Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker – The TDK Life On Record TREK 360 looks great, just keep the AC adapter handy.

Battery life and old Bluetooth drag it down, but the excellent sound quality and feature set make this speaker a contender.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

Update [January 2022]: This product is no longer available. Find alternatives in our Best Waterproof Speakers or Best Bluetooth Speakers list.

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Although they continue to fly under the radar more than they deserve, TDK Life On Record’s latest Bluetooth speaker offerings have a lot going for them. The TREK Max, in particular, sounds better than any other “loud” speaker we’ve had the chance to review. TDK Life On Record TREK 360, we haven’t had a chance to test it yet.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

As the name suggests, the TREK 360 offers 360-degree surround sound, allowing you to place it in the middle of the room and hear it loud and clear anywhere. Unlike many similar speakers, this model is more than a beer-sized cylinder. It’s not just a cube, it’s bigger.

With most speakers, the first thing you see when you open the box is the speaker itself, but here you’ll find a manual on the side of the box that includes the AC adapter and various plug adapters. Underneath it all, you’ll find a speaker sandwiched between two pieces of recycled cardboard.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

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Like the other speakers we’ve reviewed from TDK Life On Record, the TREK 360 only comes in black. Looking at this speaker, I can’t imagine it working in bright colors, although a silver gray or white model would be nice. However, if there is only one color option, black is a safe bet.

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It’s actually a 360, measuring about 8 inches in each dimension, with a handle on top. It is quite heavy, weighing 2.6 pounds. You won’t want to carry this speaker around in a bag, but it’s still easy to throw in the passenger seat to go to a party, especially with the handle.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

The sleek black design is complemented by shiny metal buttons and a control wheel on the front of the speaker. It seems as cool as a black cube can get, but it isn’t. The TREK 360 is also IPX3 rated, which means it can take a splash, but you wouldn’t want to submerge it.

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Pairing is easy: hold the Bluetooth/Aux button for a few seconds until it starts flashing and connect from your device. There is also a 3.5mm jack on the back of the speaker. If you are looking for the best sound quality, you can also use this jack because this speaker only uses Bluetooth 2.1 version.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

TREK 360 hides many functions behind one button and two buttons. The button acts as a control wheel and makes it responsible for many options. Pressing it turns the speaker on and off, while predicting the volume. Press the Bass/Treble button and now control the bass and treble boost or cut.

Despite the older Bluetooth, the range is still good. I was able to move the source device up to 30 feet without any hum or noise.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

Tdk Life On Record A33 White Back

TDK Life On Record claims up to 6 hours of battery life for the TREK 360, and while I was initially disappointed by that claim, the speaker is much easier to hear. Fortunately, TDK Life On Record does not exaggerate this claim: I got more than 6 hours during the test, even when I used the speaker at very high volume for a long time.

The TREK 360 is only powered via an AC adapter, which we’re not happy about, but it does have its downside. Although it can’t be charged via USB, the TREK 360

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

Charge other devices via USB. Mobile chargers are always an advantage with Bluetooth speakers, but they drain the battery faster. The charging time from full water to full charge was about 2.5 hours, so you don’t have to wait too long.

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Tdk A360 Wireless 360 Speaker Review

For 360-degree sound control, the TDK Life On Record TREK Max uses four speakers on top, as well as a downward-facing driver for bass, one in each corner. Although you’ll get the best sound quality using the 3.5mm audio jack, we mostly tested using Bluetooth, as that’s how most users play music from the speaker.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

Simply put, the bass from a speaker this size is impressive. Even at flat settings it was loud, but pressing the built-in EQ knob made it great. It’s okay, in fact some of the songs were so loud I could almost hear Pujol on the floor at iveuniverse.

Although the bass and treble compression can hide them a bit, when using the speakers in flat settings, they are very well balanced, giving vocals and guitars great depth.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

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Highs sound crisp and clear in the flats, but the compression of the treble makes them a bit harsh, at least for modern music. For example, if you’re listening to old blues records, extra treble is handy.

There’s no real stereo separation to speak of here, but the sound coming out of the TREK 360 is huge, and sound compression doesn’t show as much separation as other speakers we’ve seen.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

The built-in Bluetooth 2.1 and battery life of the TDK Life On Record TREK 360 don’t matter much, as this speaker deserves an Editors’ Choice award. However, this speaker has some of the strongest bass we’ve ever seen in a portable speaker, and it offers plenty of useful features. If bass is your number one quality in a portable speaker, this is worth a look. The TDK Life On Record TREK Micro is smaller, cheaper and sturdier than the competition, but it’s a bit quieter.

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If you’re looking for a smaller clip-on style speaker that packs a punch, this is your best bet.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

Update [January 2022]: Can’t find this product anywhere? We can offer alternatives! If your budget is $50 or less, try our list of the best Bluetooth speakers or the cheapest Bluetooth speakers.

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We recently reviewed the TDK Life On Record TREK Max Bluetooth Speaker. Not expecting much out of the gate, we both went for good sound and looked for a weather-resistant speaker with an IP64 rating.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

Tdk Life On Record Wireless Weatherproof Speaker Reviews, Pricing, Specs

In this post, we’ve also got TDK Life On Record’s TREK Micro review section. It offers the same IP64 rating but is significantly smaller. Again, we weren’t expecting much, but the TREK Max exceeded our expectations quite a bit. Is this hockey stick speaker worth $50?

Thanks to the transparent plastic that makes up most of the front of the box, you don’t even need to open the box to get a good look at what’s inside: the speaker itself and the included carabiner are clearly visible. Open the box and you’ll find a USB charging cable and a manual.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

We’re looking at the TDK Life On Record TREK Micro in black, but that’s not the only color. It’s also available in white and brighter red to match your iDevice. Like its big brother, the TREK Micro doesn’t do much to show how tough it is. Although it does indeed have the same IP64 rating, you wouldn’t know it from looking at it – the simple plastic construction and metal grill don’t look shiny, but you wouldn’t expect it to be as rugged as it looks. .

Tdk Boombox Portable Audio System.

Louder than most types of speakers, but still. Just like the TREK Max, it’s sand and splash resistant, or you don’t want to get drenched in water. This isn’t a speaker to take with you on the water, but attach it to the outside of your bag with the included carabiner and you won’t have to worry about a rainstorm. In addition, its lightness does not weigh you down.

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

Usually speakers of this size offer the bare minimum in terms of connectivity options, but we were surprised that wasn’t the case here. TREK Micro not only connects via Bluetooth, but also has NFC connectivity. Whichever option you use, connecting your device is a simple task.

A 3.5mm aux jack was expected, but we were glad to see a second 3.5mm jack. This is an output that allows you to use the TREK Micro to add Bluetooth functionality to another speaker or home stereo system. Open it

Tdk Life On Record Bluetooth Speaker

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