Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Android Phone

Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Android Phone – The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker sets the standard for Bluetooth speakers in this price range. It surpasses the sound quality offered by competing products and provides valuable features such as stereo mounting and water resistance. This is easily one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers for the price.

Xiaomi consistently hits the ball out of the park with its audio products. From the democratic Redmi Buds S to the Google Assistant-enabled Mi Smart Speaker, the quality belies the price. But what about a simple Bluetooth speaker? At all times plugged in, the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker sounds like a rather dull release from the brand.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Android Phone

Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Android Phone

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker takes direct aim at the popular UE Boom and similar rugged, waterproof speakers. In

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About this Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker review: I’m writing this review of the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker after spending a few days using it as my primary source for listening to music. Xiaomi India supplies the device.

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker keeps it simple in its design and looks similar to Logitech’s popular Ultimate Ears brand rugged Bluetooth speaker. The woven mesh wraps around the speaker and the quality isn’t great. You can see that the speaker is made for a premium, but the plastic-coated material should clean up fairly easily if you spill a drink on it. This speaker has an IPX7 rating, so it can be used by the pool.

The bundle loop along the sides is a nice addition that adds functionality to this inexpensive speaker. Xiaomi includes a pre-installed cloth hand loop, but the anchor points have enough room to attach a carabiner if you want.

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The control panel is placed on the rubber layer. I’m not a huge fan of rubber panels as they tend to attract dust and dirt over time. However, they do make waterproofing easier and I can see why here. The six buttons offer fairly good tactile feedback and are easy to press. The speaker cutouts are all good, but the all-black labeling can make it difficult to tell which button does what in low light.

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I feel like Xiaomi could just fix the stereo pairing button in favor of an equalizer. As it is, long pressing the volume up and play buttons will activate the equalizer settings. Additional inputs as well as a USB-C charging port are located on the bottom of the speaker.

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker supports Bluetooth 5.0 and I had no problems with connection stability. I’m comfortably walking around my apartment with my phone on speaker. All I have to do to pair the speaker with a Bluetooth device is press the special pair button. After the initial pairing setup, the speaker automatically connects to the last paired speaker. Meanwhile, a long press on the pairing button will clear the list of paired devices.

Xiaomi hasn’t released the list of supported codecs yet, but the speaker defaults to SBC on all devices. I like the AAC support, but SBC tends to be the default for the most affordable speakers, and it’s not a major issue for budget Bluetooth speakers.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Android Phone

A neat party trick here is the ability to connect two speakers in a stereo configuration. Unfortunately, I don’t have a second speaker to test the feature on. There is a direct input button on the speaker to pair it with a second unit.

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The Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker offers very pleasant sound quality considering its affordable price. This speaker features two 16W drivers in a front-facing configuration.

While several alternatives have been used for 360-degree audio output, Xiaomi has kept it simple here. There is a noticeable drop in sound quality when the speakers are turned sideways. However, the speakers can be installed both horizontally and vertically, which opens up some flexibility in installation.

I wasn’t expecting a bass monster, but with Xiaomi’s bass boost equalizer settings, the speakers are good enough for hip-hop and R&B songs. Plugging in some Travis Scotts was a pleasant experience, although the bass was a bit crunchy at the highest volume levels.

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Other than that, the tuning sounds fun, emphasizing the bass and treble sections to make the music sound more lively. Despite the emphasis on bass and treble, vocals don’t fall flat, and the speaker should be a fun addition to any party.

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Speaking of volume, the speakers get really loud, which comes in handy when listening to podcasts and audiobooks in my apartment.

The Xiaomi speaker includes a microphone that is suitable for voice assistant as well as calls. I found the experience useful, but nothing to write home about.

Double-clicking the power button activates your phone’s voice assistant, and you can then use the speakerphone to perform any and all functions. I found myself reaching for my phone to ask Assistant to stop audio playback, but the functionality is there if you want it.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Android Phone

Voice calls are fine as long as I sit close to the speakers. The speakers can’t really pick up my voice from a distance, and I wouldn’t recommend taking the speaker if hands-free calling is a priority.

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The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker packs a 2,600mAh battery and has a playback time of 13 hours, although this figure will depend on your playback volume. While working with the speakers, I never had a chance to drain the battery, despite prolonged use at 50% volume. After listening to music for about seven hours, the speaker still reports 60% charge, and Xiaomi’s claims must be true.

Xiaomi doesn’t include a charger in the box, but I charged the speaker from 50% to less than an hour, and a full charge will take about two hours.

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker sets the standard for Bluetooth speakers in this price range. Xiaomi speakers match and surpass the competition in terms of both sound quality and feature set.

There is almost no competition for the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker in India at affordable prices. 2499 (~$35) price point. The speakers not only deliver sound quality, but also support features like IP rating, long battery life, and stereo pairing. In Europe and the UK, the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker retails for €39 and ~£35 respectively.

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The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker makes a great recommendation, especially if your budget won’t stretch to more expensive options. Unless you have very specific needs, such as the ability to insert a microSD card, which some anonymous alternatives provide, you should not even look at other options. This is the winner. Do you enjoy listening to great music while doing outdoor activities? Well, your phone won’t do. The best solution is to try out the best portable speakers for Android phones.

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We all know that most phones in the market, even high-end phones, usually do not offer great sound quality. Aside from the camera upgrade, it’s always been something that most of us have hoped for.

There are different types of speakers that you can choose from to enhance your music experience. Be it high or medium, wireless or plug-in, etc.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Android Phone

But if you want something you can take with you anywhere, you can’t just buy any kind of speaker. They need to be suitable outdoors due to many factors such as size, material, sound range, etc.

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Portable speakers are your best choice for outdoor activities, and here are the best portable speakers for Android phones.

You’ll be surprised that these portable speakers don’t sound like tiny speakers when it comes to bass. Not to mention, Bose created one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market today. Therefore, you can expect the SoundLink to have excellent sound quality for its size.

The main feature of this speaker is its IPX7 waterproof rating, making it ideal for trips to the beach or even a great companion when you’re in the shower. Plus, it has a tear-away silicone strap on the back so you can move and attach it wherever you want.

In addition to excellent sound quality and durability, this portable speaker also has a built-in speaker. Therefore, you can really go hands-free as it is also compatible with Siri and Google Assistant.

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The SRS-XB10 is another portable speaker for Android phones with a compact and lightweight design. It comes in 6 different colors: Black, Blue, Green, White, Red and Yellow.

The amazing thing about this portable speaker is its powerful bass, which, as expected, belongs to Sony’s Extra Bass family. Although, when songs with too much bass are played at high volume on these portable speakers, they unfortunately become distorted.

This portable speaker connects not only via Bluetooth but also via NFC. It can play for up to 16 hours and is only waterproof and not fully waterproof.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Android Phone

Tribit boasts that quality speakers won’t break the bank. Well, the price of these portable speakers is decent and they sound good.

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This portable speaker uses XBass technology

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