Soundcore Motion Q

Soundcore Motion Q – The Motion Q is a comparable and affordable alternative to the brand’s portable speakers. If you spend time at the pool this summer, this is the budget speaker to take with you.

For a company known for its portable power supplies, Anker is making a name for itself in the audio world. While you don’t get hi-fi sound with the Anker Soundcore Motion Q, you do have a great compact speaker that’s ready for adventure or a dip in the pool.

Soundcore Motion Q

Soundcore Motion Q

With the portable Bluetooth speaker market already saturated, is there a reason to go with the Motion Q over its highly acclaimed competitor?

Anker Soundcore Motion Q Review: Share The Sound

First of all, it is certified IPX7, which means that it can be fully submerged at one meter for a maximum of 30 minutes. Although there is no official dust rating, the Motion Q benefits from a fabric wrapped around the speaker. This helps keep dirt out and makes it easier to grip.

About the size of a half-smashed soda can, the Anker Soundcore Motion Q packs easily into a pocket. Its cylindrical shape tapers to a completely flat base that tends to slide on most surfaces like linoleum and lacquered wood. The rubber feet easily remedied this.

At the bottom, a flap reveals the 3.5mm aux and micro USB input. Move just two centimeters north of the entrance and you will find a belt support to attach the included lace-not-lace. Unlike the dubious durability of the laces, it’s actually quite useful – and can be used to tie the Motion Q to almost anything.

Fortunately, the control panel is self-explanatory. You can adjust the volume, skip or rewind tracks, pair, and access a virtual assistant like Siri or Google. Although you can’t shop online like you can with an Alexa smart speaker, you can use the built-in microphone to ask for the weather and take calls.

A3108c Soundcore Motion Q Bluetooth Speaker Teardown Internal Photos Anker Innovations

The multifunction button, which doubles as a pause button, allows you to take calls and access Siri or Google Assistant.

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To pair with another Soundcore Motion Q for stereo playback, press and hold the power button for three seconds. A flashing white LED indicates you’ve entered Anker’s true wireless stereo pairing mode, and a solid white LED indicates the speakers are connected.

Absolutely. For just under $50 you get a range of features, the most notable of which is the 360° sound of Anker Soundcore Motion Q. It is equipped with two opposing drivers flanked by two passive radiators. While it is a compelling design, there is an audible difference between standing in front of the driver and a passive radiator. However, the sound is distributed more evenly than with the Bose SoundLink Micro.

Soundcore Motion Q

Inside is a 2600mAh battery that provides 10 hours of playback. The aux input is also located in the protected, recessed port.

Anker Soundcore Motion Q 360° Bluetooth Speaker

Anker’s Soundcore Motion Q works with Bluetooth 4.2 and has a connection range of 20 meters. The range is accurate when you’re at home, but if you plan to use it as intended, be prepared for a few interruptions per song. In addition, the Motion Q does not offer multiconnect and is not aptX compatible. Of course, streaming video suffers from audiovisual mismatch.

By pressing and holding the power button for three seconds, you can pair the Motion Q with another Bluetooth speaker for stereo sound.

One countermeasure to these problems is to solve for extra listening. Aside from the hassle of physical tethering, this makes the onboard controls useless. When the aux input is used, you have to make adjustments via the source device and party like 2005.

Opening the speaker means that 1) you spend $50 and all you have to show for it is a broken speaker, and 2) you find the 2600mAh source of 10 hours of play time of Motion Q. During the test, the speakers have provided 11 hours of music at 50 percent volume – impressive considering that Anker says the battery life is 10 hours. Where the speaker lacks is in charging time. It takes 3.5 hours for a full charge, which makes for a poor report.

Bocina Bluetooth Soundcore Motion Q

Considering this is a budget waterproof speaker, it sounds pretty good. To get the most out of the Motion Q, set the volume to at least 50 percent. Otherwise, everything sounds subdued or – as I was told during the test – “as if the music was coming from a laptop speaker”. Ouch.

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The Anker Soundcore Motion Q speaker is half the price of the Bose SoundLink Micro speaker. Both are IPX7 certified and intended for mobile use.

Crank it up and you’ll find that the mids are exceptionally well reproduced for a speaker with heavy bass. In Janelle Monae’s song Take A Byte – set in the key of A – Monae’s monotone voice contrasts with the predictable drum hits in the verses.

Soundcore Motion Q

Midrange clarity improves during the chorus as Monae’s vocals flow in dynamic harmony with the new arrangement of the G – F#m – A – E chord progression. Amazingly, the midrange response rivals, s’ he does not exceed, the Bose SoundLink Micro, which costs $ 50 more than the Motion Q. It is not too much, Anker.

Anker Soundcore Motion Q Musikbox In 03046 Cottbus Für € 50,00 Zum Verkauf

As for the highs, I’m impressed. The recurring flat claps of the song are audible over the cacophony of sounds derived from the instrument and synthesizer. For solid reference, according to a report from the Australian National University, clapping hands produces a sound that “typically goes up to about 10kHz.”

The included strap is just a shortened cord that can be easily clipped and snapped on the go.

To compensate for the lack of isolation, speakers can be treated to emphasize high frequencies such as clapping. Manufacturers run the risk of making the listening experience tiring, but Anker completely avoids it. However, the highs could be raised a little to match the artificial illusion of detail to which our ears are accustomed.

Unfortunately, the bass are the weak link. Maybe it’s because my expectations were too high after incorporating the “BassUp” technology, but the bass is super weak. For example, in Take A Byte, the sub-bass is inaudible unless you turn the volume up to maximum.

Buy Soundcore Motion Q Black Online

Well, it’s not ideal because the speaker gets awfully loud. I recorded a maximum output of 94.1 dBA and 88.4 dBA from one foot and two feet away, respectively. However, I found the SoundLink Micro to be more comfortable and less anemic. The change between the two speakers during Take A Byte was night and day in terms of bass response.

Due to its IPX7 rating, the Anker Soundcore Motion Q can be fully submerged up to 1m for a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

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Indoor listening allows for better bass as there is less distracting ambient noise like lawnmowers, construction work and whatever. Also, staying inside means you are surrounded by walls that the speaker can use to reflect sound. If you take the Motion Q outside, it sounds much better up to 75 percent volume.

Soundcore Motion Q

If you’re on a tight budget or just want a speaker you won’t have to throw in a bag or down the drain, then the Anker Soundcore Motion Q is for you. Sure, it’s not a smart speaker, but the Motion Q isn’t trying to be a smart speaker. It is for those who lead an active lifestyle and do not want or cannot afford branded products. Admittedly, the Motion Q doesn’t feel cheap in any way, and you’re getting excellent value for $50.

Anker Soundcore Motion Q Brand New And Sealed In A Shop In Nairobi Central

The Anker Soundcore Motion Q is perfect for intimate gatherings when you just want to set up the speaker and forget about it.

If you’re already invested in the Bose or JBL ecosystem, chances are you’re here. However, if you’re just starting out in the world of portable speakers and aren’t sure what you want, the waterproof Soundcore Motion Q is a great way to test the waters. Looking for a portable speaker with extra durability? The Anker Soundcore Motion Q might be just the ticket.

The company’s affordable prices and durable devices make them a leading competitor in the Bluetooth speaker market. Most Anker products are not only high quality in terms of sound.

The Soundcore Motion Q is just one of the newest products in the Soundcore range. With two full-range drivers and incredible 360-degree sound, this speaker proves that big things come in small packages.

Soundcore Motion Q

The heart of the sound looks a bit like a slightly crushed reed. It’s not the smallest portable Bluetooth speaker we’ve seen, but it’s still compact enough that it should fit in any bag. The Motion Q also packs a lot of features into a compact body.

Despite being only 3.5 inches wide and deep, the Soundcore Motion Q also provides two full-range drivers and two passive radiators.

To provide a more immersive 360 ​​degree sound, the entire surface of the speaker is covered with a grid that allows volume output from all angles.

Soundcore Motion Q

For convenience, the Soundcore comes with a hanging strap that you can clip around your wrist when traveling. You can also easily attach the Motion Q to your bag when you’re on the go.

Parlante True Wireless Soundcore Motion Q

You can fully submerge your Soundcore Motion Q in water, ie

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