Polk Atrium 4 Bluetooth

Polk Atrium 4 Bluetooth – When you’re shopping for new speakers, a turntable, or the home theater of your teenage dreams — you’re faced with a lot of comparisons.

Should I wait for a sale? Or take it now? What will I miss when the new model comes out next year?

Polk Atrium 4 Bluetooth

Polk Atrium 4 Bluetooth

Because you don’t go into a hi-fi store and drop $2000, $3000, or $15000 on something you 100% positively believe is safe in your heart.

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Imagine doing hours of your own research. Reading supplier websites, taking notes from hi-fi blogs, sorting through different opinions as you trawl R/Audiophile. You know what you’re getting. You’ve narrowed down the online stores to the final five. Check and double check that you are getting the best deal. You can be sure that you will not be scammed by shipping.

If your speakers haven’t reached their estimated delivery date and you haven’t heard about their progress yet.

Unless your long-awaited amp setup fails to deliver the kind of sound you had in mind. Now you are not sure if you got it right or how to solve it.

Graham H. of Melbourne. and Sarah D. of Perth. Not to mention you’ve already wasted hundreds of hours reading the comments of laymen like him; Streamline scrolling through pages and pages of reviews. Torturing yourself by finding everything less than 3 stars… while you sit back and dive into a new world of immersive sounds and deliciously satisfying body vibrations.

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Does it make sense to go to an Audio Expert who knows the brand, specs and installation like the back of his hand?

Want the best home theater for your budget and without the burden of 100++ brand offerings?

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We got into this business because we’re passionate about audio and realized there’s a lot of faceless dropshipping in the HiFi industry – and not enough expertise. People who return to us do so because they appreciate the attention to detail and personalized solutions they can’t find elsewhere.

Polk Atrium 4 Bluetooth

Returning from the flea market with ten pearls, your last picture, you’re eager to place gently on the turntable you still haven’t decided on.

Polk Audio Bitb A Boom Bit Bluetooth Speaker Reviews, Coupons, And

Summer BBQ in your backyard with the kids. Having a string around a cooler full of beer appreciating the crisp, clear, quality of the stream through the open door of your listening space.

Children with companions – once calm – immersed in a good movie, lights off, comfort of a home theater, this is your pride and joy. “I wish we had one of these at our place!”

Once we know exactly what your final vision looks like, we want to know what you’re working on.

No idea what we’re talking about? No worries, we intend to talk to you about it all. You want the best sound system for your home, at a price you’re happy with and an aesthetic you want to show off but can’t help yourself from.

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To reach this ultimate goal, an unhealthy interest in all things audio is not enough. That’s why we spend countless hours behind the scenes to source products only from the most trusted brands and trusted suppliers – regardless of their branding and marketing.

We don’t rely on them to tell us what’s good about their devices. We have developed our own functional testing process to determine which is which. So you will always get knowledge. Meticulously refined over the years with our tight network and stable supply chain, we strive to ensure that your experience at Audio Tailor is personalized, seamless and painless.

Because individually, you are unique in music, composition and taste. Your options are selected by us from the biggest, best and most trusted brands in the world.

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Polk Atrium 4 Bluetooth

Indescribable, because we are small. You get one of ours. Not one of the dozens of salespeople milling around the place pushing the most expensive products, working on commission.

Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers (pair, White)

Painless, because we don’t recommend anything until we clarify your needs. We follow up with you to make sure everything arrives in one piece. For us, the deal isn’t complete until your equipment is safe and completely to your satisfaction.

At Audio Taylor, we hope we’ve made it clear that service does not stop when a problem occurs. It’s a chance to tighten up the ship we’re running, improve our 5-star reputation, and most importantly – make someone’s day.

We’d like to close with a shout out to all the enthusiasts and audiophiles we’ve had the good fortune to work with over the years. It’s a privilege to share our passion, passion and journey for great sound and great entertainment solutions for your homes and businesses.

Thank you to all our customers – past, present and future – for helping us follow along.

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To make your audio dreams come true – call, email or visit our Brisbane store.

Product Description Good sound wherever you want it The compact Atrium 4 loudspeaker produces high-fidelity sound. Its compact size makes it ideal for tight, outdoor installations. By the pool, around the kitchen, in the family den or fill the backyard with great noise. Like our larger Atriums, the Atrium 4 is ruggedly built to provide years of great performance fall, winter, spring and summer. Atrium 4 features: 4 1/2-inch (11.43cm) long-throw mineral-filled polypropylene cone driver with butyl rubber surround pump delivers stunning bass response in a compact design. 3/4-inch (19 mm) anodized aluminum dome tweeter with neodymium magnets for better power handling and smooth response. Wide cover baffle design adapted from our current Atrium design but with subtle improvements in the new Atrium series. You want to fill a large, open outdoor space with big, full-range sound. The new Atrium Series features a more acutely angled baffle design that maximizes critical mid- and high-frequency dispersion over a larger area, without sacrificing detail. Polk all-weather certified, Atrium series speakers exceed basic industrial and military specifications for environmental endurance (ASTM D5894-UV for salt mist, Mil Standard 810 Immersion, Mil-Std 883 Method 1009.8 for salt and corrosion.) Certification means with the Atrium stand try on. Can do without. Be it extreme heat or heavy rain. With a guarantee like this, your kitchen or bathroom installation will be a cakewalk for Polk All-Weather Speakers. Speed-Lock™ mounting system for easy, secure one-handed installation even in difficult locations. A greatly simplified mounting process means fewer parts to “jangle”. Simply attach the bracket and click the speaker into place. Aim it and press it, and Fini! Outdoor comfort, indoor sound quality! The durable, mineral-filled polypropylene cabinet design, with molded brackets, feels like a real speaker (not an “outdoor speaker”) and withstands years of seasonal changes for truly great sound, no matter the weather. Patented Dynamic Balance® and Klippel Optimization technology ensure perfect content performance by eliminating driver and tweeter “artifacts” for more realistic sound reproduction at high and low volume levels. Aluminum grill and bracket with stainless steel and brass hardware: No rust. Gold-plated 5-way binding post for the safest, most reliable connection ever. Available in a durable, weather-resistant black or white paintable finish. Specifications Audio Amplifier Specifications – 220V Available Dimensions – Mounting Options 180 Degree Speed-Lock Mounting System Dimensions – Product Weight (Each) 3.60 lbs Dimensions Cabinet Dimensions – Depth 6 x 11/181 mm ” Dimensions Cabinet Dimensions – Width 5 11/16 (14.45 cm) ” Driver Additional Center / Woofer – Diameter 4 1/2 (11.43 cm) ” Driver Additional Center / Woofer – Volume 1 Driver / Center Woofers Mirald Mirald Poil Rubber Surround Driver Complementary Tweeter – Diameter 3/4 (1.91 cm) ” Driver Complementary Tweeter – Size 1 Driver Complementary Tweeter – Anodized aluminum dome tweeter, electrical structure with E9 electrical structure. – Inputs Gold-plated 5-way binding post Electrical – Nominal impedance 8 ohms Electrical – Recommended amplifier power 10-80 watts per channel Electrical – Full frequency response 75Hz-25kHz Shipping – Total shipping weight – £9.50 Shipping weight – £9.50 QUANTITY 5 YEAR WARRANTY PARTS AND LABOR (ORIGINAL PURCHASER)

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