 1: Long press the multifunction buttons on both sides at the same time until they turn red and blue.

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Step 4: Select the i7tws to connect, when the LED flashes blue, they are successfully connected. Show the battery status of your iOS device.

● Only one fan works for making/answering calls, but both sides can control the power off/play/pause individually when connected, working together.

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If two earphones can’t connect or can’t connect the bluetooth hard and bad, you can reset the earphones as follows.

Step 2: Press the ear button three times on both sides at the same time, until two blue lights. (You can do this at any time.)

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Step 4: Extend the left and right ear for 5 seconds at the same time, until the blue and red lights turn on and then release. They will automatically enter the application process.

Tws Earbuds Pairing

Customers: If you have purchased i7s TWS Bluetooth earphones from us and have problems reading the message, please contact us. Just fill out a ticket with your questions in the Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

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