Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones

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In this review, we present the best LG headphones that let you listen to music and take calls on the go thanks to wireless Bluetooth streaming. These LG headphones have stylish call and playback buttons located on the top of the headphones for easy operation and are intuitive and easy to use for beginners. These headphones also feature rotary buttons that allow smooth volume and music control, replacing the traditional up and down buttons for smooth listening. Plus, these Bluetooth headphones let you take phone calls on the go with a high-performance built-in battery that offers 10-12 hours of continuous music playback. They also feature a lightweight and durable design with additional safety features so you can work out while listening to music without worrying about these headphones falling out. LG headphones also come with user manuals for easy orientation and operation. If you’re looking for some of the best LG Bluetooth headphones, be sure to check out our top picks below!

Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones

Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones

The LG HBS-760 is one of the best LG Bluetooth headphones you can find that offers premium stereo sound. This headset features Bluetooth 4.1 with HFP 1.6, HSP, A2DP and AVRCP for high-quality wireless music streaming. It also features call and play/pause controls located on the top of the headset, providing quick and intuitive control of the headset’s main functions. We liked that the HBS-760 includes working buttons that allow for easy volume and music control, replacing the traditional volume up/down and fast forward/reverse buttons. We liked that the HBS-760 is equipped with a high-performance battery that offers up to 16 hours of talk time and 11 hours of continuous music playback. The charging time of the HBS-760 at full power is less than 2 hours. The sound quality of the LG HBS-760 is really good, with four-layer speaker technology and a MEMS microphone for crystal clear hands-free calling. The HBS-760 is relatively lightweight at 5.43″ x 6.73″ x 0.64″ and can be worn over the head and over the ears.

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Quad-layer speaker technology and HD voice functionality along with a MEMS microphone make the HBS-760 ideal for hands-free calling. The TONE PRO fits comfortably around the neck in classic style and delivers immersive audio performance. The audio for playing music sounds crisp and clear, with good bass, mids and pleasant highs without any harshness. The volume of the HBS-760 is very good and you can turn the volume up to maximum with minimal distortion. Thanks to the comfortable design, these Bluetooth headphones are ideal for jogging or sports activities.

Built for quality audio performance, the LG Tone Platinum HBS-930 is one of the best LG Bluetooth headphones you’ll find. The headset itself is tuned to deliver high-quality audio and high-fidelity music. The HBS-930 has a clearer sound signature with crisp highs and detailed vocal performance, and is great for listening to classical music or audiobooks. The sound output and volume level are audible enough to be clearly heard while working out in the gym or jogging outside. We liked that the HBS-930 features a multi-layer speaker unit for less distortion and crystal clear sound reproduction. It also comes with a dual MEMS microphone for clear calls without any distortion – the person on the other end of the line heard us clearly when testing the HBS-930 headset. The HBS-930 is equipped with Bluetooth and easily connects to any wireless smartphone without any problems. If you’re looking for a stylish and well-designed LG Bluetooth headset, the HBS-930 is definitely a great choice.

Offering crystal clear sound and hands-free calling, the LG HBS-910 is a great choice if you’re looking for one of LG’s best full-sound Bluetooth headphones. The HBS-910 features a retractable headset design with an intuitive cable management solution for a comfortable and customizable fit. The HBS-910 has a sleek, lightweight design with comfortable contours with a smooth, seamless style; the headset looks really nice behind the head and has a secure fit. We also liked that the LG HBS-910 delivers Harman Kardon’s signature sound with refined highs, full mids and rich bass. Listening to music on the HBS-910 while jogging and running is a very pleasant experience, and you can also listen to music during outdoor activities. The HBS-910 features advanced quad-layer speaker technology with two MEMS microphones; this allows you to enjoy clear audio playback and excellent voice clarity during calls.

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The LG HBS-910 Tone Infinim features Bluetooth 4.1 and supports various Bluetooth profiles including HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP with a built-in battery that supports up to 16 hours of talk time. The HBS-910 has a music playback time of 10.5 hours and comes with a charging time of 2 hours and a standby time of up to 22.5 hours. We liked that this Bluetooth headset comes with retractable earcups for cable management and an intuitive interface with buttons integrated on the left and right sides of the headset to provide control over calls and music streaming. The Tone Infinim wraps around the neck for a secure and comfortable fit and is suitable for outdoor use.

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The LG Tone Platinium HBS-1100 features an elegant and modern design with Hi-Fi audio performance. The HBS-110 features a smooth design with a polished anodized aluminum alloy finish that comes with elegant ergonomic curves and offers a premium feel. It is one of the best LG Bluetooth headphones that can deliver Hi-Fi audio performance and comes with qualcomm aptX HD for 24-bit music support and high-quality music streaming. The HBS-110 also supports Harman Kardon Platinium sound, which is a nice addition – musical performances sound refined, full and have a good bass response. We particularly enjoyed listening to audiobooks and podcasts on the HBS-1100; the music is clean and crystal clear. Additionally, the HBS-1100 features a balanced armature speaker unit that delivers optimally tuned sound that captures every detail of the music and audio performance. You can also make hands-free calls with the HBS-1100 and the microphone works very well – it comes with two MEMS microphones that keep voice calls clear with advanced noise cancellation.

The LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100 has a unique design that glides securely around your neck and is available in multiple colors for your personal style. We also liked that the earcups can be extended for a custom fit and that the cables can be easily stored using the earcup retractor buttons. The exterior of this Bluetooth headset consists of anodized brushed aluminum alloy casing and audio and in-line call controls that give the headset a premium feel.

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Designed for comfortable hands-free listening and calling, the LG Tone Pro HBS 770 is one of LG’s best Bluetooth headphones with excellent overall audio performance. The HBS 770 has ultra thin low profile threads with Kevlar fiber that accentuates the slim design. The Bluetooth headset is shaped for a comfortable design with a lightweight around-the-neck style that provides a comfortable listening experience. We also liked that the HBS 770 features quad-layer speaker technology that delivers balanced sound and less audio distortion, making it great for listening to music and podcasts. The HBS 770 headset is equipped with two MEM microphones for crystal clear call quality – when we tested the Bluetooth headset, we found the call quality to be well defined and very clear. The LG Tone headset also includes Tone & Talk 2.0 with SMS reading and additional voice memo and find me features that allow you to use the headset to record voice memos with a paired device.

Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones

Finally, the HBS 770 Bluetooth headset has a sleek profile design and stays secure thanks to magnetic earpiece support. It comes with multiple color options, textured accents and a glossy exterior that makes the headset stand out. The sound performance of the Tone Pro headphones is really good, and the four-layer speaker technology and aptX Bluetooth streaming provide high-quality sound performance without distortion at high volumes.

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The LG Tone Studio HBS-W120 offers a personal surround sound experience with high-quality sound performance and is one of the best LG Bluetooth headphones available. This headset is specially designed to produce true 3D surround sound with 4 speakers strategically placed for dimensional surround sound. When we tested the headphones, we were impressed with the sound quality and clarity of the music – the highs and mids sound crisp and clean, while the bass is strong and punchy. Vocal performances

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