Sonus Faber Speakers Review


Sonus Faber loudspeaker review is a loudspeaker that produces high-quality sound. The loudspeaker has been designed to provide better quality of sound than other speaker brands available in the market.

It is capable of providing excellent bass and clarity as well as rich, vibrant tones with great detail and depth. Although the loudspeaker might not be able to provide such intensity as a very expensive Bose system, it is capable of providing perfect sound quality in an affordable price range. It has been featured at International CES 2013 and was later shipped on August 2014.

The Loudspeaker provides excellent clarity with control that are required to make use out of this unit while ensuring loudness levels without drowning out surrounding sounds around you significantly or making yourself deaf from having music at levels that are too loud.

The Loudspeaker is made of very sturdy materials which were chosen to ensure good durability and consistency with the way the loudspeaker sounds while being in use over a long period of time without degradation.

The speaker uses an eight inch woofer grille, it has two bands on each side in order to generate sufficient power while being able –to produce detailed sound even if used against other sources or performers via stereo systems.

The loudspeaker has been reviewed by several famous critics which have provided very positive reviews about the speaker having performed better than many expensive classical music speakers and Bose systems for example although not delivered with those physicality that can be found in a well known high end product such as within a contract of home theatre system pre-production sold on various price range such as <$1000.

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Sonus Faber Loudspeakers overpriced, but distinctive . The Loudspeaker comes with a high-quality audio cable, transformer for powering the speaker and instructions where customer are to describe issues that customers come across during setup.

The Loudspeaker includes an option called mounting kit which helps you fasten to any 3/4″ loudspeakers and could be used especially since some models such as 4W3 have built in magnet so it may still attract dust or debris from time use ensuring adherence of these products in use.

The Loudspeaker comes with an option allowing the speaker to be operated on 120V, 220V or 240V range from a transformer that helps to power two loudspeakers simultaneously who are used over 220VA amplifier.

Deep bass

Sonus Faber acoustics is a Danish company that builds high-end audio equipment, such as loudspeakers and amplifiers. The designs are mainly based on wood veneers. They have not made many commercial products since they keep their sound quality very high by using conservatively chosen materials like basswood thus making them great for open studio performance or listening to music in one’s home while trying to save money.

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The first thing i noticed when i set the sonus faber sonetto SE in each position was that the weight distribution is far better than what i’ve heard from other companies for example, HD-Acoustics and Canton which tend to make their loudspeakers heavier on one side due to using thicker material.

That attraction of the lighter speaker really didnt affect me because this only mattered while traveling around our apartment and i could lift up the Sonus Faber SE easily without exerting a single bit effort.

However if you’re someone who likes to use the loudspeakers propped up on a stand while listening your music, this might not be possible because you’ll need at least two people to properly secure and lift up these speakers that can weigh as much as other brands with similar amount of drivers.

Sonus faber speaker

Sonus faber speakers great product. I’ve used in my home for more than 3 years and it still sound the same. Quality of sonus faber speaker was very good, easy to work with, beautiful design and has many functions that will bring you have a new life without cord hooked on your device which also makes it portable.

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The only thing that i would like is if there’s smaller version because i bought them for use in korea but as far as I know, It is iphone compatible . Well that’s just my opinion.

The product take some time to set up but after you got the idea how it should be and then there will never be a problem in using this wonderful speaker forevermore.

I love sonus faber: I am reviewing these speakers with perfect 5/5 because what i hear from press materials are so very close to about sound …..

i bought the Cajun mocha fabric and love the sound. Bass is solid…clears notes well….i can hear silence around me easily as i play piano or take care home problem with calling my parents in Greece from NY waterfront hotel calls are distinct and clear with no static.

Sonus Faber – an extraordinary product! I am very impressed by SONUS FABER satellites Perkotas L 000 which perfectly fit into the AN VERDE Subsidiary of the kitchen I was buying for my colleague.

They are certainly high in quality, a robust structure and attractive look! The relationship between them with beats by dre is perfect according to our passions! What surprised me most? Sonus Faber – an extraordinary product!, excellent visual equipment design … which shines brilliantly on almost any surface…

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