Speaker Stands For Kef Ls50

Speaker Stands For Kef Ls50 – Designed and engineered in the UK, the KEF S2 speaker stand was created to offer the perfect look and placement for KEF bookshelf speakers. Integrated cable management allows cables to be easily hidden, keeping the interior clean and elegant.

The placement of the speakers is crucial when it comes to creating the perfect sound image. KEF Performance Speaker Stands are specially designed to ensure the best possible sound from bookshelf speakers in the UK. This includes ideal rider height positioning, aluminum tubes and baseplates with steel damping plates and space available to add inert filler for added stability. The Performance Speaker Stand is ideal for the KEF LS50, LS50 Wireless, LS50 Wireless 2, but can also be used with other KEF bookshelf speakers. The stand has a simple and elegant style that makes it blend nicely into any home decor. An integrated cable management system allows untethered cables to be hidden within the stand to create a clean look, perfect for bookshelf speakers connected to a wide range of audio sources.

Speaker Stands For Kef Ls50

Speaker Stands For Kef Ls50

1 year warranty from date of purchase. is a KEF authorized seller. All KEF products purchased through are eligible for warranty. You earn loyalty points on every order placed on this website. Each product shows you on the product page how many loyalty points you can earn when you order (see image below). For every £1 you spend, you earn 1 loyalty point. For every 1 point you collect, a pence is added to the total loyalty points in your account (this system and value is on par with some of the UK’s biggest loyalty points cards).

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So, for example, if you spend £500, you’ll earn 500 loyalty points which can be used towards £5.00 on future orders. When you earn loyalty points, the points will be added to your account and can be redeemed for future purchases.

To reduce the cost of this item, we may be able to accept your old equipment as a trade-in (part-exchange).

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Kef|ls50 Wireless Ii Speakers, Kc Subwoofer And S2 Floor Stands Bundle|melbourne Hi Fi

The Custom Design FS50 speaker stands were designed and manufactured exclusively for the KEF LS50 speakers and are based on Custom Design’s award-winning FS104 signature. It is available in a choice of three finishes to match the LS50 color options and maintain their stylish appearance.

The performance improvements when you place your LS50s on these stands are significant, especially in the dynamic range which seems more open and free compared to traditional centre, mass loaded designs. Stereo imaging and precision timing add more excitement to your listening experience with a precise and controlled bass performance.

The top plate is made of acoustic steel and the base plate is designed by KEF to fit the smooth LS50s. Designed to have minimal impact on speaker performance, the stands feature 5 support pillars to provide comprehensive support for those who demand a more engaging and dynamic performance from their speakers.

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Speaker Stands For Kef Ls50

An exceptional example of proper British construction, the central pillar of these speakers can easily be mass loaded, and the four satellite pillars combine to provide a fully rigid speaker stand. To mass load a center column with a specially designed inert filler, we recommend two bags for each 24″ column. If you are looking for an upgrade to your existing stand mounted speakers, the SolidSteel speaker stand is definitely the way to go. can perform at

Speaker Stands & Accessories

We recently took the SolidSteel into our showroom and were impressed by the performance and style of the SS-6. There is no doubt that this is an upgrade that your speaker can already offer.

Available in white, black or a very beautiful raw finish. The SS-6 is simple yet elegant with its tripod design. They form the perfect base for bringing out the very last detail from the speakers.

With 29 years of providing excellent audio furniture solutions for the home, this experience really shows with the performance of the SS-6 speaker stand.

What can you expect? Well… you haven’t heard your speakers sound that good, whether you’re driving a £200 speaker or a £2000 speaker, the SS-6 stand will undoubtedly improve performance. The bass is tightened, the sound image is wider and the overall transparency of the speakers increases. You no longer listen to your speakers but are immersed in the sound and the music just flows.

Hi Fi Racks Kef Ls50 Meta/ls50 Wireless Ii Speaker Stands

Available in 3 different heights, 50cm, 60cm and 70cm and 3 finishes, black, white and raw (shown in these pictures).

SolidSteel hifi furniture is available at the following Audio T stores, Brentwood, Bristol, Cheltenham, Enfield, Manchester, Preston, Southampton, Swindon, Swansea and Cardiff. Our KEF LS50 Meta wireless speaker stands in solid wood provide optimal acoustic performance and complement other KEF stand-mounted models including the KEF LS50 Meta wireless speakers from Precision and LS50 IIs. Combining the natural properties of solid hardwood with our exclusive SONISPIKE© isolation tip technology, the KEF LS50 Meta Wireless Speaker Stand separates your speakers from the floor and improves your listening experience, reducing vibrations, reflections and resonance for your listening experience. Eliminates the harmful effects. of

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Each pair of speaker stands comes with 8 absorbent dampers to rest the speaker and 8 SONISPIKE© precision engineered stainless steel isolation spikes.

Speaker Stands For Kef Ls50

Most speaker manufacturers have a point on the speaker that is the reference point, it could be where the tweeter is, or some other specified position. After installing it, you can work on the height of the speaker and the stand to ensure that this reference point is in line with your ear when listening to music. This allows you to get the best possible performance from the speaker.

Kef Ls50 Meta Loudspeakers Review

The standard heights are 500, 600 and 700 mm, which is the total height from the base of the spikes to the top of the absorption dampers. We can manufacture KEF LS50 Meta wireless speaker stands to any custom height available up to 700mm at no extra cost to suit your exact requirements.

The KEF LS50 Meta Wireless speaker stands are made of solid oak and are available in several finishes: Satin Oak, Mahogany Stain, Walnut Stain, Cherry Stain, Satin Black, Gloss Black, Satin White and Gloss White.

The standard finish of the legs is the same as the top and base plinth, although you can choose to have them in a different finish for a striking contrast – black legs are particularly popular.

Our products are protected by patents from the Intellectual Property Office, under the Registered Designs Act 1949.

Kef Ls50 Meta Speaker Stands With Isolation Plinths 140 900mm

To ensure your satisfaction with your solid wood hi-fi furniture, please note that we are happy to provide you with wood samples upon request.

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