Polk Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Polk Wireless Outdoor Speakers – Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Loudspeaker, a compact speaker with high fidelity. The compact Atrium4 loudspeakers produce high-fidelity sound quality where great sound is desired. Its small size makes it ideal for rugged, off-road installation.

Perfect material performance, driver and tweeter “artifacts” have been removed to produce a more realistic sound at high and low volume levels. To install, simply install the bracket, click the speaker into place, aim and tighten.

Polk Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Polk Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Aim and tighten the Polk Audio Atrium 4 outdoor loudspeaker by simply installing the bracket and clicking the speaker to lock it in place.

Polk Atrium 4 Review

The real question is why is there anything else? We always make the best speakers at the best prices.

But to tell the story, let’s go back to 1972, when a group of friends, talented engineers and music lovers got together with their skills, their passion to create the best speakers they could, and their approach to changing environments. On that day, the speaker company was born with a clear vision of quality and a strong mission of values.

Every day since then Polk’s output has been the result of close collaboration, teamwork and our collective passion to provide great sound to as many people as possible.

Such missions require engineering expertise. It takes creativity, hard-earned experience, and inspiration. It is intuition, the most magical of human ingredients, that gives Polk products their charming character and homely pride. To this day, design, sound, and engineering (and intelligent and intuitive human magic) all take place under one broad roof called Sound Democracy. Because great sound is accessible and usable by everyone, not the privilege of the few.

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Available Now: Polk Audio Announces Reserve Loudspeaker Series

– Front Header Driver Components: (1) 4.5″ (11.43 cm) d (Ground) – Mid / Woofer, (1) 0.75″ (1.91 cm) d (Ground) – Tweeter

The estimated shipping cost* will be displayed when you add the item to your shopping cart. These estimated shipping* costs are accurate for locations in most major Canadian cities. If the shipping cost is higher than the estimated shipping cost*, GibbysESM will contact you for approval before processing the order. Polk Audio’s Atrium 5 outdoor speakers are a great way to set up a permanent party and invite in your backyard. Always look for a Bluetooth speaker and make sure it is charged.

The Atrium 5 speakers are easy to set up and fit perfectly in the backyard. A smart receiver or echo input makes it easy to set up these smart speakers.

Polk Wireless Outdoor Speakers

These speakers are well built to handle the elements that come with permanent outdoor installations. Polk offers Atrium speakers in a variety of sizes, the Atrium 5 uses 5″ drivers and 3/4″ tweeters.

Make Great Sound Part Of Your Outdoor Decor

Polk Audio’s Atrium 5 speakers won a Gotta Bee Mobile Editors’ Choice award for their overall value, great sound and build quality.

The Atrium 5 speakers are $299.95 at Amazon, Crutchfield, Polk and B&H Photo. It’s now on sale for almost half price on Amazon.

Polk’s Atrium 5 is available in white and black, and tested the black version that looks closer to the home’s white soffit and light brown siding.

A good combination of rounded corners and plastic and a strong grille dominate the design. The Atrium 5 speakers can be installed horizontally or vertically, and the installation allows for easy on-site adjustment.

X (pair) Polk Audio Atrium 6 All Weather Certified Outside Speakers

There’s a Powerport bass vent to help you get a better feel for the bass when you’re out on the deck or patio.

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There are 2 wire clamps on the back of the speaker that hold the speaker wires in place. I didn’t try to use banana clips, I simply put the wire in and tightened it so it wouldn’t come loose.

The speaker is ready for any weather. They are water resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures as well as salt dust and heavy rain. While I’ve been with the speakers, they’ve survived heavy rains and temperatures of over 100 degrees and aren’t bad for wear and tear. They are also UV resistant and look exactly as they did when I installed them earlier this summer.

Polk Wireless Outdoor Speakers

The Polk Audio Atrium 5 outdoor speakers deliver great sound and, depending on the volume, fill your deck or backyard with music without distortion.

Buy Polk Audio Atrium 8 Sdi Flagship Outdoor Speaker (black)

Substantial bass is heard from the two speakers and more is felt from the deck closer to the speakers. Even when I’m in the yard there’s still enough bass to keep the music going well.

This installation makes it easy to keep focused sound on the deck with the hot tub at night or to fill the yard.

I moved the speakers a little closer together to help manage the sound on the deck late at night, but you can still hear the music from the corner of the yard. The speakers are easy to rotate, so you can open up the soundstage if needed by aiming one speaker in another direction.

Your amplifier will be part of this equation. I am happy with the performance of the 2 channel stereo amplifier I bought from Amazon and then connected to the Echo input. In my experience you can hear these speakers indoors by turning up the volume.

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In the near future, when you want to watch a TV show or a football game through the speakers, you can set up the settings for an easy connection in your backyard.

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The Polk Audio Atrium 5 speakers are easy to install, but you’ll need to bring your own screws to attach them to your home or whatever else you want to secure them to. I used 4 screws around the house and within minutes I was able to securely attach the mount to the tree through the siding.

Once the mount was in place, I put the speaker on it, angled it and tightened it down. The speakers have remained in place after heavy rain, strong winds and weeks of testing. I installed the bracket vertically to make it easier to control the sound to the patio next to the door. It can also be placed horizontally and lowered so the music doesn’t travel too far to the neighbors behind you.

Polk Wireless Outdoor Speakers

If you are not replacing the speakers, the biggest problem is connecting the speaker wires. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll need to connect the speaker wires to the speakers, which can be difficult depending on your attic access. It took me a while to do it, but it’s not difficult and neither are speakers like this.

Polk Audio Atrium 4 4.5

Since these are passive speakers, I connected the wall-rated speaker wires to a small amp in the garage and connected the echo input to it. It allows you to easily control the content and volume of the Atrium 5 speakers in your backyard. This type of arrangement is highly recommended for installing a headphone jack for line in your yard.

Echo Input lets you control Spotify, listening audiobooks and many other apps from your phone or listen in your garage using voice control. I wanted to connect the wires to the Onkyo AVR-X1300W so I could use AirPlay, but the setup was easy.

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