Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review – Wireless speakers seem to be the “hottest” audiophile buy these days, and SVS, known for their excellent subwoofers, offers this Prime Wireless 2.1 speaker system.

It is fully featured and can play audio from the Internet and your devices over a variety of wired and wireless connections. This SVS Prime 2.1 wireless speaker system is sure to please people looking for an audiophile solution for smaller spaces.

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

I spent a lot of time listening to this SVS Prime 2.1 system with a variety of programs from all genres of music. I also tried it as a speaker system for playing movies from physical discs and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. While this Ohio SVS offering isn’t cheap, at just over $1,000, it outperforms most competitor systems I’ve listened to, and for the price, they’re a bargain. They should also be considered a better sounding alternative to many of the sound systems offered for home theaters. These are not small speakers that “sit next to the computer”. These are high-quality converters that should please discriminating listeners. They can work on a shelf, hi-fi cabinet or can be available with stands for more freedom of placement.

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The SVS Prime Wireless 2.1 speaker system is from a company that specializes in high quality subwoofers for audio and video systems. I had a large SVS subwoofer in my home theater for many years. It was trouble free and goes deep. Unsurprisingly, SVS didn’t rush to produce only subwoofers, and after a few listening sessions with this powerful speaker system, it’s clear that SVS has know-how beyond its subwoofer specialty.

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

SVS still offers a variety of subwoofers, but also offers a wide range of wired speaker systems that are perfectly suited to a large home theater room or audiophile system with premium components and sources.

2V automatic low-pass filter: when a woofer is detected, an active low-pass filter with a frequency of 80 Hz is activated

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Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

Svs Prime Wireless Speakers

The 12-inch front-facing driver delivers deep, immersive bass with FEA-optimized precision motor technology with a lightweight fiber composite cone for improved sensitivity and transient response.

The two balanced conductors are made of 14 99.99% OFC stranded copper conductors and individually insulated in independent HDPE dielectric jackets – ensuring continuous signal flow, high signal purity and reduced signal loss.

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

This three-piece system is designed to fit well in a smaller space, such as a home, bedroom or office. The speakers are attractive but eye-catching. The review samples were sent in Black Piano Gloss and look very rich without drawing attention to themselves.

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker System & Sound Base Im Test

The right channel speaker has 4 amplifiers with a total power of 200 watts. The tweeters in each speaker are 1-inch drivers for high frequencies and a 4.5-inch driver for midrange. Each speaker has a rear port that helps with the low end of the midrange. The right speaker has a volume control and an input switch for choosing analog RCA input, stereo mini-plug or optical input. Connectors for these entries are not included and are the responsibility of the buyer. The nominal response of the speakers is 52Hz-25kHz (±3 dB).

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

The SVS Prime Wireless 2.1 system has a proprietary connection cable that runs between the two speakers and a subwoofer cable to connect the subwoofer. The cables are thick and of good quality. The included subwoofer (also offered as a separate subwoofer that can be used with other speaker systems) has a frequency response of 24-260 Hz +/- 3 dB. The driver is a 12-inch tourist driver. The subwoofer has impressive build quality and weighs 27 pounds.

The SVS Prime Wireless 2.1 speakers have many wireless options in addition to the wired options listed above. It supports DTS Play-Fi, offering control from any smartphone, tablet, Amazon device or Windows PC, and multi-room, multi-zone audio streaming over Wi-Fi. In addition, SVS Prime Wireless Bluetooth speakers offer aptX and AAC for high-quality wireless Bluetooth streaming from iOS or Android smartphones or tablets.

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

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The SVS Prime Wireless speakers also offer High Definition Audio playback capability, allowing you to play files up to 24-bit/192kHz without upscaling or network synchronization. For this you need to use the DTS Play-Fi app. This is a unique difference from most other wireless speaker systems.

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The system does not have a remote control, and while the sound can be controlled from a wireless source component when connected to a wired playback device such as a disc player or portable music player, a remote control would be a plus. Streaming services can be controlled via the Play-Fi app, but the system really needs its own remote. This is not the case for many other services supported by the Play-Fi app, but I use Spotify.

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

Setting up the SVS Prime Wireless 2.1 system was easy. Connect the speaker (right channel) and connect the cable to the left channel speaker. Also connect the subwoofer cable, connect the right channel speaker and the subwoofer and you’re good to go. The SVS system can be paired with any Bluetooth device and allows you to connect to a wireless network.

Svs Goes Wireless With Their New Prime Speaker & Soundbase System

Almost any analog or digital source can be connected. The front panel source switch lets you select the source you’re listening to. It’s a nice feature, but another remote control to change the source would be useful. The source button also acts as a preset selector when you’ve set a preset you want to quickly access, such as a playlist, internet radio station or streaming service.

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

Users interested in streaming should download the PlayFi app for Android or iOS. This app is the key to accessing streaming services on the SVS Prime Wireless system and is also required to connect the system to Wi-Fi.

I found the process a bit relaxing. After pairing the SVS Prime speakers and then connecting the PlayFi to my home network, switching between apps and controls is a breeze. You can start with the PlayFi app, which allows you to control the volume of streaming sources. However, if I wanted to play something like Spotify, that app had to be launched. Most other streaming services were integrated into the Play-Fi app, but Spotify, the streaming app I used, was not. It’s all a bit complicated, and that’s not SVS’s fault. This is the world we live in where equipment must work well with a variety of streaming sources and network architectures.

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

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It was a joy to listen to these lovely speakers. All types of music were clear, the highs sparkled, the lows (thanks to the excellent SVS subwoofer) had bass you could both feel and hear. I was immediately impressed with the width and depth of the stereo image in my room. The center fill was there, showing good phase coherence, and the sound field extended from the left side of the left channel and further to the right of the right channel. The bass was not unidirectional as it should have been. It was there when the music called for it. As I listen, I think the SVS subsystem would be a welcome addition to any 2.0 system where low end is an issue.

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: This is a great recording from the 70s, remastered as an SACD by Vocalion. I listened to the FLAC stereo portion of the disc. One of my favorite pilot songs is from the movie

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

Percussion instruments are placed from left to right, while others are in the center. It’s a pretty amazing listening experience on any good system, and the SVS Prime Wireless really delivers on this recording. Everything sounded very 3D, with clear depth perception so I could place the drums from left to right and front to back.

Review: Svs Prime Wireless Speaker System

: San Francisco Symphony with very modern music, including lots of percussion and organ. The SVS speakers sounded with another good picture display.

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

: some music from 1983 by Mike Oldfield, pop and rock with female vocals and electronic and acoustic instruments. I pointed to the loud remaster, and the SVS Primes handled the high-res files perfectly when played through a portable HiFiMan player connected to the speakers’ analog inputs.

: The opening track is amazing. Natural outdoor sounds and then a low bass note that shows the SVS woofer at its best. The bass never falters and the original music continues without distortion.

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

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Cal Tjader: A 1963 jazz performance that is highly regarded by music lovers. Considered the best Latin music of the West Coast because it is a combination of acoustic and electronic music. The SVS Primes worked well with this disc.

: a remaster of the greatest hits album from 1972. There’s nothing like the human voice to give you an idea of ​​how real a speaker sounds. Both voices became part of the room and each took their place. Really good test of SVS Prime

Svs Prime Wireless Speaker Review

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