Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Although its name makes you think of lovable creatures from Star Trek, the Tribit XSound Go stands out in a crowded field of generic mini Bluetooth speakers.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Tribute”? Maybe a travel app. Or an Alexa device close at hand on the fridge. Or a Star Trek animal. But it may not be a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Tribit XSound Go is a budget-priced Bluetooth speaker that sounds great for its size and price. It is attractively designed and waterproof.

But that’s just what the Tribit XSound Go is—and it’s cheap, too, at $36 on Amazon for the black version and $40 for the blue. It’s £36 in the UK, but not yet available in Australia (the UK price converts to around AU$65).

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

Tribit Xsound Go, Audio, Soundbars, Speakers & Amplifiers On Carousell

From the pictures you see online, Tribit doesn’t look much different from other Chinese-speaking generics. But in person, it feels pretty solid and with a slightly matte finished exterior that looks like it should hold up well over time. It weighs 13.4 ounces (380 grams).

The speaker is fully waterproof (IPX7 rated) and comes with a lanyard that lets you hang the speaker from a shower head, tree branch, or anything with a hook. It has an auxiliary input and a built-in microphone for making speakerphone calls. (Don’t expect enterprise-level performance, but it works well.)

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Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

Battery life is rated at an impressive 24 hours at moderate volume levels, so there’s a fairly large battery that probably contributes to the overall package’s rather hefty weight. The only downside is that the speaker takes about 4 hours to fully charge via Micro-USB.

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Part of the Tribit XSound XS’s claim to fame is being Wirecutter’s pick for best budget Bluetooth speaker, a fact that’s shamelessly built into the Amazon speaker’s name.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

Cheap portable bluetooth on amazon so I can’t say for sure that this is the best budget bluetooth speaker out there. But I can say that, for the money, it’s definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried.

It manages to play loud for its small size and best of all, it sounds quite natural, with decent clarity. We threw on David Byrne’s new album American Utopia and Lindy Ortega’s Liberty and came away pretty impressed when it actually turned out okay.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

Tribit Xsound Surf Review

For kicks, I joined Steve Gutenberg, who writes the Audiophiliac blog (about high-end audio), in a listening session. He usually shakes when I play music through one of these little Bluetooth speakers, but his face stays calm when I play songs.

We both agree that the company’s claim that the speaker has “incredibly rich bass” is a bit of an exaggeration. When I played some Weeknd, Drake, and various selections of electronic dance music, the bass punch was a little weak, but at least it was there — not enough to overwhelm someone, but enough to give it a fighting chance against a harsh critic.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

As with most of these small speakers, it had some problems with complex music, where multiple instruments were playing at once. And at higher volumes, you’ll experience distortion, so it’s better to keep the volume below 80 percent. But that’s par for the course for compact Bluetooth speakers.

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Other speakers I’ve liked in this price range include the Oontz Angle 3 Plus and the Anker Soundcore 2. The Tribit is right up there with the Oontz in terms of sound quality, and some might say it sounds better, but the Tribit gets the nod for looks and the design.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

While you can pick on a few minor quirks, and it’s impressive bass claims, it’s a very good little speaker for the money.

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Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

Tribit Xsound Go Speaker Review

The market is flooded with all kinds of cheap Bluetooth speakers and a budget speaker really has to be special to stand out. Tribit XSound Go is one of them.

It’s a compact, portable, battery-powered Bluetooth speaker. It’s modern and stylish, and made of plastic, but it doesn’t look cheap. It is the perfect choice for outdoor use as it is IPX7 certified and provides an impressive play time. You won’t be wowed by the sound quality or wowed by the bass, but that’s not something you should expect from a speaker this size. You can’t compare the sound performance of this speaker to any larger party speakers or more expensive outdoor speakers. For what it is (a small and inexpensive Bluetooth speaker), the Tribit XSound Go provides more than satisfactory sound quality and volume. Compared to most other cheap Bluetooth speakers under $40 (or even under $50), the Tribit XSound Go looks and performs better.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

When it comes to cheap Bluetooth speakers, the Tribit XSound Go is one of the standouts in terms of design, build quality and overall performance and deserves to be singled out as one of the best. If you’re shopping for a budget Bluetooth speaker under $40 (or under $50), especially if you need a waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speaker or even a shower speaker, you won’t regret buying the Tribit XSound Go.

Tribit Xsound Go Review Fantastic Portable Sound

The Tribit XSound Go comes in a small orange cardboard box with a charging cable (USB to micro USB), a black lanyard attached, a user manual and an 18-month warranty.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

You won’t get a wall adapter and you’ll need to charge the speaker via your computer’s USB port (or powerbank) which is a bit of a hassle. Also, if you want a carrying case, you will need to purchase it separately.

The Trrbit XSound Go excels in the design department, especially when you compare it to other budget Bluetooth speakers. Most of them look cheap and plastic, some look like toys, but not this one. It looks quite stylish and attractive. In terms of shape and size, it’s very similar to the Beats Pill +, but the Pill+ is slightly larger and heavier and more expensive. The XSound Go comes in two colors (black and blue) and has a nice matte finish that makes it more attractive.

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Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

Tribit Xsound Go Review: A Very Good Little Speaker For The Money

The front is completely covered by a strong aluminum grille. In the middle, there is a large Tribit logo. The grille protects two 40mm 6W drivers and a passive bass radiator between them.

The rest of the speaker is made of thick plastic and wrapped in some kind of rubbery material that not only improves durability but also gives the speaker a more sophisticated look.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

All controls are at the top. There are five buttons – power, bluetooth, play/pause/call and two volume buttons. Between the power and Bluetooth buttons is a small Bluetooth LED indicator. Between the Bluetooth and the play/pause/call button, there’s a built-in microphone.

Tribit Xsound Go Review: An Awesome And Affordable Bluetooth Speaker

On the back panel, you can see a small rubber cap on the left and the XSound Go logo on the right. A flap protects the AUX input and micro USB charging port.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Tribit XSound Go is very compact and sturdy which is not something you might expect from a cheap Bluetooth speaker. They often have that cheap plastic look. But this one is different. The speaker is also fully waterproof and has an IPX7 rating. It can survive immersion in water up to 1m (3ft) deep for 30 minutes, but unfortunately it doesn’t float.

The XSound Go has Bluetooth 4.2 with an advertised range of 66 feet. The speaker will automatically connect to the last paired device when you turn it on. The lack of all the fancy features like quick NFC pairing, pairing two speakers for stereo or louder sound, and multi-point pairing is kind of expected. You have to pay a little more if you want all these features. In case you want to connect a non-Bluetooth audio source, you can use the AUX input on the back. The speaker is not waterproof in AUX mode.

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

Tribit Xsound Go Review

The battery is, along with the design, build quality and IPX7 rating, one of the biggest features of this amazing little speaker. The capacity is rated at 4,400 mAh, which is a lot for such a small speaker. Advertised playtime is 24 hours at 50% volume. Actual playtime is a few hours shorter, but still very good.

The Tribit XSound Go also has a built-in microphone and can be used for answering/calling. You can use the speaker to activate

Tribit Xsound Go Bluetooth Speaker Review

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