Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker

Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker – Sonos has released its first portable speaker with a built-in battery: the $399 Sonos Move, which will begin shipping to customers on September 24. After spending a few days with the Move, I can confidently say that it delivers everything perfectly. Sonos wireless audio system, but with all the added benefits of a speaker, you can move freely around the house – or take it with you on the road.

The Sonos Move isn’t a small speaker—it’s about 6.61 pounds and measures roughly 10 inches tall by 6.3 inches wide and just under 5 inches deep. If you’re expecting it to be the same size as the Sonos One, you’re in for a shock, because as you can see in the photo below, it’s a bit bigger.

Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker

Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker

Also, the Sonos Move isn’t just a Sonos One stacked on top of a big battery and wrapped in a new outer shell — the company told me it’s a new design on the inside, too. The company started designing a different speaker because the Move is adaptable to different uses compared to the One, as it is designed to be used in all environments, even outdoors.

Sonos Move Black(authentic), Audio, Soundbars, Speakers & Amplifiers On Carousell

The result is a speaker that manages to be a bit boomier than the Sonos One, with deeper bass that feels like it has to compete with a lot more ambient noise. The sound profile is also helped by a downward-firing tweeter that is used to create a wide soundstage for the Move, which in practice means it does a great job of evenly playing music in a dispersed group, for example. . , picnic or fire.

Inside and out, the Sonos Move delivers the quality sound you’d expect from any Sonos device, and it sounded nearly as impressive in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modes in my testing, though the Wi -Fi has the advantage. In terms of quality, you can also pair two Moves for true stereo sound, though since I only had one review device available, I wasn’t able to test it.

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The main feature of Move is the ability to move and work with batteries, and for this reason, it offers two different connection modes. You can use it as a standard Wi-Fi Sonos speaker, connect it to your Sonos account, and it will appear in your Sonos app like any other speaker from the company, which you can group and control as usual.

In Bluetooth mode, you pair it directly with the device you want to play music from, just like any other Bluetooth speaker. A button on the back toggles modes, and the first time you switch to Bluetooth, the Move automatically enters pairing mode, making connecting your phone super easy. I was up and running on Bluetooth in just a few minutes.

The Sonos Move Is More Than A Bluetooth Speaker

A convenient integrated handle sits on the back of the Move just above the Sonos system’s pairing, power, and connection buttons. It’s one of the highlights of the design, and because it’s part of the outer shell, it should be rock solid in terms of durability. Overall, the device feels incredibly solidly built as well, and Sonos touts it as a weather- and shock-resistant speaker that isn’t afraid to take a load or endure a light rain. .

In Bluetooth mode, you won’t have access to Alexa or Google Assistant, even if you’ve set them up on the Move to work with your home system. If you’ve done this or it appears in the Sonos app to control multiple rooms, it won’t work in a stereo pair with another Sonos. But at home, you can use Wi-Fi mode while moving around the house or yard and still enjoy it all. While you’re out and about, you’ll likely just want a basic wireless speaker anyway, so not having access to these features via Bluetooth doesn’t really affect usability.

During my testing, the wireless connection was consistent in both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modes, with no drops or stutters. Even putting aside the looks of the Sonos speaker, this speaker is probably the best weatherproof Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever tried, in this or any price range.

Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker

Sonos Move also has built-in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, both virtual assistants that are also available in Sonos Beam and Sonos One. The built-in far-field microphones are great for picking up voice commands, and if you’ve already used one of those assistants on other Sonos hardware, you’ll get the same great experience here — as long as it’s over Wi-Fi and not Bluetooth, as which was mentioned above.

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New Sonos Move Blk Sonos Move Smart Speaker Bluetooth/airplay2/wi Fi F Sh

Sonos has added a new trick to the Sonos Move with built-in microphones for use with these voice assistants as well: Auto Trueplay. This is a version of its Trueplay volume tuning feature, which is included in other Sonos speakers. Normally, however, you have to do this process manually using your smartphone’s microphone to evaluate the sound. Sonos Move uses its microphones to auto-tune — and it does so constantly, changing the sound profile to match your space when you move it from room to room, or even outside.

In actual use, the effect is subtle, as it should be, as the sound adapts over time. But I found it undeniably made a difference, and listening to the same song first after relocating the Move and then after some time (I tried it for an hour or so) produced clear benefits in terms of sound. from movement listen second

Sonos has done a great job with everything related to its first battery powered speaker. The internal power supply is rated for up to 10 hours of continuous playback according to the company, and in my testing I actually got north of that, but of course your mileage will vary depending on your connection. To use and at what volume the music will be played.

Charging is done in two ways, which is a great fit that suits the Move’s dual nature as a Sonos network speaker and a portable audio device. The charging base is inside the box, which you can see above. It has metal contacts that deliver power through the connection points on the back of the Move, while providing an attractive and stable base for use in your Move’s more permanent location.

Sonos Unveils Move, Its First Bluetooth Speaker With Airplay 2, 10 Hour Battery, More

Then there’s a standard USB-C port on the base above the charging contacts, which is great for when you’re on the road, or if you’re just using it outside but it’s close to an external outlet and you’re not using it. have. I have no particular desire to move the load base. This is another example of how Movement can do double duty with smart design elements that require no compromises on the part of the user.

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The Sonos Move is unlike any other speaker in the Sonos line. It plays well with the rest, but only to a point: the Move can’t act as rear satellite speakers or pair with a Sonos Sub, for example, something the rest of the line can all manage. Sonos says this is because the speaker is designed to move around the home, so it doesn’t make sense to connect it to a more permanent installation, such as a home theater or sub-arrangement.

That said, it’s a solid choice as an addition to an existing Sonos network or as your first Sonos device. First off, it’s the perfect way to add a Sonos patio-compatible speaker to your setup without having to drill holes in walls or call home installers. In the latter case, it’s a great wireless speaker that you really need because it can follow you around the house, adjust its volume, and even fit it in the car for road trips or a day at the beach.

Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker

At $399, the Sonos Move is definitely expensive for a Bluetooth speaker or wireless smart home speaker. But when you consider that it’s both, with all-day battery life on a single charge, smart audio designed to ensure better sound wherever you use it, and the ability to pair your stereo and work with other Sonos devices on Desired form is set. . If you want to expand your setup later, it feels like a lot more affordable — especially when sized up against similarly priced speakers that don’t have half these features, like Apple’s HomePod. Sonos One and Play:5, and is a great replacement for the Play:3 that was discontinued earlier this year.

Sonos Move Vs. Bose Portable Home Speaker: Which Portable Smart Speaker Wins?

Until now, all Sonos speakers have relied entirely on a fixed WiFi connection. From music outside in the garden, at the beach or maybe in the park, you can’t always rely on WiFi or a power outlet.

With this in mind, Sonos Sonos Move and

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