Sony Gtk Xb72 Wireless

Sony Gtk Xb72 Wireless – I just finished an interesting audio system assessment. At first glance, the Sony XB72 EXTRA BASS looks like a super-sized portable speaker. It’s actually a high-powered music system loaded with onboard lighting and audio effects. The audio this $349.99 system produces will put the most portable speakers to shame, but it’s plugged into an electrical outlet.

The Sony XB72 is a great system and doesn’t pretend to be portable. It is more than two meters tall (or wide, depending on which position it is in) and weighs almost 27 kilograms. There are grab handles all around, but no battery – you’ll need to find an electrical outlet, and one that’s pretty close by since the included cord is 4 feet long. On the plus side, the power supply is integrated, so you don’t have to carry a power brick with you.

Sony Gtk Xb72 Wireless

Sony Gtk Xb72 Wireless

It has padded feet on the bottom and side, so it can be positioned in vertical or horizontal mode. It’s pretty stable anyway.

Sony Gtk Xb72 High Power Home Audio System (black) With Deco Gear Pop Filter Bundle

The case is a hard black textured plastic with the Sony logo prominently displayed. The front is a black metal mesh covering a pair of large woofers and three tweeters. A large bass reflex jack is located in the front center. A strip of LED lighting encircles the grille, complemented by strobe lights. The controls are on the top of the speaker, and around the back are the input ports and the FM antenna.

The speaker can be used in two modes: horizontal or vertical. The built-in sensor detects the orientation and adjusts the sound accordingly. There are two features on board that allow you to make a big difference in audio output with the push of a button.

“Extra Bass” gives the system its name and as advertised adds serious bass when activated. It’s like the “volume” knob found on older stereos, but on steroids.

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The other is the “LIVE SOUND” button. It uses speaker angle and DSP to simulate three-dimensional sound. This works best when the speaker is placed horizontally, leaving some space between the drivers. And it’s actually quite effective. It doesn’t quite replace a pair of speakers placed separately, but it does a good job of giving the Sony XB72’s sound much more depth than a single unit can usually produce.

Sony Gtk Xb72 High Power Extra Bass Home Audio System With Bluetooth Technology

The overall effect of this speaker is “energetic” rather than nuanced. Bass can be very pronounced and highs are crisp, but the midrange is a bit lacking. That’s not bad for the target audience – few people listen to details about music in a ‘club’ – but it does mean that the XB72 is better suited as a party speaker than a stereo replacement for someone serious about listening to music.

The accessories really make this system stand out and further emphasize its target demographic. If you bring the Sony XB72 to a party, it will be the star of the show. Around the back is a microphone input with a line meter. You can sing along with the tunes…

To dig deeper, Sony offers several mobile apps (for both iOS and Android) that let you customize things to varying degrees.

Sony Gtk Xb72 Wireless

And this is where things can get pretty wild. The lighting effects can be quite spectacular. All LED lighting and strobe effects are customizable or you can use presets. Personally, the first thing I did was turn off the strobes, but the LED lighting is pretty cool. There’s an EQ if you want to fine-tune the sound outside of (or in addition to) the EXTRA BASS and LIVE SOUND functions.

Sony Xb72 Review

Then there is the DJ Effect feature. This allows you to play with the sound effects of the music, including flanger, isolator and wah settings. With the Fiestable app, you can even control the effects by moving, waving or shaking your smartphone. You can also use the app to add motion effects to your smartphone, including scratching, drumming, and wood block sounds. Just be careful whose smartphone is controlling the effects because someone going to town with a flanger and a drum kit in the middle of a song can get old pretty quickly.

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• Speaker control for basic functions plus app effects and EQ control using Music Center and Feastable iOS/Android apps

To put the Sony XB72’s size into perspective, it’s a full-sized iPad (photo by Brad Moon).

This is not an audio system aimed at music purists or those looking for a portable music player.

Sony Gtk Xb72 High Power Home Audio System For Sale Online

However, those for whom portable speakers are too “small” will like the powerful bass, especially when the function of the same name “Extra Bass” is turned on. Above all, the Sony XB72 EXTRA BASS will tick all the boxes for anyone looking to recreate the club experience in their own home. You get booming, energetic sound, a programmable light show (complete with not only multi-colored LEDs, but also strobe lights) and the ability to DJ with a wide range of audio effects.

In other words, not really my cup of tea (although it definitely has the cool factor), but an absolute hit with my teenage…

Disclosure: Sony provided the XB72 sound system for evaluation, but had no input into this review. As an Amazon Associate, I earn affiliate fees from qualifying purchases.

Sony Gtk Xb72 Wireless

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Features: – Extra Bass™ for rich, powerful sound – Vertical and horizontal alignment – Get the right mood with light bar, speaker lighting and strobe light – Stream and operate via the Sony I Music Center app directly from your smartphone – Connect more speakers Using Bluetooth® technology, use the Party Chain’s wireless function

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Sony Gtk Xb72 Wireless

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The Sony XB72 is a great Bluetooth speaker with customizable RGB lights that can get pretty loud, making it suitable for parties. The speaker can be placed horizontally or vertically and has two built-in handles to help transport it, although this may be difficult for some users. It has a built-in telescopic antenna for its radio capabilities, and the Sony Music Center app has a graphical EQ and presets you can use to adjust the speaker’s sound to your liking. The app has shortcuts to music service apps like Spotify and Sony’s Fiestable app, which you can use to control the speaker’s additional entertainment features. Unfortunately, it struggles to reproduce the deep thump and low-bass rumble, and it’s not very portable since it’s not battery-powered.

The Sony XB72 is decent for music. With default settings enabled, it has a balanced midrange that ensures vocals and lead instruments remain clear and present in the mix. However, under-phase in the treble range can make vocals and higher-pitched instruments sound dull and hollow. It also lacks a bit of bass, so you can’t feel the depth

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