Sony S350 Soundbar

Sony S350 Soundbar – This 2.1-channel soundbar may look low-key and unobtrusive in your living room, but with 320W of total power and a powerful wireless subwoofer, it packs an impressive punch. Dramatic action scenes and favorite songs never sounded bigger.

Our virtual surround sound technology puts you in the heart of the movies you love by emulating cinema-style surround sound, without the need for additional rear speakers.

Sony S350 Soundbar

Sony S350 Soundbar

A powerful wireless subwoofer, with a large 16 cm speaker unit and a volume of 28 liters, provides a deeper and richer bass sound.

Sony Ht S350 320w 2.1 Channel Soundbar System

Mounted on the wall, the contours of the sound bar perfectly complement the design of your TV. It’s also easy to connect, so you can continue to enjoy your movies, music and more.

Single-cable HDMI ARC Send audio and control information from your TV over a single cable with HDMI ARC.

Wireless connectivity with your TV With a BRAVIA TV compatible with a Bluetooth® transmitter, you can send audio to your sound bar wirelessly.

Connect your TV via HDMI ARC with a single cable, or if your TV doesn’t support HDMI, you can connect via optical input.

Sony Ht S350 Soundbar Review: 2.1 Channels Walk Into A Bar

HDMI ARC HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) allows you to connect to your TV with a single cable. Optical input For TVs not compatible with HDMI ARC, the optical input provides high-quality sound for movies and more.

Sleek and understated, the soundbar and subwoofer feature a tactile perforated metal finish on their front panels. The large subwoofer duct emphasizes the powerful performance of the unit.

Easy to set up and beautiful to look at, this 2.1-channel soundbar features a powerful wireless subwoofer for deeper, richer bass and S-Force PRO Front Surround for a cinematic audio experience.

Sony S350 Soundbar

We are committed not only to providing products, services and content that provide exciting experiences, but also to work towards our goal of zero environmental footprint in all our business activities. More on and environment While it doesn’t have the most advanced specs that make home audio geeks drool, the Sony HT-S350 is an instant upgrade to your TV speakers that won’t break the bank.

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Display technology has improved tremendously in the last couple of years. My current 4K TV is barely 4 inches at its thickest point and far from a high-end model. Unfortunately, having a thin TV means less room for speakers. In short, the audio tends to suffer thinner. The best way to combat this is with a dedicated surround sound system or at least a sound bar. This is where the 2.1-channel Sony HT-S350 fits into the story. For less than $300, this soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer and promises to up your audio game, but what does it really look like?

Editor’s note: This post was updated on September 28, 2020 to reflect price changes and to update the bottom line.

Although the soundbar is quite small and easy to place, the subwoofer is huge with a 160mm driver.

Fair warning, the Sony HT-S350 comes in a giant, awkward box. I think it would have been easier to ship/handle in two separate boxes for the soundbar and sub, but instead they come together in one hard to store box. Fortunately, setting up the soundbar isn’t as tedious as its packaging. Once you have the soundbar and subwoofer where you want them to be, all you have to do is plug the soundbar and subwoofer into a power outlet.

Sony Ht S350 2.1ch Soundbar With Powerful Wireless Subwoofer For Tv (hdmi Arc Compatible) With 1 Year Local Warranty

At 64mm tall, the soundbar fits perfectly under most TVs and can even be wall mounted if required.

Then connect the soundbar to your TV using the included optical cable or an HDMI cable and you’re good to go. When you turn on the soundbar, it will automatically connect to the wireless subwoofer, which is very convenient. As someone who has worried about cables going into the output of a receiver more times than I can count, this is one of those moments that really made me feel like I was living in the future. Admittedly, it’s not a unique feature of this Sony HT-S350, but I still love it every time.

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Using the HT-S350 is quite easy thanks to the included remote control. Try not to lose it, though, because while you can switch between the TV and Bluetooth inputs thanks to the touch buttons on top of the soundbar, there’s no way to change EQ modes without the remote at a distance.

Sony S350 Soundbar

Speaking of EQ modes, you can change them depending on what you’re watching or listening to. At the center of the remote are the volume controls, and I found the listening modes above the volume to be more useful than those below. For example, they are clearly labeled based on the type of media you listen to. Available modes are movie, music, auto sound, voice and night. I found the night mode especially useful, as it was useful for watching movies late at night. So if you’re watching an action movie, you don’t have to turn up the volume on the mumbled dialogue spoken by the protagonist only to have your ears perk up when there’s an explosion. Instead, Night Mode balances them out so you don’t accidentally wake up the neighbors or your partner in the other room.

Ht S350 2.1ch Soundbar With Powerful Wireless Subwoofer And Bluetooth Technology

Below the volume controls, you’ll find a few more options like subwoofer volume controls and a mute button, but there are also some vaguer controls like audio, news, games, sports, and standard. Using them, I wasn’t exactly sure what they did or why they were there. For example, the “News” mode seemed to put more emphasis on voices, but couldn’t you just press the “Voice” button on the top of the remote? It seemed a little redundant, but it’s better to have too many features than too few, I guess.

The soundbar itself is a decent size and I was able to fit it perfectly on my own personal TV stand as well as the one in the living room with plenty of room to spare. It measures 900mm x 64mm x 88mm and weighs just 2.4kg, so it’s light enough to mount on the wall without too much trouble. The front of the speaker is wrapped with a typical grille that protects the drivers. The top of the soundbar is covered in faux leather which looks quite nice and unlike the plastic you’d normally find at this price point.

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Although the soundbar is quite thin, the subwoofer, on the other hand, is huge. It measures 190mm x 382mm x 390mm, but despite its size, I had no problem finding a place for it. In my bedroom it fits perfectly under my TV stand, while in the living room it just sits next to the TV.

As I mentioned, it automatically sub-connects to the wireless soundbar and I’ve never had any issues with connectivity or stuttering. The soundbar can be connected directly to the TV using a single HDMI-CEC output or an optical cable. I chose to use the optical cable like the one that came in the box. If you prefer listening to music or podcasts, you can also switch to Bluetooth mode, and while it’s obviously not as easy as plugging in a pair of AirPods, my source device had no trouble finding it and streaming audio. The HT-S350 soundbar works with Bluetooth 5.0, but unfortunately only has the basic SBC codec. So you won’t get the highest quality playback here, but again, you need to use with your TV. I thought the addition of Bluetooth is just a nice bonus for when I feel like listening to music while cleaning or doing other household chores.

Sony Ht S350 Vs Sony Ht S400 Side By Side Soundbar Comparison

Thankfully, Sony kept the branding to a minimum with just a small logo that doesn’t detract from the sleek, all-black design.

While the Sony HT-S350 soundbar has Dolby Digital support, that’s basically all it has. So if you’re looking for one of the most advanced surround sound codecs for a more immersive experience, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Still, if you’ve never heard of something like Dolby Atmos or care, this is the perfect soundbar for you. It’s not the most technologically advanced, but it’s sure to dramatically improve the sound of your TV speakers.

If you look at the chart above, you’ll notice that the HT-S350’s sound quality is surprisingly neutral. This means that, for the most part, notes at virtually all frequencies above 200 Hz will sound almost equally loud. The big dip that occurs below 200Hz is nothing to worry about, as that’s what the subwoofer (grey) is for. During testing, I turned the sub off to get just the soundbar response, but with the sub on, it fills out the low end so well that my roommate likes to turn it on just for the intro.

Sony S350 Soundbar

Crime aside, this is also good news when listening to music, as you can control it exactly

Sony 2.1ch Soundbar With Powerful Wireless Subwoofer And Bluetooth Technology (320w) Ht S350

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