Sonus Faber Speakers Review


The headphones are quite comfortable, offering the right amount of a snug fit that won’t slip out during rigorous activity. The headphones themselves feature excellent sound quality with deep rich tones and crisp highs to go along with it all.

They also have an active noise cancelling technology which offers some great long lasting benefits when paired up with a bluetooth device for listening purposes immediately after receiving your headphones..

The headphones come in a nice case which will house the cord and earphones snugly.. You can’t go wrong with these! Highly recommended.

High Performance digital to analogue dac

Sonus Faber is a dac manufacturer based in Austria. Their dac’s are known for their high performance and excellent sound quality. Sonus Faber offers several models of dac’s, ranging from portable to desktop and all the way up to very high end dac’s that go over $100,000 (€92,400).

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I have even heard of some boutique dac’s costing more than $200,000 (€185,400) being made by Sonus Faber. Now I understand why these high end devices are priced that way! The Qvalent DAC series is the smallest and most affordable of their dac offerings at a price point around €1289 / NZ$1699 ($1339). The hardware has been designed by music lovers and audiophiles similar to myself.

Therefore they have put their multiyear experience into creating the best dac’s on the market regardless of size or pricepoint! Start-up problems don’t rear their ugly heads in this unit as it already comes with what is essentially a complete recording solution preinstalled (even though you get basic functionality out of the box).

This means that when you first fire up your computer and don’t experience any problems with it, frills like extra lookers and fancy features will not be offered. Being more limited in terms of features though at this price point there are a few things missing (vs $4000+ dacs.. i.e no internal USB-cable solution).

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For example you can only use one device/output simultaneously which is solved by simply plugging your icloud, phone or portable music player into the usb connection on the back.

The really big feature to look out for in this budget class is obviously its analogue line stage which offers a full spectrum of sound reproduction with very high accuracy, detail and transparency over larger than life sources or reference quality recordings (ie software based music that come via downloaded internet sites).

Stereo Amp

What a lovely amp! The sonus faber iis has superb tonality, character and speed. Its appearance is sublime too with a simple yet elegant design. Its sound doesn’t get in the way of musicality and its sonic characteristics should appeal to pretty much any music lover, although there are small signs that it might be less versatile than other amps for classical or jazz based material .

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It doesn’t provide such a wide range in terms of usage, but if you have the right music to fill it then there are no niggles. Just enjoy this warm amplifier and keep an eye on how changing some small settings like input impedance or relative channel output can influence your sound. This amp will impress anyone who steps into the room with even more focus than before.

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