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Sonos is making replacement of the Sonos One with a more Capable and Faster Version

If you’re going to purchase one of the Sonos devices, then you’d be glad to know that Sonos is replacing the Sonos One with a faster and more competent version. So, follow the post below to know more about this.

First, let’s discuss a little bit about the Sonos One device. Actually, Sonos One is an incredibly smart speaker with a mesmerizing appearance. It shares the design similarities with the Play:1 speaker, which is the smallest device of the company. The users of the Sonos One would need to hold an available plug socket wherever they are going to place it. Moreover, this particular device needs constant power. However, it’s not a portable device but its size indicates it could be. In spite of its similar dimensions and design, the incredible Sonos One has come with an entirely varied top to the Play:1. Instead of the physical Play/Pause as well as volume buttons, the mesmerizing Sonos One features capacitive touch controls with the resemblance of the Sonos Play:5, Sonos Playbase as well as the latest Sonos Beam. The top part is actually fully flat instead of indented as the Play:1, for a beautiful cleaner design as a whole. Nonetheless, there’s also a Play/Pause button placed at the middle of the control pad of the Sonos One along with a slim LED status light placed above along with a volume controls on each side, visually connected with the help of a circle of dots. The microphone icon button is there above the circle of dots and it has made this particular speaker to make a prominent presence from other Sonos line-up devices. The users of this device can turn the microphone button on and off. While it’s on, a light placed on the top part of the respective circle of dots will start lighting up. That means users can easily understand when it’s on and keep on listening.

The Sonos logo is there at the front part of the respective device and within the plastic segment. It’s either matte white or matte black based upon your choice. As opposed to the Play:1, the speaker grille of the One has now got the same color just as the top, instead of being metallic. That means it holds a more seamless finish. And it has also tied in the Sonos One device with the newer Sonos range. And at the back part of this device, the pairing button is present, accompanied by an Ethernet port; however, no mounting screw hole is there with the Play:1.

What about the more capable and faster Sonos One Version?

From March 7th, Sonos might have started selling an incredibly new version of Sonos One smart speaker along with its improved internals. The incredibly-designed, new “Gen 2” model include Bluetooth Low Energy, more memory in comparison with the actual Sonos One, and a faster processor. Albeit external design is intact, the revamped model has acquired exclusively new features. Actually, Sonos One Gen 2 released quietly along with Bluetooth Low Energy as well as the new processor. An interesting fact is that the sound, design, and price remain exactly the same. The brilliantly-designed Sonos One is among the best smart speakers available in the market. But now a good thing has become even better because Sonos is going to launch a bit upgraded version as the Sonos One Gen 2. In case you’re already having a present Sonos One device, you don’t need to worry about upgrading. The speaker quality along with the design of the Gen 2 remains completely the same as the former one. Rather, Sonos is concentrating on designing a little bit smaller internal changes. The Sonos One Gen 2 has now come with Bluetooth Low Energy, a newer processor, and more memory. These might not hugely influence anything while it comes to day-to-day utilization. However, it’d be helpful in maintaining the respective speaker as better futureproofed with the passage of time. According to Sonos, both of the versions of the Sonos One device are going to receive software updates to maintain the reliability as well as add new features. If you want to know more about this version, kindly contact the Sonos customer care.

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