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Sonos has added another hi-fi music streaming option in the US

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If you’re a fan of Sonos, then you need to be updated with the news that Sonos adds another incredible hi-fi music streaming option in the US.

Those days have become history whenever a hi-fi system or music had been limited to one room only and obstructed by cables. Now, you can easily stream your favorite music from different types of devices, such as laptop, smartphone, NAS drive- for multiplying speakers throughout the home by making use of a wireless connection. Albeit, a number of manufacturers are providing this particular multi-room experience; however, the US Company Sonos has been leading the way with its incredible system. The incredibly-designed Sonos wireless sound system performs its work by making a connection to one single speaker to the respective home network. The next step is to add more Sonos devices a maximum of 32, present throughout the house into the mix by making use of a separate secure wireless mesh network, called Sonosnet. That particular network is part and parcel to the manner with which multi-room speakers of Sonos operate. It signifies it is a more powerful, more robust, and it is not susceptible to dropouts in times of streaming music.

The brilliantly-designed Sonos Controller application is available for both iOS and Android platforms. And it will help you in going through the entire setup process; however, it has a requirement of a little more than only pressing the sync button of the respective speaker for connecting them to the particular network as well as other Sonos speakers, discovering the connected speaker on the particular application and filling out details like your Wi-Fi password. The process is really very simple. Moreover, this easy-to-use and slick Controller application have made regular utilization even easier. Within the application, you can easily assign each and every speaker to a room of your home. You can also programme it so as to control the volume through the standard of your TV. And it’s also possible to add your preferred streaming services. The particular application is able to recognize which of the speakers that you are utilizing and within which room you’re making use of it. Addition of other speakers is very simple. Just you need to tap in the application for adding a new speaker, pressing the respective sync button on the backside and that’s it. And it is the smoothest multi-room set-up.

The present listings of Sonos products are Playbase and Sub, the Play:1  as well as Play:5 wireless speakers, the Sonos One smart speaker, accompanied by Alexa voice control, the Playbar, and Sonos Beam soundbar.

The incredibly-designed Sonos Controller application is a significant segment of the system’s beauty. When you go through the setup process, it’s where you could easily control each and every aspect of the respective Sonos product and also you can access your complete music library. Sonos Beam is the latest addition to the family of Sonos. This smaller soundbar is definitely among the nest sound-per-pound devices that Sonos has developed. Vast and spacious scale, clear dialogue, and thick weight- all of these features have amalgamated to deliver a great performance.

Now, let’s proceed towards the news:

In case you are the owner of a Sonos device in the US and if you’re very much interested in listening to high-quality music, you’d be happy to know that for you another incredible streaming option is available via the Sonos application. Qobuz is a brilliant French streaming service that has arrived stateside the last month and now it has been integrated with the platform of Sonos. Owing to the $20/month Hi-Fi plan, the members of Qobuz are capable of streaming CD-quality music at about 1411 kbps (typically MP3 quality is 320kbps). In case you hold a subscription, you’d be capable of accessing music from the service via the Sonos help application. Moreover, you’d be capable of finding out Qobuz’s library, listening to playlists, discovering new tunes as well as artists, and adding the Qobuz favorites to the respective Sonos favorites. Another important point is that the appearance of Qobuz has expanded the count of available high-quality streaming options via the Sonos application, including Tidal.

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