Playstation Bluetooth Adapter

Playstation Bluetooth Adapter – No more strings! The PlayStation 4 Bluetooth Headset Dongle from Olixar allows you to use any Bluetooth headset with your PS4. Simply connect your USB dongle to your PS4’s USB port and the 3.5mm jack in your controller to enjoy clear wireless audio.

The PS4 Bluetooth Headset Dongle is a great, must-have accessory for all PlayStation 4 owners. It’s designed to allow you to use your favorite Bluetooth headphones with your PlayStation 4, so you can chat with your friends in complete wireless comfort. Therefore, there is no need to spend money on expensive Bluetooth headphones – this device works with even cheaper headphones.

Playstation Bluetooth Adapter

Playstation Bluetooth Adapter

The PS4 Bluetooth Headset Dongle is incredibly easy to install, the USB dongle plugs directly into your PS4 and the 3.5mm microphone plugs directly into the control pad. Plug and play only – no software required for the headset dongle function. The included dongle gives your PlayStation 4 a Bluetooth profile that can establish a strong and secure connection with any Bluetooth headset. This means you can connect any Bluetooth headphones to use for any of your games. After inserting a Bluetooth headset dongle into your PS4 and activating the pairing mode on your headset, after a few seconds the blue light indicates that the pairing is complete. You can also change the headphone volume preference in the Playstation menu so you can enjoy all the sounds. Choose from your game or through your headphones so you can only hear other players while you’re online, which is perfect if you’re playing in online multiplayer or if you’re at a party with your friends.

Usb Adapter Bluetooth Transmitter For Ps4 Playstation Bluetooth 4.0 Headsets Receiver Headphone Dongle

The included 3.5mm microphone plugs into the headphone jack on your PlayStation 4 controller and allows you to communicate with your online friends and family through your PS4. The microphone measures just 1 inch and doesn’t extend too far to affect your grip or gaming experience. The microphone has excellent sensitivity that allows you to easily talk to your friends without holding the control pad close to your mouth. This means you can sit in a comfortable position and not have to worry about where the microphone is as you would with a regular, wired headset. In the Settings menu on your PlayStation, there is also an option to adjust the microphone level so you can find the perfect level to enjoy wireless conversations without being too loud or too quiet.

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The dongle and microphone are designed to be small and lightweight so they offer a discreet appearance when connected to your console and controller. This means that once they’re connected, you won’t even know they’re there and can always enjoy perfect wireless calls. The adapter’s small and lightweight size means it doesn’t block or interfere with the use of your control pad.

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Playstation Bluetooth Adapter

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Playstation Bluetooth Adapter

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