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So you’re looking at the Sony equivalent of the Bose SoundLink mini or the UE boom. Well then this #review is probably what you are looking for. Well, I know what you’re thinking… Wow, check out this bold statement on the extra bass snare… Wouldn’t you like that? Is this better than the competition?

Srs Xb 30

Srs Xb 30

The KSB30 retails for around £130 at the time of this video. The aforementioned Bose SoundLink mini 2 retails for £170, with the UE boom 2 also around £170. That’s a £40 saving from the start, but is less more? Or is the Sony SRS-KSB30 more or less the same in terms of sound quality and features?

Sony Srs Xb30

So the Sony KSB30 offers 24 hours of playback. The Bose only offers 10 hours and the UE boom 2 offers 15 hours. Putting Sony on top. The speaker design is reminiscent of Bose. Only Sony has 48mm drivers, Bose has 51mm drivers, and EU has 45mm drivers. So Sony is somewhere in the middle here. Although the Sony has a fairly large passive radiator in its center, just like the Bose. This gives it an advantage over the UE Boom 2.

In terms of style, Sony has some really noticeable differences from the others we’ve mentioned. Of course, I’m talking about the light screen. You can customize the light patterns. Though Sony limits its customization to the presets available through the SongPal app. However, My JBL pulse 3 offers fully customizable colors using the JBL connect app using your phone’s camera. I think that’s an amazing feature that Sony hasn’t done yet. Having said that, the KSB30 leaves the UE boom 2 and Soundlink mini 2 in the dark as they have… well, nothing.

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Let’s take a look at the vehicle controls. This button in the middle allows you to pair the device with another Sony speaker for stereo separation and you can even pair up to 10 of them. Not bad though… I recently saw JBL break the world record for syncing 1000 beats 3 together from a single source, but let’s be honest, 10 speakers is more than enough for most people. The UE boom 2 can do up to 8 and the Bose Soundlink mini 2 can’t do anything.

So, some more features. Holding your finger on the phone icon button will tell you how much power you have left. Remember that you can’t listen to music if you don’t have energy.

Sony Srs Xb30, Audio, Soundbars, Speakers & Amplifiers On Carousell

This same button can answer your calls and you can use the KSB30 as a speaker phone. Pressing this button with a short press will also bring up Siri or Google Assistant, a clever feature I must say. So it’s a button that does three things. Of course, as you’d expect, it has playback pause, volume up and down, a power button, and a Bluetooth LED light.

The really nice feature you can see here is Sony’s standard NFC issue…which always reminds me of coffee for some reason. Touch your nfc-enabled device to the top for instant sync. This is a feature that Bose does not offer, but the UE boom 2 does.

This speaker is IPX5 rated waterproof. To help with that, it has this rubber cover to protect the ports on the back. Below that is the power port, which uses Sony’s proprietary charger. USB C would be fine. It also has a 3.5mm input for audio jacks, if you’re that old, and a USB output. You can use this USB port to charge your phone because your phone will not work if it has no power. So if you’re out with your friends and someone’s battery dies, you can say “I have power.”

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Srs Xb 30

Speaking of power… who doesn’t want extra bass? This dedicated button gives you that option. So you can be listening to some really serious tunes and practicing some of Drake’s best dance moves, and when your hotline lights up, it can only mean one thing… answer the phone.

Sony/索尼srs Xb30 Xb32 Xb33 Xb40 Xb43 Xb31 Xb21蓝牙音箱

So the last little important feature here, the SRS KSB30 uses Bluetooth 4.2. Which basically means you can pair 3 devices simultaneously. You can also use Sony’s own Ldac function. Not sure yet though, but LDac could also be a kling curse. What LDAC means here compared to the KSB30 is that with LDAC you can transfer 3 times more data than normal Bluetooth transmission methods. Basically, it makes your music sound better as long as you use a good font. For example, Hi-Res Audio files on Tidal.

Bluetooth 4.2 also gives Sony a good range between its device and the speakers. The Sony boasts up to 10m, the Bose Soundlink mini 2 can go up to 9m, but UE claims the boom 2 can go up to 33m. So, Sonny once again landed somewhere in the middle.

So, listening to all three of these. Sony blows the UE out of the water for sound quality, but the UE boom is better with water because it’s IPX7 waterproof and has a longer range than bluetooth. The KSB30 rivals the Bose Soundlink 2 very well in terms of sound, but beats the Bose with battery life and its Bluetooth features.

So considering all the differences we talked about in this video…do I think it’s a good investment? Well, yes it is… It also has extra bass… and who doesn’t want that? Animez l’ambiance grace au haut-parleur sans fil SRS-KSB30. Accentuez le rithme avec EXTRA BASSMC et faites monter l’energie grace auk effets lumineuk.

Sony Srs Xb30 Noir

Pour faire bouger les chooses. The double passive recuperators function with the high-parleurs stereo full range for the amplifier of the basses and the dynamiser, malgre la taille compacte.

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SRS-KSB30 is compact and feltless, which is easy to move. Avec son autonomy longue duree et sa surface resistante a l’eau, vous etes free de l’emmener et le mettre n’importe ou.

Que vous ecoutiez des musical pieces dedans ili dehors, pas de souci car le haut-parleur sans fil is resistant to water, in accordance with the IPKS5 standard.

Srs Xb 30

Jusku’a 24 hours of autonomy from the battery Ecoutez de la musikue tout le jour et la nuit avec jusku’a 24 hours of autonomy. The syntheses vocale vous indicate kuand il est temps de recharger.

Boxa Portabila Sony Srsxb30b, Extra Bass, Bluetooth, Nfc, Wi Fi, Party Chain, Rezistenta La Stropire, Songpal™, Negru

Leger et compact Grace a sa taille compacte, vous pouvez mettre le haut-parleur dans votre sac et l’emmener ou vous voulez.

Enjoy the meme chanson avec Parti Chain sans fil. Connectez jusku’a 10 haut-parleurs sans fil au moien de Bluetooth

Gerez easily votre musique depuis votre smartphone avec | Music Center (formerly SongPal). Simply install the app and turn on the control of music, lights, etc.

Transmet environ trois fois plus de donnees (990 kbit/s maximum transfer rate) traditional system with Bluetooth

Sony Srs Xb30 Charging Port Replacement

Ecoute par simple contact avec NFC Il suffit de mettre en contact votre NFC compatible smartphone avec le haut-parleur pour ecouter de la musicue.

Connekion de plusieurs appareil Connectez jusku’a trois appareils et faites-les diffuser vos musical pieces preferees to role tour.

Liven up the mood with the SRS-KSB30 sans fil speaker. Boost the beat with EXTRA BASS and faites monter l’energie grace auk effets lumineuk.

Srs Xb 30

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Sony Srs Xb30 Bluetooth Speakers

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