The Best CD Players for Connecting Sonos Speakers

No matter what genre of music you like, the Sonos audio system will provide sound and audio quality to match. They can fill even a large home with high-quality sound systems and music without the need for any long cables.

Sonos speakers are versatile and easy to use, which is why many people find them very useful. Like other devices, you can keep the music coming by streaming different kinds of media (music, TV, podcasts) on an app like Spotify or Pandora. Additionally, they may be individually controlled or synced with one another.

These types of speakers can connect to CD players and provide sound. How cool is that?

Although CDs are declining in use, people still love them and identify as avid collectors. They want to experience the pure sound of the music without any noise or disturbances.

Since you’re here with us, we assume you enjoy listening to music and have a vast CD collection. So we recommend getting some CD inserts or sleeves or something to make sure it stays organized and doesn’t get ruined.

Finding a CD player that can connect to your Sonos system might be difficult because they are not manufactured in abundance. There are fewer options available to you from the get-go.

CD players are excellent for use with Sonos speakers. We’ll go over some of the best machines & detail what type of audio quality they produce. For now, let’s just quickly review what CD players are.

The days of having to juggle a stack of CDs are long gone. Thanks to modern technologies, we can now enjoy music wherever we are in the house. This article will look at some of the best CD players that allow you to connect your Sonos speakers and enjoy high-quality audio anywhere in your home.

What is a CD player?

A CD player is a device that plays audio CDs. It reads the information stored on an audio CD and outputs sound, music, and speech; I think it’s a fantastic invention.

Many people use a CD player to listen to albums because it has everything and stores more songs than the old cassette tapes could hold. (cough cough)

Are CD Players Obsolete Or Still Popular?

When reading the statistics for CD players, one notices a seemingly odd trend. Many teens and adults still use CDs, but at an ever-decreasing rate.

There are two answers to this, both of them being nearly opposite conclusions: firstly, teenagers need no longer trust that bland collections of music on a single disc can do all the entertainment their little brains will allow each night; secondly is that these very same kids have vinyl leftover from when they were children, and it’s back in style.

Of course, there are many reasons why people choose to start using digital media such as CDs and other devices that can play CDs.

In my opinion, I believe it is because of the way the sound evolves from a digital music format to simply beautiful recordings on vinyl.

It’s unbelievable when one listens to those tracks made by kids with computers instead of magnetic tapes without any activity or disorder in speed during recording.

Although streaming services may have been the modern dose of music, many people still prefer the old-fashioned musical experience.

Others, like you, are eager to mix new and ancient technology and experience music from CDs with hi-fi Sonos speakers. As a result, it’s safe to state that CD players are still getting well and popular among more people than one would expect.

What are the benefits of using a CD player?

One of the most significant benefits for those who elect to purchase a CD player is preserving old music. You will be able to have all your beloved songs in digital format, and therefore, you can store them on an online service or some device such as a perfect-gigabyte flash drive.

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This way, it doesn’t matter if someone steals these songs from you one day because they’re not protected by DRM (digital rights management).

You might ask if there are still some decent ones available in the market when you think of purchasing a CD player.

CD players are not as huge of a hit as they used to be many years ago, but they are far from extinct. There are still a few companies that produce outstanding CD players, and there are more than enough customers willing to settle for them.

How do I connect my Sonos speakers to a CD player?

One of the best benefits of Sonos speakers is that they are compatible with almost any music service or app.

Sonos systems integrate well with wired and offline sound devices. This means that if you decide to introduce a Sonos system into your home, you can still preserve the other wiring and sound equipment that you already possess.

There are two ways to connect CD players to Sonos speakers: plugging them into the ‘Line In’ input or using a Sonos Port or Amp as an intermediary.

Sonos offers an inbuilt line-in port on the Sonos Five. If you have or are planning to buy a Sonos five, this means you do not need an external source of music sources.

Just connect your CD player to Sonos’ line-in port with an audio cable, and you’re good to go.

But for other Sonos speakers, you will need a Sonos amplifier. The amplifier allows you to integrate audio devices such as TVs, wired speakers, CD players & turntables into the Sonos system.

Amp supports a line-in, similar to the Sonos Port. The Amp also has an HDMI ARC port, which means it’ll help TV connections as well.

You can connect your CD players through the Port or Amp with the following steps:

  • Connect your CD player to the port with an RCA cable.
  • Press the Sonos icon on your phone and click on ‘Browse.’
  • You can find the ‘Line-in’ button at the top of the page; click on that.
  • Now, when you turn on the CD player, it’ll play on your Sonos speakers.
  • You can also turn on the autoplay system that will start playing from a line-in connection when it detects one.

How can I use my CD player with Sonos speakers?

Just connect it to the line-in of Sonos Port/Amp by an RCA audio cable, and enjoy.

Suppose you have a turntable with two wires + ground or four wires (tape out). In that case, you can use that too because there’s an exceptional feature on the Amp, which makes your CD player able to work via digital connection like DSD over USB audio quality, even though it is not considered a CD player.

Even if you can’t find these cables, you could use an audio cable and set the output of your CD player to LINE-IN for it to be read by Sonos products.

The port plays digital files through the lines rather than analog media via [PCM] or dual mono RCA output (one stereo electrical signal from the left lead channel to the right mechanical surround channel while another electric signal forms right.

What is an audio receiver, and how does it work with Sonos speakers

An audio receiver is an electrical device, which converts the output of a CD player or tape deck into a line-out digital signal that you can get to work by using your Sonos controller.

It will help if you are looking for products and features like S/PDIF input and DSD (Direct Stream Digital) DACs on this enablement to use it with Sonos speakers together realizing red Bookshelf being one example over and above.

For it to be read by a product, you will need an RCA jack input and make sure that the signal is strong enough before turning on Sonos speakers together with an audio receiver.

The best CD players for connecting Sonos speakers

You will determine the best CD player because innovative features and top quality can vary from one brand to another. Here some the best CD players for connecting Sonos speakers:

Brennan B2

The first one on our list is Brennan B2. It’s pretty simple, but even with its limited features, it has a few functions worth mentioning.

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The front panel of this CD player contains some basic buttons – play, eject, next & back so you can flip through the tracks.

Additionally, it doubles as a CD ripper with its internal storage so you can rip your CDs and store them in the CD player.

The design & construction are made of solid aluminum, and it’s pretty durable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily. It’s also small in size so that you can place it anywhere near your Sonos port/amp. The best thing about the CD player.

Denon DCD 50

The Denon DCD 50 is similar to the Brennan B2 in terms of style & simplicity, but it’s a bit more modern. An OLED screen on the front with a few buttons is perfect for essential functions.

The display will show information about the CD you’re playing, such as song name, artist, track number, and duration.

The best thing about this is that the display auto-adjusts itself when you place it vertically or horizontally, so it’s always easy to read.

Along with the back of the device is also buttons that can control volume, jump between tracks, shuffle, and repeat. These buttons are an extra function you wouldn’t find with other CD players.

DCD 50 is also compact & can be placed both horizontally or vertically depending on your needs. It will fit well in any room of your house.

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

Wave SoundTouch Music System IV is not just a CD player. You can play music from your favorite streaming services or audio CDs, and the speaker system is built-in for powerful sound.

The SoundTouch IV is a part of Bose’s Hi-Fi sound system, which competes with Sonos. You can still connect it to Sonos speakers using either the Ports or Amps.

If you’re looking for a new audio device that can also play CDs, SoundTouch Music System IV might be a good way to go. Not only does it come from a reputed manufacturer, but it features powerful speakers of its own.

Use the Wave SoundTouch Music System IV either as a CD player or stream music online. It’s got all the flexibility you need while still packing plenty of sounds.

Cyrus CD i

CYRUS CD i is one of the company’s best models and produces strong sound output. The design may not be super futuristic, but it works well and does what it needs to do efficiently.

A unique feature of the Servo Evolution engine is its ability to playback CDs in clear and crisp sound, perfect for the audiophiles out there.

Sonos suggests the Cyrus CD i. It combines the convenience of streaming music with quality sound.

The Cyrus CD i is slightly different, more expensive, and high-quality remote control than your average network CD player. Yet, it still has the same excellent audio quality.

Yamaha MCR-B020BL

Yamaha makes excellent products, and the Yamaha MCR-B020BL is no exception. CD player or not, there are some features available on this device. A great thing about Yamaha is that you know you’re in for something high-quality every time!

You can listen to music and the radio with this speaker without any cables or cords. It also has both FM/AM capabilities and Bluetooth, making it easier to set up than most other speakers on the market.

The Airmotiv 4S speaker has detachable speakers, which is excellent for people who want to put them somewhere else or connect them to their Sonos system. It might be a bit bulky to carry around, but the good news is that they’re designed well.

If you have Sonos hooked up to your Playbase, you can also use any individual speakers on the speaker set and quickly install them wherever you want.

Luxman D-10X

Luxman D-10X is a CD player known for its high quality, sleek design, and remote control.

Design is one of the highlights of the Luxman D-10X. Its aluminum housing provides a sturdy foundation that is resistant to high vibration, and so far, it has been able to resist damage.

It also features an attractive black & white body and weighs 22 kg.

This CD player is large and heavy because it’s intended to be stationary and provide exceptional sound quality. It’s not designed to be moved around much, so your commute won’t be very convenient!

With its body made of durable ABS plastic, the Luxman D-10X CD player can withstand a lot of wear and tear coming your way.

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It might be best for stationary and indoor use, but this model is not ideal when it comes to portability. However, in regards to sound quality, it produces one of the best results!

Technics SL-G700

On average, Luxman weighs around 27.5lb, and Technics SL-G700 weighs only 13lb, but they are pretty similar in size.

Both players come with handy features – like carrying a variety of audio formats and including USB-A connectivity.

As well as playing CDs and managing your music library, this device is also Bluetooth capable and offers AirPlay and Chromecast functionality. It also supports Google Assistant – pretty amazing if you ask me!

We highly recommend choosing the silver color variation if you prioritize style. It will shine brighter than the matte black.

An automatic enhancement system for CDs improves audio quality. The sound quality on the new Technics SL-G700 is enhanced through low latency, high definition audio.

Marantz CD6007

Marantz’s CD 6007 is one of the models receiving high reviews and setting sales records. Marantz’s reputation in the audio industry and name brand are sure signs that this model is high quality.

The main highlight of the CD player is that it costs less than most other players, making it a good option if you’re on a budget.

The CD player comes with very few features, but the sound quality and playback are top-notch for its meager price.

This compact CD player has a minimalistic design. It looks good with a neat front display, and its size is not too big. If you’re on a budget and want something cheap, you won’t find anything better than this.

Mansso Portable CD Player

Mansso portable CD player is compact, even though it has all the features you need. It’s tiny & lightweight, and perfect for day-to-day use.

This wireless speaker includes a circular design and is wall-mountable, giving you more freedom to place it near your Sonos system. It has a small display area at the bottom to see the power status and the time.

Mansso Portable CD Player is compact and should fit easily into any space you have around your house.

The sound quality that comes out of this model is also superior. The built-in technology gives it a crisp, clear, and robust sound output.

The Mansso CD Players can be found in various stores and online retailers such as Amazon.

CD players with Sonos will play any CDs onboard the music system. Buy a Sonos connect and enjoy uninterrupted listening of your favorite songs to spice up some evening time while dining out or lounging around the home.

Sonos connects wirelessly to the Internet for streaming music and home audio systems with DVD players. It’s a full-featured system that allows you to listen and play your favorite tracks wherever you are in the house or outside on a patio or deck.

The DVD player is not hooked up as it has no optical drive but can be heard through Sonos speakers, which pick up sound from all nearby devices connected by wireless standards such as Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.

Sonos amp

Sonos amp is an audio amp that connects Sonos speakers to ensure you hear the sound as it was meant to be heard. It’s also called Sonos amplifier, which comes in two types: digital and analog, depending on how it converts digital signals from sources into electrical ones for amplification. If your source is a computer or television, use the analog type of Sonos amp; if your source is a CD player or turntable, those are not long-term storage.

Music Services

Depending on your model, you need a music streaming or internet radio subscription to play music services on Sonos devices.

The first ones are available for free, while the others come with paid subscriptions, but there is a way around it.

You can use an Apple AirPort Express switch which will allow you to connect any streaming device (including Sonos) in this particular case. So basically, what I’m trying to say is that unless you have purchased any of these products from Amazon.

Sonos App

Sonos app integrates with Sonos speakers, TVs, and other smart devices to play music. This app allows you to stream your local media library over the Internet or connect it directly through wifi.

Sonos can also be used as a controller for Sonos speakers in rooms connected via Sonos bridge (setup required). You can use voice commands like asking Alexa/Google assistant/IoT etc., on these devices.


It’s pretty hard to find a sound music system that comes with both a CD player and wireless speakers—finding the right set of speakers for your Sonos system is kind of like finding a needle in the haystack. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available, but not all are worth considering. Check our list above and find something that suits your needs now!