Turtlebox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Turtlebox Portable Bluetooth Speaker – I bought a Gen2 Desert Tan. I used to have Gen1.5 Blue. The quality of these sounds is amazing. And the build quality is good. I needed another one so I bought another Gen2 in original green. The integrated sound is a high quality stereo system, portable and bulletproof. Thanks Turtlebox!

It offers the best speakers on the market. These speakers have LUCK! Always ask people where they can get their hands. And the customer service is just amazing. All 5 stars

Turtlebox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Turtlebox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bought one of these a few months ago. On Halloween, we had a DJ party with one of these speakers. Everyone around was asking where I can get one of these. This speaker has everything you need and even more in sound. In fact, we’ll be ordering another one when we’re at Crab Island in Destin, Florida next summer.

Turtlebox: The Loudest, Toughest Outdoor Speaker

I was thinking about installing a JL AUDIO 6 plus speaker head unit in my wellcraft CC. Fisherman. I was very impressed with the sound and quality of the Turtlebox. This is the first product that, when turned on at full power, does not degrade the sound quality. Design / simple and easy to use! Ordering 2 more this winter. I can not wait. Killer product. Highly Recommended

The only thing that matches the quality and beauty of the new TurtleBox speaker is the amazing customer service. Kayla and the Turtlebox team went above and beyond to help me get new speakers in time for the college football game. My son had speakers on the front tailgate and someone stopped us and asked about the quality of our music. When I realized he wasn’t making it to the next big game, I knew that without that powerful, resonant voice, things would be different. The Turtlebox not only helped me speed up my order… they also helped me get my team colors……… The sound and durability of this speaker is amazing. I highly recommend and really appreciate the extra effort and great customer service… something that many companies have been missing in recent years. Now I’m more than just a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers!

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The best portable speaker we’ve ever bought! Loud and clear! Amazing bass! Excellent playback time on a full charge and plenty when using Bluetooth.

Being in the UK, getting the Turtlebox a few years ago was a little tricky, but I finally got it.

Buy Turtlebox Gen 2: Loud! Outdoor Portable Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker

Great bag, perfect for the field work I use it for. Reliable, waterproof and perfect sound with amazing battery life. Unfortunately, after a year the battery stopped charging. I was worried what it might be so I contacted Turtlebox explained the problem and even though I’ve had it for over 12 months and live overseas they offered to replace it…wow. Excellent customer service. I replaced it a long time ago and it works fine.

Without a doubt the best loudspeaker I’ve ever had and the battery life is amazing 10/10 recommend buying it

The speakers are amazing. Colors look great and sound quality is everything. I had generation 1 until someone took five fingers from me, but I can honestly say that I’m not mad because I had to get generation 2. I really enjoyed it.

Turtlebox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

My first generation has been working for over 5 years without problems. Best BT speaker on the beach ⛱️ 😎 👌

Turtlebox: Loud! Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

The quiet roar of the river during fly fishing is the peace of mind that has been waiting for you for a whole month. In deer blinds, it’s all about hearing the creatures around you. Even with friends, sometimes you want to hear the sound of fire. But when the time comes, we like to open a few cold ones, put on the Turtlebox and enjoy all the fun that music brings. We expect our customers to listen carefully. Sometimes the sounds of nature help you to be in the moment, sometimes the music does the same. Take your time, they should know the line about speakers that go to 11. Desire for more power and sound from speakers is not uncommon. You want to listen to your music wherever you are. Whether you’re throwing a party or going camping, music can help set the mood and let those around you enjoy their surroundings more. But you want it to be loud enough for everyone to hear without changing the sound quality. That’s where Turtlebox speakers can come in handy.

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I tested the Turtlebox speaker to see how it performs during the day and outdoors. This is a speaker that you can take with you and hear its power from afar. Looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that will spend time with you indoors and outdoors? There are many on the market. So what makes the Turtlebox speaker special? Read and find out.

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You can tell how powerful a speaker is just by looking at it. The speaker is impact resistant as the exterior is solid and durable. It is IP67 fully waterproof as well as dustproof. This means you can take it on a boat trip, on a rainy day, on a hike in the woods, and on other outdoor adventures, and it will still work.

Rugged Outdoor Speakers Compared: Turtlebox Shines Through Loudly

It costs 10 pounds, which is considered a decent amount if you have to wear it for a long time. But there is a sturdy and comfortable handle that can be held on top, which makes it even easier. The dimensions are 11.5″ x 6.5″ x 8.75″, so this is not a small speaker. If you are looking for one that you can toss in your bag, this is not an option. If you are just looking for one to keep in your home, this may not be for you. But for outdoor adventures, it does a great job. There are also rubber feet on the bottom.

On the left side of the Turtlebox speaker is an LED control panel. Here you can increase or decrease the volume and switch tracks. You can also connect one or two devices via Bluetooth with the touch of a button. The buttons are backlit for ease of use at night. There are five different color options: Field Tan, White, Original Green, Laguna Madre Blue and Thunderhead Grey.

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At the top of the LED control panel, you will notice that it is very powerful. This speaker is solidly built and even comes with a built-in latch so it won’t budge if you don’t want it to. The charging port has an interesting design. It has a metal screw-on handle, similar to what you might find on a disposable water bottle. There is a USB-C input and output port inside, so you can charge the speaker. But you can also charge your phone, tablet or other device from an external port. The charging port is covered and protected from harsher environments. But it looks silly over the speaker.

Turtlebox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There is also an additional output under the cover, allowing you to easily connect a mobile phone or MP3 player. You can also insert a laptop or computer into it. If you have two Turtlebox speakers, you can connect them both as there is a button on the control panel for this. This allows the sound to be more balanced.

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The battery pack is a good push. The Turtlebox Speaker has a battery life of up to 20 hours of continuous music listening. With a built-in 85 watt-hour lithium-ion battery, it will run for more than six hours even when listening at maximum volume.

You will have no trouble listening to this speaker. This is the best feature in him. It produces sound up to 120 dB and does not distort. You can make the sound very low or very loud, but still hear the song well. I put the Turtlebox Speaker Box in one room, closed the door and went to another room on the other side of my house and closed the door there. I turned up the volume and could hear the song even a block away.

The bass really plays and you can really see the speaker move when you have a really heavy song and it’s full of volume. (Note: I usually use Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” for bass testing because he has a heavy bass at the beginning of the song. Here’s some info if you want to make your own at home.

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