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Sonos Might Be Planning For A New Satellite Speaker For Playbar

Before diving into the main topic of this post, let’s start with a brief discussion of Sonos. Sonos is meant to all the music you prefer. You could stream over 50 music services and also easily manage all of your preferred music in the Sonos application. Sonos also plays the role of brilliant surrounding speakers. As a result, you could fill your home with crystal-clear and rich sound for TV, music, video games, films, audiobooks, podcasts, radio, and so forth. Sonos is applicable to for each and every room of your home. You are free to play a film in your living room, a song in kid’s room and a podcast in your kitchen. Alternatively, you could play the same thing all around your entire home.

And now let’s start the discussion on the main topic of today. According to a new FCC filling from Sonos, this particular company is going to develop a new satellite speaker for working in amalgamation with its already-present Playbar soundbar. Initially, the filing had been discovered by another platform that had expressed that the specific satellite speaker could come out with true surround sound along with the voice control, such as Alexa support to the particular Playbar. Further details are sporadic at this point and it’s always the case with FCC filings. And moreover, it’s not clear that whenever the S18 satellite speaker might get available or what would be its price. Anyway, Sonos didn’t respond anything on the filing whenever asked by a platform. At present, you can easily set up surround sound with the help of its Playbar by making use of two Sonos One, Play:1, Play:3 or Play:5 speakers in the amalgamation of the Playbar. And with this in mind, it is a little bit unclear what benefit the S18 is going to offer. It is possible that Sonos aims at the price with S18 by moving its surround sound capabilities more downmarket.

The Sonos Playbar had started its journey in the year 2013 and since then, it has been followed up by more budget-friendly Sonos Beam. The brilliantly-designed Beam is able to integrate Alexa voice control; however, it doesn’t offer the same quality of sound as the Playbar. The Playbar is still sold by Sonos for $699, as compared to the Beam’s $399. With the addition of the updated surround sound support with new satellite speakers to the particular Playbar might bring new life into the product with Alexa and more.

Smart speaker manufacturer Sonos might be readying a satellite speaker for bringing true surround sound along with the voice control to its Playbar soundbar, in case a new FCC filing expresses any sort of indication. A number of equipment pieces that are used in the purpose of testing the new device also include a mention of the existing Playbar of the company in the form of a “master device,” and it also describes as a “wireless smart speaker (right).” Actually, the new device had been tested in the amalgamation with the Playbar and it suggests that it’s used as a satellite speaker within a home theater setup.

Likewise, all the recent Sonos products, the Beam comprises of microphones targeted to far-field voice control and it’s something that the original Playbar doesn’t provide. With the addition of smart satellite speakers to the respective line-up, Sonos could enable Playbar owners to have surround sound and voice control to the setups of their home theatre. Addition of another product for Playbar owners to the line-up is going to be a good match for the business model of the company that heavily relies on repeat buyers. And in its fiscal year of 2017, Sonos had sold 38% of its devices to customers who already have at least one of their products. To know more about Sonos and its features, you can contact their customer care team.

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