Sam’s Club Outdoor Speakers

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If you’ve been considering a Sam’s Club membership so you can shop in bulk, now’s the time to sign up. The warehouse retailer is offering its Club membership for just $8 now through June 26. It’s normally $45, so that’s a big discount off the regular price!

Sam’s Club Outdoor Speakers

Sam's Club Outdoor Speakers

The limited-time offer can only be redeemed in person at all Sam’s Club locations, so you can’t register online. Once you register at the store, you can start shopping right away.

Gemini Sound Gsp L2200pk Powered Speaker With Bluetooth & Party Lights

Once you sign up — or if you already have a subscription — you’ll find some Fourth of July sales over the holiday weekend. Deals include $80 off this Timber Ridge 6-Person Glamping Tent, $50 off this Ukiah Bluetooth Tabletop Fire Speaker, $20 off this Member’s Mark Paradise Island Float, $50 off this Mark 80 Quart Stainless Steel Cooler with Cover, and more.

The grill features a fully insulated lid and firebox for all-season cooking and 3-tier heavy-duty porcelain-coated cooking grates for durability and easy cleaning. It also comes with a large LED PID digital controller with set temperature, timer, dual meat sensor temperature readout and basic functionality.

If you prefer a gas grill, you can save $125 on this Member’s Mark Pro Series 4-Burner Gas Grill.

You’ll save $50 on this Wow Sports Floating Island Slide and Water Walk. Normally $250, $200 now through July 4th.

New And Notable: Air Fryer, Smart Tv, Speakers And More

The giant floating island has a 9 x 6 x 4 foot slide that slides over a floating 10 x 6 foot platform. The water playground accommodates up to six children or adults to play, relax or slide.

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The composite design of the float means you can slide down the waterway and slide, and has two pieces that can be used separately in the pool or water.

This Backyard Discovery Saxony Cedar Grill Gazebo costs $974 (if you install it yourself), a savings of $225.

Sam's Club Outdoor Speakers

Made of durable cedar with a rust-resistant steel roof, it fits any grill up to about 70 inches wide. It also features two built-in powder-coated steel countertops for serving or preparing food, and USB ports and power outlets to use for blenders, tools, speakers, lights and more.

Qfx Twin Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, 8 Inch Tall, Includes 2 Stands And 2 Microphones, Black

If you’re looking for a unique dining set, this Member Mark Lakemont 7-Piece Shuffleboard Dining Set has over 4,000 square inches of living/dining space, but when you’re done eating, it transforms into a 9.5-foot weatherproof shuffleboard. Playground or mini bowling set.

All the shuffleboard and bowling accessories you need are included—eight two-color shuffleboards, ladder system, Super Swing Walks, brush, table, 10 pins, bowling rack, and bowling balls.

If you don’t already have a Sam’s Club membership, be sure to take advantage of this deal before it ends on June 26th!

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Sam’s Club Rock Speakers Clearance Sales, 59% Off

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Sam's Club Outdoor Speakers

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Pallets – 43 PCs – Speakers, Media Streamers (IPTV) – Damaged / Missing Components / Tested Not Working – Roku, Onn, Sony, Philips USD $256.39 Buy Now USD $4,991.92 Ends USD $4,991.92 MSRP Mixed Quantity: 43 1 Ships from Benton, AR

Pallets – 30pcs – Speakers – Damaged / Missing Parts / Tested Not Working – Philips, LG, Samsung, VIZIO USD $252.39 Buy Now USD $6,265.57 Ends Non-Working Quantity: 30 1 Pallet (428) Shipped To: Bentonville

Tray – 32 PCs – Media Stream Players (IPTV), DVD & Blu-ray Players – Damaged / Missing Parts / Not Working Tested – Roku, Samsung, Sylvania, Philips USD $159.05 Buy Now USD $4 Expires, 343.46 Required Cost: Not Working 32 1 Board (272) Ships to: Bentonville, AR

Pallets – 27pcs – Speakers, Media Streamers (IPTV) – Damaged / Missing Parts / Tested Not Working – Samsung, VIZIO, Onn, Roku USD $242.83 Buy Now USD $5,884.53 MSRP Not Working Size: 247 1 pallet from Bentonville, AR

Sonos Wireless Speakers And Home Sound Systems

Pallet – 35 PCs – Speakers, Media Streamers (IPTV) – Damaged / Missing Parts / Tested Not Working – Roku, VIZIO, Samsung, LG USD $237.83 Buy Now USD $5, 633.33 MSRP Not Working Size: 35 1 Pallet (0) Ship: Bentonville, AR

Pallets – 22 pcs – DVD & Blu-ray Players, Speakers – Damaged / Missing Parts / Tested Not Working – Roku, RCA, Samsung, On USD $115.58 Buy Now USD $3, 311.61 Required Price Not Working Quantity: 22 263 Pallet ( ) Ships to: Bentonville, AR

Pallet – 8 pcs – Speakers – Damaged / Missing Parts / Not Tested – Samsung, Klipsch, Monster, Blackweb USD $60.35 Buy Now $1,939.92 MSRP Not Working Size: 8 1 Pallet (195) Ships from : Bentonville, AR

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Sam's Club Outdoor Speakers

Pallets – 19 pcs – Speakers – Damaged / Missing Parts / Tested Not Working – Onn, VIZIO, Samsung, LG USD $143.38 Buy Now USD $3,722.78 MSRP Not Working Size: 19 1 Pallet (358) Ships from:AR

External Tv Speakers

Pallets – 19 pcs – Speakers, Media Streamers (IPTV) – Damaged / Missing Parts / Tested Not Working – VIZIO, Klipsch, Roku, Samsung USD $125.63 Buy Now USD $3, 291.10 MSRP Not Working Size: 19 12pallet Ship from: Bentonville, AR

Tray – 29 pcs – Speakers, DVD & Blu-ray Players – Tested Damaged / Missing Parts / Not Working – LG, Philips, ON, VIZIO USD 180.13 USD Buy Now USD $4,957.42 Expires USD $4,957.42 Required Cost Not Working Qty : 29 (315 ) from: Bentonville, AR

Pallet – 19 pcs – Boxed Speakers Home Theater – Damaged / Missing Components / Not Working Tested – On, Vizio, LG, Bose USD $127.21 Buy Now USD $3,997.60 Ends USD $3,997.60 Required Cost Not Working Size: 19358 Shiplet AR

Trays – 11 pcs – DVD & Blu-ray Players – Tested Damaged / Missing Parts / Not Working – Philips, Ion, Monster, LG USD $85.37 Buy Now USD $2,726.89 Ends Required Price Not Working Quantity: 11 1 Trays (of 217) Bentonville, AR

X10 Fairhaven Pergola Rustic Finish

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Sam's Club Outdoor Speakers

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Acoustic Research Hatteras Indoor/outdoor Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

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