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Retro Speaker – Welcome to more retrofiles This time we’re checking out some of the best retro bluetooth speaker systems It seems like audio technology is advancing every day these days, but good manners never get old. There is no doubt that the trend of retro Bluetooth speakers continues. We went to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in mid-October and saw a bunch of vintage handmade mobile devices. Keep in mind, it’s not a smart speaker or ideal for microphone-based tasks like Bluetooth calls. This article focuses on some important points:

Marshall may be the grandchild of retro speakers, but they manage to keep things fresh with the Woburn II. This giant weighs 26.4 kilograms, and is as loud as it sounds. The box has two 1-inch tweeters and two 5.25-inch woofers for impressive dynamic range.

Retro Speaker

Retro Speaker

Marshall is known for its quality and depth of sound, and the Woburn II sits at the top of our list of retro Bluetooth speakers because it lives up to the name. Deep, punchy bass, accompanied by crisp, clear, uninhibited highs You’ll enjoy listening to jazz on a quiet evening, just like a guitar solo

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The latest technology including Qualcomm aptX and Bluetooth means the Woburn II is a wireless wonder. The included Marshall Bluetooth controller allows for fine tuning, and old-school enthusiasts will enjoy replicating these functions with analog dials. RCA and 3.5 mm analog inputs are included

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I’m glad to see Marshall aside, Woburn II has a black or brown grain with bright copper tones. It’s not for every taste or decorum, but for those in the know, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Price At the top of our list of retro Bluetooth speakers, Marshall manages to build a great phone product – and makes it affordable. Definitely for the high end audiophile who loves the retro Marshall look. Some can get the same sound quality from inexpensive retro speakers.

Known to all audiophiles, Clips is a classic brand known for sound quality above all others. In the case of the Heritage Wireless 3, the name lives up to its reputation. You can’t get more true vintage than a DeLorean

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Balanced, rich sound Heritage Wireless 3 produces warm, authentic sound across all genres No matter your music preference, Clips’ Vintage Bluetooth Speaker will do it justice. Native 192kHz/24-bit decoding gives audiophiles the opportunity to play high-quality digital music.

Beautiful vintage design details The brand name screams copper, nickel and alloy finishes This wireless speaker is also a mid-century modern family home

Multi-room ready The Heritage Wireless Three is part of the ClipsStream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System, meaning you can connect multiple devices to Sonos and stream music throughout your home. While WiFi isn’t necessarily ideal for this, it works well for most listeners

Retro Speaker

Low volume problem Although it’s fine for general use, powering up the Heritage Wireless Three may be the best way to experience the speaker’s power. At low volumes we wish there were more equalization and volume reduction options The included app only allows for basic controls, and the Clips themselves don’t include analog inputs measured in a box.

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Expensive Like the Marshall Woburn II, the Clips Vintage Bluetooth Speaker Response comes in at an affordable price, while still offering great interior design and minimal features for vintage technology.

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GGMM has built a reputation for creating affordable, high-quality audio products with some unique features. Their Vintage series of desk and portable speakers feature playful, simple designs that have a retro feel without taking it too far. Their M3 Retro Wireless Speaker is very popular at a price that won’t break the bank.

Unique retro style There’s no doubt that the GGMM M3 Vintage Bluetooth Speaker is a fun hybrid of old and new. Soft lines and real leather are printed by aluminum, creating a unique and truly amazing look in four exciting colors (check it out in red).

Amazing sound for its size Despite being 13 inches tall and 5.5 inches tall, the M3 emits enough sound to fill a room. GGMM also includes an option to connect multiple speakers via WiFi, which can provide different results. Bluetooth Speaker Portable Retro Radio Vintage Bluetooth Speaker For Iphone Samsung. Elegant & Vintage Design Am/fm Radio For Home Office Outdoor, Wooden Vintage Style, Walnut

Word quality leaves something to be desired Although the volume may sound loud enough for most needs, you may hear distortion at too high a volume.

There’s very little to do here – you usually get what you pay for in sound, and at this price GGMM does a good – if not perfect – job. The included apps are compact and seem to compete with Sonos for selecting and playing music.

The latest technology is starting to show its age Bluetooth 4.0 and the 5 year old design needs an update The package is timeless, so why not improve compatibility?

Retro Speaker

Toshiba surprised us this round It’s been a while since one of their audio devices made our top list, and their Vintage Bluetooth Speaker deserves the honor. Looking like it came straight out of 1950s Japan, this speaker also ups the ante when it comes to sound.

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Incredibly sophisticated grill and accents Rich dark wood, gold leaf petal cutout grille, and matching analog buttons create the illusion of a vintage classic. No one would have guessed that the latest technology resides inside

Good, if average, sound for the price While the sound quality and highs are good for the near-$100 price point, they’re not top-notch Not that we’d expect it, but it’s disappointing a little bit that such a good box produces a midrange sound.

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Limited connectivity options Unlike other speakers in this game, Toshiba doesn’t offer a real way to connect to an external source. You have to use mm, USB, or… It would have been nice to include at least one analog output on the back of the box to fulfill the classic appeal.

Now it’s for the old fans. We’ll be adding to this list as we find new Bluetooth speakers worth considering, so check back from time to time for the latest information. Looking for some cool retro audio products? Check out our other articles: If you’re looking for the best looking nostalgia speakers and retro speakers – but you love the high-tech Bluetooth option, check these out.

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Rare vintage speaker that looks like an art deco museum piece It is made of walnut veneer and provides 30W of power It needs to be connected to AC power to deliver that sound

A combination of vintage radio and Bluetooth technology from the 1950s, the Loughry Bis features a 2 x 10 watt amplifier, acoustic bass enhancement and built-in Nuvoton DSP to pack a punch from the speaker. little one.

The Reirei gets its classic look from its hand-crafted shell exterior It is rechargeable and will provide 15 hours of play time with its 8W amplifier

Retro Speaker

Victrola wall mounted speakers are rechargeable and can be powered by AC power It has a 10W speaker and will play for up to 14 hours

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Tewel Retroc speakers deliver 24W from 2 x 12W drivers and deep bass. It is not a portable speaker but requires AC power to operate

The Art+Sound Ar3002 Bluetooth speaker features an FM radio with a rotary knob. There is an aux jack for straight line if you prefer a dropped line sound

I reviewed the Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker a while ago and was impressed with its build quality and looks. It’s also very loud at 41W, and good value for money

The Victrola Gramophone Symphony speakers are reminiscent of an old gramophone speaker horn. With a rechargeable battery, 25W amplifier and subwoofer up to 12 minutes of playing time, it has reached that moment.

Portable Bluetooth Retro Speaker, Wireless Mini Vintage Speaker With Rich Bass, Stereo, Built In Mic For Travel, Home,outdoors

The Noisey Box-XL Vintage is a rechargeable speaker with six hours of playtime. It has an FM radio and LED volume light Poor sound makes this speaker go down

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