Portable Alexa Enabled Speaker

Portable Alexa Enabled Speaker – Portable speakers are a dime a dozen these days and to stand out in public, you need some kind of magic. Whether it’s bright lights or big buses, there has to be something interesting that catches people’s attention. One of the biggest “it” products I think today is a portable speaker that integrates one of three smart assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa. If you’re using Alexa, you probably have something like an Echo or an Echo Dot. While they are great products, their design and sound leave something to be desired. That’s why

Most of the smart speakers you’ve seen are good sounding and cheap. The Google Home isn’t terrible with a plastic and fabric design while the Amazon Echo isn’t what I’d call a feature either. Both will do the job but I wouldn’t call them premium. The Maverick and Cavalier however are on another level compared to the two.

Portable Alexa Enabled Speaker

Portable Alexa Enabled Speaker

First of all, there is no plastic on this product. The main body is made of aluminum and the edges are designed to remove any sharpness from them. The area around the speaker is covered with a fine woven fabric and the rest of the speaker is made of genuine leather. There are two different colors available for The Maverick and the one I have here is gunmetal with indigo blue fabric and brown leather.

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The Maverick is a tube-based speaker designed to deliver 360-degree audio that can provide a full-room experience. On the side are built-in buttons for power, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and microphone. The USB-C port is also in the same area. At the top is a smart circular call button with built-in support (more on what these buttons do later). At the bottom of the speaker there are connectors that are used to connect the speaker.

All of this makes for possibly the best sounding speakers I’ve ever used. The combination of aluminum, fabric, and leather really come together to create a very stylish package. There is also a large canvas bag included for travel.

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First, to get the most out of the Cavalier Maverick, you’ll need to download the Cavalier app (iOS, Android) and the Amazon Alexa app (iOS, Android). You’ll need the Cavalier app to set up Wi-Fi connectivity on The Maverick as well as setup controls, multi-room settings, and basic Alexa setup. You need the Alexa app to set up advanced Alexa devices.

What is good about the Cavalier Maverick is that it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth one. You can’t use both at the same time but it makes the speaker more versatile than most. At home, you can use The Maverick in Wi-Fi mode and on the go, you just use Bluetooth. This is because in order to use Amazon Alexa and streaming services directly from Maverick, you must connect to your Wi-Fi network.

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If for some reason you don’t want to use Wi-Fi or can’t, you can pair The Maverick with your Bluetooth connected device and it will work like any other Bluetooth speaker. You will lose the smart feature though since Alexa needs data from Wi-Fi to work.

Using Alexa is as easy as saying “Alexa…” and what you want it to do. Basically, it does everything the Amazon Echo does with Alexa functionality. If you don’t want The Maverick to listen all the time, you can press the Mic off button on the back and it will no longer take voice commands from you. Instead, if you want to activate Alexa, just press and hold the top button until the lights come on and say what you want. In the case of the button, there are other things you can do with it. If you press it once while the music is playing, it stops, press it again and it starts again. If you tap it twice, it will skip to the next track. When you tap it three times, it goes back to the previous song.

If you want to charge the device, you can use the USB connector on the speaker. However, the easiest way is to have a charging port somewhere in your house and when it needs charging, just put the Maverick there. If it’s somewhere you use it at home, it’s fine because you won’t have to worry about it charging or not if it’s still in the dock. When it comes to the amount of time you can spend on a paycheck, 9 hours is ideal for a speaker.

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Portable Alexa Enabled Speaker

What does Maverick sound like? This is one of the most important questions and I am happy to say that it sounds unique. Thanks to its four integrated speakers, the audio fills the entire room. No matter how you listen, the audio sounds full and rich in all genres. The mids and highs are crisp and clean while the bass has a nice texture. It’s really amazing. For example, when I play music and instruments, it sounds like it’s actually playing in my room. We can’t even get into good words. Nothing I’ve played on this thing is good. Finally, this speaker can be loud when you want it to be.

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Honestly, the Cavalier Maverick is probably one of the best Alexa-enabled smart speakers you can find right now. It looks like it will mess with everything Amazon has to offer and should be right at home in any room. It’s a well-designed device that you’ll want to show off and not just hide in a dark corner somewhere.

I really like that it has built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It works well in both modes although you may need to switch between them depending on how you are using the speaker. I also appreciate the physical controls and having them above the speaker makes them easy to access quickly.

That said, I am a fan of Cavalier’s The Maverick. It is made with all the right pieces and the right accents that make it look so good. Spring and summer are coming, and the warm weather means you are about to be outside 24/7. And all these outdoor activities will obviously need music and a good playlist.

If you’re looking for the ultimate hands-free speaker for all your upcoming trips, the Amazon Tap is the Echo’s version, a Bluetooth speaker, with no strings attached (literally). And it’s $30 off today.

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Smart Bluetooth Wifi Speaker, Amazon Alexa Service Enabled, 15w Output

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The tap can last up to nine hours before serving, so even your most remote getaways can sound endless. Wear it like you would any other device or in its charging case: A sleek, silicone case with a strap that’s easy to carry or put in a bag. And yes, it is included. (Note that this case doesn’t make the Tap waterproof — so if you’re taking it to the beach or near water, be careful with the party.)

Although it was originally called Tap because it required a tap of the finger to activate it, it is now a hands-free device, supporting Alexa like the rest of its family. Note: The tap does not support voice calls, and Alexa only works when connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot. But if you want a portable speaker that’s a little (a lot) smarter than the rest of the lot, the Tap is calling your name.

Portable Alexa Enabled Speaker

Regularly priced at $129.99, you can save $30 today and get the little guy for $99.99 here.

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