Soundboks 3 For Sale

Soundboks 3 For Sale – Playing music with SOUNDBOKS is likely to prompt someone to come and politely (or not) invite you. Even on the beach, the speaker can easily drown out nearby music. But again, we speak better at something like 60-80% volume. For larger events, we recommend a pair or just one SOUNDBBOK for each of the 40 happy people dancing at your party.

We currently only deliver to urban areas around Athens. We plan to expand our coverage soon, so stay tuned.

Soundboks 3 For Sale

Soundboks 3 For Sale

A battery life of up to 40 hours at half volume, a sound pressure level of up to 126 dB, Bluetooth 5.0 connection and the ability to connect up to five units are some of the features of SOUNDBOKS (Genesis 3). the presenter must make a proposal. In addition to wireless connectivity, this portable speaker features two 3.5mm stereo jacks (one in and one out) and two combo XLR/6.3mm mic/instrument inputs, so SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3 ) students and musicians alike, you are happy.

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Soundboks 2 Review: The Loudest Portable Speaker

We’re breaking the sound barrier, offering powerful, durable wireless combos and great portable speakers at low prices.

Say hello to the best party performer. It can be used for house parties (outdoors and indoors), outdoors, camping, skiing or sailing trips, and even for tailgates. The performance of our equipment and the ability to connect portable and other speakers are excellent.

Here, select the desired date and quantity and complete your order online. After receiving the order, we will contact you to arrange the delivery at the desired time.

After the deadline, we will meet again to take orders. Please note that the rental period is subject to availability.

Soundboks Go Review: This Rugged Bluetooth Speaker Pumps Up The Volume

We deliver your order to your home at no extra cost. After the booking is complete, we will contact you to book an appointment.

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We take the party seriously and don’t let it down. Contact our customer support 24/7 via Messenger, WhatsApp and Viber.

Stay up to date with our latest products, sales and news by subscribing to our newsletter. This is the latest Bluetooth powered speaker. Loud enough to fill a room or outdoor venue with massive bass, high frequencies and incredible sound for ~40 hours on a single battery. Built for durability, portability and connectivity, it outlasts any speaker. This (Genesis 3)

Soundboks 3 For Sale

Concert-level volume without distortion. Bass+, Power, Indoor modes and expandable EQ options. A real experience at every frequency.

Reasons Soundboks Bluetooth Speakers Are Perfect For Powering Your Party

Dimpled steel grill grate. Splash-proof electronics. Shock-absorbing silicone ball heel. So if you drop it on the way, you can take it there.

TeamUp for creating a wireless, distributable speaker system with up to five speakers. Turn on ProPanel for microphones, mixers and more.

40 hours of playback at medium volume and 5 hours at full volume (126 dB). Get an extra one and swap in a snap to keep your music playing longer.

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You see. The portability of the Bluetooth speaker, the ease of use of the soundbar, the size of the PA and the sound quality make it a truly unique speaker. GEN 3 adds Pro Panel to its performance, so you can connect microphones, mixers, instruments, instruments and other speakers without adapters.

Jbl Partybox 310 Vs Soundboks (gen. 3) Side By Side Speaker Comparison

66 × 43 × 32 cm / 25.6 × 17 × 13 inches (H × W × D)

When you join SOUNDKLUB, you’re more protected and better connected. All you have to do is sign up for the latest app. An additional year of limited warranty is just the beginning. We’re changing speakers from the inside out, and you can be a part of it.

This is the only replaceable battery in the Bluetooth speaker game. Compatible with 2 and newer models. 40 hours at medium volume and 5-8 hours at full volume. ​It works for up to 40 hours at party volume (104 dB) and is fully charged in 3.5 hours. It also works in 1 dimension (H x W x D): 150 x 90 x 65 mm Weight: 0.8 kg.

Soundboks 3 For Sale

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