Sonos Roam Portable Speaker

Sonos Roam Portable Speaker – Sonos has a new speaker that starts shipping later this month, and it’s a significant departure from the company’s usual offerings in several ways. The new Sonos Roam is a compact and portable speaker with a built-in battery and Bluetooth connectivity, but it’s still a Sonos team player with Wi-Fi streaming, multi-room functionality, voice assistant support and amazing sound quality excellent .

The $169 Sonos Roam is really small, just over 6 inches, about 2.5 inches tall and deep. It weighs less than a pound and is available in a matte white or black finish, same for Sonos when it comes to color options. The Roam is also IP67 rated, meaning it is effectively waterproof with a resistance rating of up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter (3.3 feet).

Sonos Roam Portable Speaker

Sonos Roam Portable Speaker

Sonos has placed the speaker control surface on one end of the device, which includes a microphone button, volume controls, and a play/pause button. These are actual touch buttons, rather than touch surfaces like you’ll find on other Sonos speakers, which makes sense for a speaker designed to be used on the go and in conditions where the touch controls can be jostled by things like the rain and water

Sonos Roam Sl Vs Sonos Roam: What’s The Difference?

The Roam also has a power button on the back next to the USB-C port for charging. It also offers wireless charging via a receiver on the base of the speaker, which can be used with the upcoming Sonos Magnetic Charging Adapter (sold separately) or any standard Qi wireless charger of your choice.

In addition to Wi-Fi streaming, Sonos Roam can also connect to any device via Bluetooth 5.0. It also includes AirPlay 2 for connecting to Apple devices when connected to Wi-Fi and works out of the box with Spotify Connect. The built-in battery is capable of up to 10 hours of playback on a full charge, according to Sonos, and can also provide up to 10 days of sleep-like standby.

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This is the smallest speaker Sonos has released to date, and it’s definitely a big plus when it comes to this category of device. The dimensions make it feel like a slightly taller can of Red Bull, which should give you an idea of ​​how portable it is. Unlike Sonos’ first portable speaker with a built-in battery, the Sonos Move, the Roam really feels like something designed to be thrown into your bag and taken wherever you need it.

Despite its small size, the Sonos Roam delivers impressive sound, probably the best I’ve found for a portable speaker in its size class. Inside, it managed to pack dual amplifiers, a single tweeter, and a separate custom racing mid-bass driver that Sonos developed to help deliver lows and mids with a fidelity that typically eludes smaller speakers. The Roam is also much louder than you’d probably expect, while still maintaining a clean, undistorted sound quality.

Sonos Roam Wireless Charger

One of the keys to Roam’s great sound quality is Sonos Automatic Trueplay technology, which actively and continuously adjusts the sound to better suit your environment. This feature requires the microphone to work, but it’s worth having in most setups and makes a big difference when streaming in both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modes. This also helps the speaker adjust when changing from landscape to portrait orientation, and is one of the main reasons why the Roam punches above its weight compared to other speakers in this size and price range.

The Roam would be the winner on sound quality alone for the price, but the other Sonos-specific features it has really elevate it to a true class leader. These include a standby mode that conserves battery while keeping Roam available to your system for Wi-Fi streaming via the Sonos app (handy and also optional, as you can hold down the power button for five seconds to turn off and maintain charge throughout). longer, which is ideal for travel).

One of Roam’s truly amazing capabilities is the delivery feature, which after long-pressing the play/pause button will play whatever you’re listening to on the closest Sonos speaker to your system. It works almost like a charm and is a great speaker superpower if you’re out and about around the house and garden running errands with the Roam in your pocket.

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Sonos Roam Portable Speaker

Sonos waited a long time to release its first travel-friendly portable speaker, but they’ve obviously used their time wisely. The Sonos Roam is the most well-designed, feature-rich, and best-sounding portable speaker you can get for under $200 (and better than many more expensive options). Even if you don’t have a Sonos system to use yet, it’s an easy choice if you’re looking for a portable and rugged Bluetooth speaker, and if you’re already switching to Sonos, the decision is that much more important. . simpler.Circles.Life launches eSIM data roaming subscription starting at AU$10 per month Apple increases Apple Music and Apple TV+ prices in Singapore

Sonos Roam Review: The Portable Speaker You’ll Want To Use At Home Too

When Sonos first introduced the Move portable speaker a while back, we didn’t expect the company to go a little smaller with its new Sonos Roam, which launched earlier this year.

The Roam is a compact and portable speaker that, on paper at least, comes with a pretty impressive list of features. For starters, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity lets you stream your favorite tunes from your phone on the go, while at home with Wi-Fi, it seamlessly integrates as part of your existing Sonos multi-room system if you have one It’s pretty rugged and looks capable of taking some outdoor punishment as it has IP67 dust and water resistance. Other features include wireless charging (via an optional dock), support for Apple Airplay 2 and Roam, and it even doubles as a smart speaker with support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

As portable speakers go, it’s clear that the Roam packs a punch in terms of specs, which makes the $299 asking price (at first release) reasonable.

Historically, Sonos hasn’t been very adventurous when it comes to its colorful products, and the Roam is no different. It is available in two safe colors, Shadow black and Lunar white. As you can see, our review unit came first. It retains the familiar Sonos aesthetic of an all-encompassing speaker enclosure with hundreds of tiny holes. At the same time, the Roam is shaped like a triangular tube, which allows it to project sound forwards and upwards when placed horizontally. It’s worth noting that despite the speaker grill around it, the Roam doesn’t project sound in all directions.

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Sonos Roam Review: The Best Portable Smart Speaker Yet

Size-wise, the Roam isn’t much bigger (or heavier) than a small water bottle, and the closest thing I can think of is a 6-inch Subway sandwich. Weighing in at 430g, it’s lightweight and can be tossed in your backpack without much trouble or even attached to your bike, so you can listen to your music while riding Park Connector Networks around Singapore.

Sonos notes that the Roam is the first in its line of speakers with an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. While this spec means the Roam is rated to survive up to 30 minutes when submerged to a depth of one metre, in practice use in the shower shouldn’t be a problem, and if you’re going to the pool or on the beach from time to time there is less. of a concern for damage caused for example a leaking bottle in the bag, splashed water or even sand everywhere.

Although the device fits easily in the hand, the metal grille of the speaker can slip when wet. Both ends of the speaker include rubber plugs that give the Roam a bit of sturdiness. Of course, while it’s likely to be able to withstand the occasional drop or three, metal bits are prone to chips, scratches and dents.

Sonos Roam Portable Speaker

Under one of the rubber covers are Roam’s control buttons; Tactile buttons are easy to feel and actuate. There are the usual buttons to control play/pause and track playback. The end caps are also designed so you can put the Roam on either end without worrying about accidentally pressing the button.

Sonos Roam Review

There’s also another button to turn on (or mute) the built-in microphones that Sonos uses to bring voice assistant features to the Roam, whether you’re into Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa (which you can set up via the app). The microphones pick up voice commands quite well, but the speakerphone feature is missing, which would be nice to have for times like these when we’re passing

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