Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

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Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

With a solid foundation for future designs, Sharp has to deal with massive bass and speaker distortion before bringing something amazing to the table.

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Having been around for years, Sharp has treated us with its GX-BT7 wireless Bluetooth speaker, a product designed to mark a new occasion. Although Sharp has been around for a long time, microwave ovens, televisions and VCR players are what immediately come to mind when thinking of this great company, now it seems that the push is being seen in the area of ​​audio.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

Although it’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker, it’s powered by the wall, so it’s not overly portable. However, due to the price range and market position, in this review I will compare it with similarly priced Bluetooth models that include a battery. Read on to find out if Sharp’s push into the audio market has been led by good speakers.

Two “front speakers” plus two subwoofers work at 5W + 5W and 10W RMS, respectively. These speakers are 2″ and 3-1/8″ in size and are rated at 3 ohms and 6 ohms respectively. Powered by a wall outlet, this speaker isn’t portable (it’s not sold as such), but it’s something to consider when you’re taking it on your own.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

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Offering USB, Bluetooth and 3.5mm connectivity options, USB input options include FAT 16/32 format USB sticks and MP3 and WMA playback. Bluetooth is listed as 2.1, and the AUX input is the 3.5mm option that you often see.

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Weighing in at 6 pounds, this product is not light. This extra weight may be the result of an expansion of the speaker design, including blue LED lights, multiple speakers and other internal components. Surprisingly, this 336mm x 155mm x 154mm product draws 21W of AC power when in use, as it consumes only 0.4W in standby mode.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

Coming in at $110 with free shipping on Amazon, this speaker will be considered alongside the top portable Bluetooth offerings. This price isn’t asking much for a durable housing, but for $110, we expect decent sound quality, especially when Etekcity’s sub-$30 products have already impressed us in 2015.

Sharp Powered By Onkyo Portable Rechargeable Wireless Speaker Gx Bt180bl/gxbt180 Gx Bt180

There is no short answer here. Sharp hasn’t thrown much in the box other than proper packaging.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

. However, this speaker comes with two NFC tags, an iPad stand (not sure why) and some manuals. To be fair, there’s not much more that could be thrown in here, but seeing as AUX 3.5mm is an option, a cable for that could be a start.

Since the product is heavy and bulky, you will definitely need to find a permanent place to store it. The design is quite solid, and the nature of the speaker extension is smooth and the LED light is bright. It is well placed on the table (despite the cylindrical design) and the product does not play songs that bounce off the table.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

Sharp Ht Sbw110 2.1 Soundbar, 180w Slim Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar With Wired Subwoofer For Tv With Hdmi Arc /cec, Aux And Digital Optical In, Wall Mount Or Table Top Sound Bar

All that said, the shell feels like it’s made of cheap plastic; be careful hitting this thing on the table, it’s unlikely to make it come alive.

Thanks to having walls, this device can pump out very loud sounds. However, this first part of the test helps reveal a major flaw that I believe is ruining the product as a whole. High-quality products, when played at full volume, will have no speaker distortion, meaning that the internal components are properly tuned so that they are not overwhelmed by the speakers. The GX-BT7 falls short here, with volumes over 90% distorting the speakers too much to make me nervous.

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Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

On the plus side, there is no bass to shake the product frame and the only thing that moves is my desk shaking as every bass hit hits Flume Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle’s remix of You & Me.

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Bass is another source of disappointment. Despite having a dedicated subwoofer and being marketed as bass-heavy, the pumped-out beats are very hollow. You can hear that the bass is present, and the speakers try to play my songs, but in the end, the bass sounds empty and hollow. It won’t play windows, but it’s still fine for a casual family BBQ or something where bass isn’t too much of a concern.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

The buttons feel great, as does the built-in remote, they’re both responsive and easy to understand – a huge advantage over many Bluetooth competitors.

The 2.1 channel speakers promise great bass but it’s something that doesn’t happen. Moving on to other genres of music, the GX-BT7 will be able to regain respectability.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

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One of the best songs I’ve had to test the fullness and low end of the speaker lately is Alabama Shakes’ ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’; however, the need for strong clarity at the outset is something that drives any speaker. its limits

Clarity was sharp and you’d certainly expect it from a $100+ product, it’s just a shame that the low quality included in the bridge translates to a disappointing audio output.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

Listening to the intro to Duke Dumont’s ‘Won’t Look Back’ provides great clarity while reflecting many of the bass issues. The strong, unrelenting bass on this track causes these drivers a lot of trouble, especially when it’s turned up loud. With the sound almost muted, I couldn’t hear any loud noise introduced by Bluetooth, which is a sign of quality engineering.

Sharper Image Sbt635 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The last one was ‘End of Heartache’ by Killswitch Engage, with many other songs as mentioned above.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

Sturdy and stylish: It looks great, although the protruding speakers can be an annoying gimmick in everyday use. It is also very convenient; you don’t expect to fall on the bench without much support.

Size: Very large. If you are young or a student (who often buy these products), chances are you will have trouble fitting in anywhere.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

Review: Sharp Gx Bt 180 Portable…

Distortion: Turning this speaker up to more than 90% will ensure that the internal drivers will fight against a full power supply, severely distorting and hurting your ears.

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This speaker produces really bad sound, but that’s also a big problem. If you beat the internal speakers, the sound will distort the song you are playing by more than 90%.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

This unit is wide, heavy, and for $110, you’re better off looking at something like the Sound Blaster Roar, Braven BRV-X or 805, or LUXA2 Groovy Duo. Although the speakers are solid and the LEDs look good, Sharp needs to rework the distortion, weight, size and bass issues before it can become a serious contender on the scene. Finally, the sounds of turning on and off are loud enough to hurt my ears; I could turn it off.

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The bottom line: With a solid foundation for future designs, Sharp needs to deal with serious bass and speaker distortion before it can bring something amazing to the table.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

I am a competitive gamer and was an eSports employee. Recent changes have led me to hang up my mouse and delve into the tech world, which covers everything from gaming news to new tech reviews and publications. I look forward to seeing several different articles on international eSports news and competitive gaming releases, as well as audio and mobile content.

We openly invite review samples / companies mentioned or discussed to give their opinion. If a company representative wants to respond, we will post the response here. Please contact us if you would like to respond. So we announced earlier that Sharp had come out with a range of wireless speakers which we have covered here. So Sharp brought the GX-BT 480 – £129.99, GX-BT 280 – £69.99 and GX-BT 180 – £54.99.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

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In this review, we cover the smallest of the 3, the GX-BT 180. This speaker now comes in 3 colors: red, black, and for this review, we have the blue version.

At first glance, this speaker looks great and fits in your bag because it’s small, but don’t be put off by the size of this speaker. The speaker weighs only 240g, so it’s a great accessory when you’re on the go. You also get a loop attachment so you can keep it in a beach bag ready for a day.

Sharper Image Wireless Speaker Review

The speaker grill design surrounds almost the entire speaker with a rubber edge on each side of the speaker. On the front of the speaker you have volume controls in the style of a pause and release button and you also have a play icon that doubles as play/pause.

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