Stormbox Micro

Stormbox Micro – The last Bluetooth speaker I reviewed was the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM. It’s an amazing speaker, but at 13 pounds and 14 inches tall, it pushes the definition of portability. At just 1.4 inches tall and 9.9 ounces, the speaker I’m currently reviewing couldn’t be more different. The Tribit StormBox Micro is the smallest portable speaker I’ve reviewed in years. With a price tag of $50, I think it’s very affordable. But don’t let the size or price fool you, this is an impressive little speaker.

The design and build of the StormBox Micro is better than I expected from a speaker at this price point. It is only 1.4 inches tall and its sides measure 3.9 inches square. In other words, about a lot of palm trees.

Stormbox Micro

Stormbox Micro

The bottom half of my review unit is beige plastic covered in a soft-touch material. Four small silicone spiked feet prevent the speaker from sliding on a flat surface. They are also slightly raised to allow air to drain from an upside down dish. The top half is covered in orange, with a logo in the middle and volume up and multi-function (pause/mute/answer calls/use Siri) keys.

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The power button, Bluetooth connectivity button, USB-C port, LED battery indicator, and charging strap are located on the bottom half. Note that there is no 3.5mm AUX input, the connection is pure.

A nicely finished mini speaker with no rough edges or visible seams. If you don’t mind the light, the speaker also comes in black.

Tribit doesn’t offer many details other than to say that the StormBox Micro has 9w of power and has a standard response of 70Hz-20kHz. Looking at the mirrors visible under the hood, I think I can make a car look like a 4. Bass heat, but that’s speculation.

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While the build quality of this $50 mini speaker is surprising, the audio quality is even better. I expected to be thin and lean. Instead, I got a very unexpected degree of bass, a wide, warm sound, lots of power, and lots of power. This poor performance supports the theory that the radiator…

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The sound is not perfect. The volume is a little quiet and there isn’t much detail, but this speaker punches above its weight. It can also be very noisy. In my office (about the size of an average bedroom), at 50% volume, it’s very loud. Go beyond that, and the limits quickly become apparent, as the sound can be too intimidating to listen to. Sound is delivered straight up, so it doesn’t go far with 360-degree sound speakers or those who usually try to experiment with it.

I streamed from an iPhone and the speaker supports AAC. On the Android side, the codec is SBC, so you can vary your mileage on the audio front.

I have to mention the range. Tribit claims up to 100 feet (the speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0). Inside the house I was able to access the basement before they started cutting. It’s three stories and a lot of brick and mortar between the speaker and my iPhone. For comparison, most Bluetooth headphones shut off after having more than one floor.

Stormbox Micro

Manufacturers often post good numbers on battery life, always with an “up to” disclaimer. In this case, the claim is 8 hours of autonomy. However, in testing, I could easily see 10 hours or more. Battery life decreases as the volume increases, and since this speaker sounds best at 60% or less, I used to listen to it anywhere between 30% and 50%, with a occasional burst at high volume when a favorite song comes along. on. on my list.

Tribit Stormbox Micro And Flybuds Nc

It took less than three hours to fully charge using my iPad charger and a USB Type-A to USB-C charging cable.

Five white LED indicators show the remaining battery charge and light up when you press any button.

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The Tribit StormBox Micro not only looks like it could survive a drop, but also has an IP67 water and dust resistance rating. I’ve used it outdoors and thrown it in the snow and had no issues. If anything goes wrong, the speaker is backed by an 18-month replacement warranty.

With snow and ice in our back yard, I couldn’t get into the house to take a bike. So you should use the image provided by Tribit which shows the speaker mounted on the bike racks. I can confirm the feel of the built-in silicone strap which is about the right pressure to attach it to a bike’s handlebars, and the attachment is very secure. The volume and hold buttons on top of the speaker will work best in this setup, assuming the speaker is pointed to listen, well, don’t lean forward trying to share those tunes with passers-by .

Tribit Stormbox Micro Micro In Size, Macro In Sound Black Colour

The strap can also be used to easily attach the speaker to other objects such as tree branches, fences or umbrella poles.

The StormBox Micro isn’t the portable speaker I’d recommend as the primary speaker (although a pair of speakers might be another matter). The sound it produces is really good, and the bass is much better than you would expect from something this big. However, it is no substitute for a good full-size speaker with more speakers and a more powerful amp. But that’s not what Tribit wants here.

As a portable speaker, it can handle water and the elements, slip into a backpack pocket, attach to a bike handle, or sit on the arm of your chair while relaxing near a campfire or on the beach, it is very difficult. Especially beat with the weather. At $50, it’s almost an impulse buy.

Stormbox Micro

Note: Tribit provided a lecturer for the review but did not comment on this review. As an Amazon Associate, I receive commissions on qualifying sales.

Tribit Stormbox Micro Bluetooth Speaker (black)

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Darren Blankenship, John Booth, Jenny Bristol, Rory Bristol, Robin Brooks, Tom Fassbender, Ryan Hiller, Whit Honea, Rob Huddleston, Will James, Mordechai Luchins, Joey Mills, Brad Moon, Anton Olsen, Skip Owens, Mariana Ruiz, Derrick Schneider , Tony Sims, Dakster Sullivan, Mark Vorenkamp Having a Bluetooth speaker for the holidays is a great way to bring along your favorite tunes. There are plenty of options, but Tribit’s new $56 StormBox Micro packs powerful sound and features into its small, portable box. Watch the video below to see it in action.

If you’ve ever researched Bluetooth speakers, the Tribit name might not be new to you. The $31 XSound Go is a popular choice with nearly 4.5 stars from over 8,600 reviews on Amazon.

Overall, the design of the StormBox Micro is very simple. It can be laid on its back, attached to either side, or attached to a permanent tether. At the top we have a protective cover and a volume control with a play/pause button. On the front of the speaker we have the power supply, battery level LED indicator and Bluetooth pairing button. This is also the side that secures the strap buckle. The battery charges via the USB-C connection on the right side of the speaker and on the bottom of the StormBox Micro we have rubber feet.

Tribit Stormbox Micro Speaker Review: Buy This Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

One of my favorite things about this speaker is the built-in rubber strap. Since it’s installed every time, it’s not annoying and it works. I used it to attach my belt or the strap of my car. Compatible with the small format, it is easy to install the StormBox Micro and take it on a trip.

The alternative to this StormBox Micro is ready for adventures with an IP67 weatherproof rating. This means that the product is dustproof and can be submerged in water between 15 cm and 1 meter deep.

From the first time I turned on the StormBox Micro, I was very impressed with the sound. Despite its small size, the Micro delivers incredibly powerful beats. Sure, larger systems will pack a lot of bass, but the fact is that the StormBox Micro also has good bass which is of interest to many.

Stormbox Micro

It maintains powerful sound throughout the volume range. While the sound is close to the top, it loses some clarity in the bottom and sounds borderline disturbing, but sitting about a meter from the speaker at the highest level, the speaker is almost bored .

Tribit Stormbox Micro Speaker Review: A Pocket Size Bluetooth Speaker With Surprisingly Big Sound

Another interesting feature is the ability to connect the two

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