Pulse Wireless Speaker

Pulse Wireless Speaker – The Pulse Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great speaker for any occasion because it’s portable and lightweight. The Pulse Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is easy to connect to bluetooth and has stereo surround bass that rocks. It is also equipped with a TF card and USB flash drive slot, which means you can play your favorite music anywhere, even without a phone. The speaker is also waterproof IPX5, which can protect against water splashes or sweat from all sides, but cannot be submerged, only in water-filled areas such as water parks, swimming pools, lakes or other areas with water features. used. One of the coolest features of this speaker is the LED lights, which are pulsing lights that illuminate different colors and patterns. Four different LED light shows are built into this Bluetooth speaker, and all the different shows can be viewed with amazing light shows. This speaker also features a dynamic dual-horn diaphragm that bounces off almost any environment, so you can hear what you’re listening to no matter where you use the speaker! Finally, this speaker has up to 4 hours of playback time on a fully charged battery, and takes about 2 hours to fully charge. This battery lasts long enough to be used in any situation, and if the battery is low, it is simple and easy to recharge. This speaker is a must-have for the spring and summer season, so buy today and save at DMG Electronics!

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Mini Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Outdoor Portable Cloth Cover TF Card Subwoofer USB FM Radio Model T5

Pulse Wireless Speaker

Pulse Wireless Speaker

The T5 Bluetooth Speaker is a great mini portable Bluetooth speaker that anyone can use on the go. This speaker is portable and equipped with Bluetooth, TF card, USB and U disk. This is…

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Jbl Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (blue) Pulse

The DMG® PowerHBQ Pro Totally Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are perfect headphones in all areas, let’s think about why. The first is a completely wireless Bluetooth headset

Pulse Wireless Speaker

This is a high-quality Surround Sound Bluetooth LED speaker that offers true 6D sound quality. This speaker is equipped with a bluetooth 5.0 chip that provides better compatibility and…

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The DMG® PowerHBQ Pro Totally Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are excellent headphones in all areas, so let’s discuss why. First up, a fully wireless Bluetooth headset…

Pulse Wireless Speaker

Jbl Pulse Wireless Speaker

Blackpods Pro® Mini might be the most beautiful looking headphones on the market with a stylish design. These headphones are a must have in everyone’s headphone collection…

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