Proreck Party 15

Proreck Party 15 – PRORECK Party 15 15 Inch 2000W 2 Way Portable PA Speaker System with Bluetooth/USB/SD Card Reader/FM Radio/Remote Control/LED Light

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Proreck Party 15

Proreck Party 15

LOL I bought them to replace my computer/laptop speakers. I was fed up with the poor sound quality and build quality of average to best desktop speaker sets, including those with a separate subwoofer. It looked like I was lucky to make it last a year. So instead of throwing more money out the window, I started buying higher quality speakers like “bookshelf speakers” especially with Bluetooth capabilities. But the price surprised me for what you got. And too many reviews of what are supposed to be higher end products ($400 and up) were pretty sad. So as I continued to look for any decent pair of speakers at a seemingly reasonable price for what you get, PA system speakers popped up on my radar and I thought why not. But most had very poor reviews or no Bluetooth capability. And then I found these; overall good reviews, all the bells and whistles, and a price I could live with. They were very well packed. I was a little worried at first when they arrived at my house because the main outer box was ripped by the carrier in two places. But don’t worry, everything arrived well packed and safe in the manufacturer’s box. As far as I can tell, the fit and finish of everything (mounts and speakers) is impeccable. I’m really surprised by the quality of the stalls (very nice), looks like they could be worth almost what you pay for the whole package. What I was most nervous about was the sound quality because for what you get from this package for the price, I wasn’t expecting perfection. So after unpacking and setting everything up, I opened a music app on my laptop and started connecting with bluetooth. The bluetooth connection was flawless, but you can only connect to one device at a time, so if you want to switch from listening to something from your laptop to say your smartphone, you have to first tell your laptop to disconnect from the speakers, then. you can link your smartphone to the speakers. For bluetooth on the speakers themselves, simply press the “mode” button on the main speaker or the remote that comes with the speakers until the word “blue” appears on the main speaker’s display. From there, the speakers will automatically connect to whatever device you tell them to connect to, and the speakers will play a sound to confirm they’re connected. I put some music on and the speakers sounded very blah. Don’t worry, after playing around with the 5 EQs on the main speaker while playing some music, they sounded great. Not like some incredibly expensive studio speakers, just really good overall. And they sound great whether they are very low or very high. Also, I like the red light on the front of the main speaker that lights up if the speakers are louder than they’re designed to handle, so you can tell the maximum volume is acceptable for a potentially longer life. You may wonder why the speakers are allowed to go louder than they are capable of…which I’ve noticed depending on how you adjust the EQs in conjunction with the type of music you listen to will allow it or not. the volume to be raised or not. So if the music doesn’t have heavy bass and the EQs aren’t all maxed out, you can pretty much turn the volume up to full without the red light coming on, or at least without standing still. But with heavy bass and maxed EQs, the red light starts to flash before you turn the volume dial all the way up. I really like that the speakers have a carry handle built into the 3 sides of the speaker housing. Although the speakers are generally bulky, it makes it much easier to move them around. I also like how the speakers are designed to be used with or without stands and can easily be placed sideways on a floor or platform without using the stands. As for the stands, I am amazed at how nice they are and how they can be adjusted to different heights. The remote works well overall, but seems to have a weak signal. From where I sit at my computer desk, 15 feet from the main speaker, I literally just walk to the speaker to get any response from the speaker. When I get up from my chair and move closer to the speaker, it works without being as finicky in terms of tone and also with a faster response time. As for what you get for the price, I’m amazed. They may not be the loudest speakers money can buy (nor are they advertised to be), they may not have absolute studio quality sound, but they are very good overall and some components (mic and remote) can be relatively good. , but close to how much. I can say that it’s a complete steal for the money spent and if someone really wanted high end audio gear they wouldn’t look at it anyway knowing that only high end mics cost over $100 and the cheaper ones are more . of $5,000, and a high-end set of speakers can set you back over $40,000. If you look at this box set for what it is, don’t expect it to do more than what it was designed to do. , and compared to others. brands with much lower / poorer reviews, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with these. I like it so much that I’m thinking of buying another audio TV for my living room. I will update this review if it doesn’t stand the test of time. … show more

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No seriously, these are really amazing! I needed super loud speakers for a Halloween party and these 110% delivered on their promise. I am very impressed with these. The ONLY thing I can see as a con is that there is no way to add more than just 2 speakers while using bluetooth. But unless you’re running the state fair, in my opinion you don’t need more than 2. Phenomenal product! … show more

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The sound quality is great! The equalizer allows you to adjust the melody to your liking. Did I say it’s tall!! The only problem I had was with the microphone!!! Broke after first use 🙁

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Sounds are loud and strong Stands are stable Speakers are heavy Bluetooth range is amazing (60 feet) Microphone is decent

I’ve had the speakers for a while and they are great. It is necessary to add a subwoofer for the base, but these speakers with it are perfect

Tws 15inch Bluetooth Speaker Box With Led Light

Filipinos love music, especially karaoke. I love a speaker, but not JUST a speaker. We look for the quality of your audio. My family uses karaoke once or twice a week and this speaker comes highly recommended.

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