Skullcandy Bluetooth Speaker

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We have tried many Skullcandy products and we are very impressed with what we have seen and heard. They now have a new speaker device called the Barricade, and they come in three sizes: small, medium and large. They have a solid design and are advertised for indoor and outdoor use. We have shipped the largest of the three models, the Barricade XL, so check it out.

Skullcandy Bluetooth Speaker

Skullcandy Bluetooth Speaker

The first impression is very good. As always, the packaging is in place. It’s a big and heavy box, but it looks great and highlights all the speaker features. Inside the box is a speaker and a USB cable for charging the speaker.

Skullcandy Barricade Xl Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker, Gray/hot Lime N5 Free Image Download

Take the speaker out of the box and it looks a bit blurry, but I think it should be able to withstand the outside. It is also the largest model that Skullcandy offers, so if size is a real concern, a smaller option might be good for you. I would not consider it a big speaker, but it is still portable in my opinion. With the exception of its beautiful stainless steel grille, the speakers are surrounded by a thick, long-lasting rubber exterior. The speaker control buttons are located at the top and are a traditional “push” to use the buttons. Buttons include on / off, play / pause, volume up / down, track switch, plus connect buttons. There is a rubber cover on the side of the speaker and below that is an additional input / output port for microphone playback, a micro USB for charging and a normal USB port for charging external devices.

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Therefore, the speakers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use with a durable construction, it is waterproof and IPX7 waterproof. It can be fully submerged in water up to 3 feet deep and is designed to float back to the surface. Wow!

Speakers allow multiple users to control the speakers at the same time, and you and your friends can switch to your favorite tunes on your phone. You can also connect multiple speakers wirelessly or wirelessly and allow you to charge your phone while playing music. I’m sure this last feature will reduce battery life a bit, but it was a good idea and the first time I heard about it. It also allows you to connect a Bluetooth device up to 33 feet and has a battery life of 10 hours.

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Using the speakers is very simple and matching them is the same as any other speaker. Turn on Bluetooth on your device Turn on the speaker, press the connect button, wait for the speaker to appear on your Bluetooth device, and pair both. The buttons are responsive and easy to use. Speaker sound quality is very good. It provides a well-balanced sound with good bass volume. It can be loud but maintains its high quality, which means that this speaker is good for a medium sized room and can control the party atmosphere in my opinion. Unfortunately I only have one speaker, but I think it will enhance the experience if you can match it with another device.

Audio Clearance Skullcandy Barricade

Thinking of destroying the speaker, I had to put it in water to see if it was waterproof…! I put it in a large water tank and the speakers continue to work. It is very powerful and every time I push the speaker under water, it immediately rises to the surface. As expected, if you remove the speaker from the water, the sound quality and volume will drop significantly and will not return until the water in the furnace / burner is removed or dried. Be careful to make sure that the rubber on the side is completely closed as it is a bit difficult to close, otherwise water will flow into the port and be damaged.

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The speakers are currently priced at £ 99.99 and I think that is a reasonable price for what you get. There are similar speakers on the market that work better or slightly better, but only for home use, so if you need something for both indoor and outdoor use, this is for you. The only negative thing I have is because the exterior is rubbery which it clearly shows and causes scratches / damage that the speaker gets.

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