Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

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Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

Chest-pounding musical bass with deep low-frequency extension in a shockingly compact 10” cabinet. Many micro-subwoofers have been tried, all have failed. So far. The small but powerful SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer blends seamlessly into any room and speaker system, energizing the space with incredibly rich, smooth and detailed bass for music and home theater, which is even more impressive given its compact enclosure.

Svs 3000 Micro Subwoofer With Fully Active Dual 8 Inch Drivers (white Gloss)

Innovations from the flagship SVS 16-Ultra Reference Subwoofers paired with fully active dual-opposed 8-inch drivers and STA-800D2 peak power amplifier with 800W RMS and 2,500W power with discrete MOSFET output, each Destroys micro performance. A cheater of the micro-subwoofer that appeared earlier. It also includes a powerful SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone app for advanced tuning and control. Finally, a subwoofer worthy of the SVS name.

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

A design first for SVS, two fully active 8-inch woofers are mounted on opposite sides of a closed cabinet and move in perfect harmony to produce stunning low frequencies with clear, musical transients. The effective area of ​​two fully active 8″ woofers in opposite directions provides performance comparable to that of very large single-driver subwoofers. Its tight, solid output eliminates passive diaphragm multi-driver subwoofer designs known for their bloated and rumbling sound.

By firing in opposite directions, the mechanical energy transferred to the cabinet is effectively dissipated. This creates an acoustically neutral environment and solves the old scourge of micro subwoofers being known to ‘dance’ or ‘walk’ around the room.

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Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

Svs 3000 Micro

Dual transducers are connected in parallel to a power amplifier. Each receives the same amount of current, giving you precise control and more accurate, precise bass. The use of aluminum throughout the woofer, from the spool to the cone, makes it a lightweight, rigid and thermally efficient driver with no resonance or external vibration.

Each 8” long-pitch driver uses gradual reverse surround sound to ensure maximum linear displacement. This is necessary to move large amounts of air and create sound pressure levels that can be felt at deep frequencies through such a small wall.

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

The large, ventilated motor design is optimized to efficiently manage thermal and mechanical energy in confined spaces. The powerful electromagnetic force generated by the motor, in symphony with the high current driving power of the sled amplifier, allows the 3000 Micro to maximize the output capability of the dual transducers.

Review Svs 3000 Micro Subwoofer

The driver is only one capacity and requires an equally powerful amplifier. SVS engineers faced extreme challenges in designing an amplifier capable of driving two fully functional 8-inch drivers at reference levels in a compact package. How can I increase my SPL while maintaining accuracy? How to improve the profit potential of a room? How to maintain adequate cooling while achieving large SPL?

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

SVS meets these challenges with the Sledge STA-800D2 power amplifier with 800W RMS and over 2500W peak power, which combines the high current output of discrete MOSFETs with Class D performance and the processing power of a DSP for analog devices. Combines with The 3000 micro subwoofer amplifier easily produces long-lasting, high-current output for the most difficult low-frequency reproduction without clipping or clipping. A great, powerful audio experience without a trace of distortion.

A 50MHz analog device DSP, typically reserved for high-end discrete audio components, provides sophisticated control and custom response curves optimized for actual output and acoustically tuned room gain.

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

Svs 3000 Micro Subwoofer

The DSP 3000 Micro Subwoofer plays a huge role in producing sound far superior to its size. SVS engineers have carefully developed an internal frequency response curve that fully maximizes the potential of room boundaries for maximum output power and deep bass extension without swelling or humming. The result is a subwoofer that far exceeds expectations given its size.

The easiest way to control volume, access multiple DSP functions, and program custom preset tuning profiles optimized for music, movies, games and more. Everything is available at a touch. Adjust crossover frequency, three-band parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and more from your favorite setting.

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Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

Well-designed to complement the best home theater and hi-fi systems, yet compact enough to be out of sight, the 3000 Micro Enclosure’s acoustically optimized design fits into any room or setup. It features an extra-thick MDF front baffle and rigid internal bracing to provide an echo-free environment that persists even at high playback levels, solving the long-standing problem of “dancing” subwoofers. . This serves as a blank canvas for the subwoofer’s uncompromising performance.

Svs 3000 Micro Active Subwoofer ( 3000micro)

The best plug-and-play option on the market for a modest home theater. Shipping was fast and the product met my expectations.

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

I thought my Klipsch Heresy iv speakers were good before, but the 3000 micros are a huge improvement. The sound is richer and fuller than ever. I can’t recommend this powerful little sub enough!

When playing vinyl in a small to medium room my bass needs were answered with the SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer.

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

Svs Sb 2000 Pro Vs Sb 3000 Subwoofer Shootout

I can’t say enough how satisfied I am with my purchase of the SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer.

My Dali Opticon 2 stereo was missing some layers in the bass below 60Hz, and with the addition of this subwoofer, the entire soundstage opened up. It was exactly what I was looking for when playing vinyl or streaming on BT.

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

Since I needed a very compact subwoofer that would fit between the sofa and the wall, the 3000 micro was perfect.

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In addition to its amazing musical performance, the subwoofer is extremely user-friendly thanks to a decent and stable application that allows you to adjust the bass for each song you play as needed.

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

All are highly recommended for anyone who needs a practical bass solution in a small to medium room.

• Ease of use: The application is very stable and responsive on my Android phone. This makes dialing into the submarine much easier. People often can’t get the correct phase settings or other settings on other subwoofers because they have to change the rear settings and then go back to the listening position. Thanks to them you can change the settings in real time • Small and attractive subwoofers: the quality of close-ups is undeniable • High fidelity: the bass is very compact and textured • Output: the output is as impressive as a normal high Who is not? Power subwoofer, which is 12 inches or larger. Its SPL output is between a typical 10” and 12” premium subwoofer. However, this means that if you’re listening in a small to medium-sized room (which is ~90% of rooms in all homes, 100% of all apartments) with normal human hearing levels, a subwoofer is sufficient. SPL will provide. Adding a couple of them to my open-plan living concept room allows me to have a flat answer for the low 20s. It is sufficient for even the most demanding movies. • SVS and Customer Support: I didn’t need it, but they all swear by SVS customer support.

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Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

Buy Svs Sb 3000 13 Subwoofer (black Ash) Online At Lowest Price In Singapore. B07k6vn8g1

The bass hits so hard you feel it in your chest The bluetooth app was a little confusing at first, but now it’s easy and now I just set it to videos and I tell you the punch.

Customer Questions and Answers Do you have any questions about functionality, compatibility or this product? Ask about it here! If you have any questions about customer service or shipping, please contact our customer service department.

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

& nbsp Thank you for your question. Published by SVS, accessories include: Heavy-duty 6-foot high-current power cord. Thank you for bringing this typo to our attention.

Svs Sb3000 Micro Review In Stereophile

Visit A ​​Showroom Ardmore, PA Ardmore, Pa (610) 649-7002 Tuesday-Friday: 10.00am-6.00pm Saturday: 10.00am-5.00pm Sunday-Monday: Closed Montgomeryville, PA Montgomeryville, Pa (215-68333) Tuesday – Friday: 10.00-10.00 18.00 Saturday: 10.00 – 17.00 Sunday: 11.00 – 16.00 Monday: Closed Since mid-2019 I’ve been looking for ways to get better bass from my Toronto living room music system for years. , which I share with my infinitely better half. My search began with the Elac Navis ARF-51 speaker test ($4,599.96/pair; all prices in USD). The active floorstanders provided deeper bass and a stronger crackle than the active bookshelf speakers I used at the time, and I liked them so much that I bought test samples.

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

A year ago, I did a little experiment: I compared the sound of my ARF-51 to the sound of the Elac Navis ARB-51 Active Stands ($2,299.98/pair) powered by the SVS PB-2000 Pro Subwoofer ($899.99). ). I came to the conclusion that the minimonitor-plus-sub-combo provided a bass that was deeper, stronger and better controlled than the Navis speakers themselves.

At the end of this experiment, I briefly tried pairing the SVS subwoofer with my ARF-51s, and I liked what I heard: the bass went down and the overall sound was bigger, the audio band I with more subtlety. It made me wonder if I had a future.

Svs Sb 3000 Micro Review

Svs Micro 3000 Subwoofer Preview

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