Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Bluetooth Powered Speaker

Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Bluetooth Powered Speaker – Peachtree Audio may be very young on the market, but they have already won many awards for their amplifiers, DACs and speakers. The Deepblue is the ultimate Wireless Music System and here we review the second generation, the Deepblue2.

Weighing about 16 pounds and dimensions of 9.1 x 14.2 x 6.5 inches theDeepblue2 should really be considered for mobile use, although there is a loop on the back reduced, but it has the ability to use music from mobile devices. smartphone or tablet at home and sound so good that you might even consider using them as your main stereo system.

Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Bluetooth Powered Speaker

Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Bluetooth Powered Speaker

Before you turn on the Deepblue2 for the first time using the touch clips at the top, you must hook it to the wall outlet, obviously. It has a built-in power supply with a figure 8 plug, and as soon as you connect the power cord, the five touch pins on the panel light up with blue LEDs, indicating that it is ready to go.

Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Review

The speaker generates sound with a 5-driver system with two 1″ soft dome tweeters, two 3″ midrange drivers, and a 6″ bass driver in a separate separate enclosure, using five class D amplifiers each, with a total system output of 440. Watts.

The speaker connects quickly to any bluetooth device, and the LED lights indicate the current volume level. With the button on the control of the speaker, you can also control it using the remote control. An auxiliary input for source devices without Bluetooth and an optical digital input are provided.

When it comes to sound, Peachtree has done an amazing job with the Deepblue2 – the result is simply stunning. Clean and authentic with no unwanted bass. The bass is rather present, detailed and deep – deeper than we have heard from any Bluetooth speaker. If you still think it’s too much or too little, you can easily adjust the bass to enjoy the remote control.

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The side drivers also help create an impressive sense of space, and the Deepblue2 has no problem filling a large room with sound, creating a very immersive and exciting experience.

Hi Fi+ Issue 125: July 2015

If you decide to get Deepblue2, make sure your mobile device has aptX, because it really makes a big difference in sound quality. Having tested many Bluetooth speakers, we can say with confidence that the Deepblue2 is the best we have heard so far. In general, it is very close (and sometimes even better) than many high-quality systems that cost a lot more money.

The reason this review is so short is that we’d rather spend our time listening to the music on Deepblue2 than analyzing it – it’s addictive. The Peachtree Bluetooth speaker is close to the perfect build, at least when it comes to sound. Apart from not being quite portable, there is one thing missing; the ability to use it with your home network to use multiroom.

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Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Bluetooth Powered Speaker

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[News Flash: A day or two after this blog was originally posted, Hi-Fi+ received an email from President Andrew Peachtree Clark stating that “the US price has just been reduced to $399 per day…”]

If you know much about the value of the master musicians of Peachtree, you can probably guess the simple truth of the matter, which is profound.

Peachtree Audio Deepbluesky Multiroom Wireless Speaker: Portable Bluetooth Speakers:

It’s nothing more than a typical, ho-hum, over-the-top Bluetooth speaker from a big electronics store for a couple of hundred dollars or whatever you can pick up, depending on the country. No sir, in deepblue

It is—to borrow one of my favorite adopted British expressions—’a bit special’. Here are the reasons.

Unlike many ultra compact Bluetooth speakers from manufacturers such as Bang & Olufsen, Beats, Bose, Jawbone, JBL, and so on, Peachtree deepblue

Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Bluetooth Powered Speaker

It is, by design, a medium-sized unit (though not heavy) that provides a relatively large, sealed (that is, type of acoustic suspension) in which its speakers can get to work. Common wisdom holds that acoustic suspension enclosures are tighter and more critically attenuated than port reflection enclosures, while still providing fairly decent low frequency extension, given the enclosure volume is sufficient, which is the case in this case.

Peachtree Audio: Deepblue3 Bluetooth Music System —

The driver itself consists of a single 6.5-inch woofer that handles sharing the left / right bass channel duties, plus a left / right set of 3-inch midrange drivers and 1-inch tweeters. This powerful three-way array is larger than the largest 440-watt amplifier developed by Peachtree. This is how the Bluetooth speaker turns out to be more robust than most of its kind, with room for sound with a surprisingly high range (hence, I think, the name ‘deepblue’).

Happiness is simple. The speaker supports only three inputs: Bluetooth, optical SP/DIF, and analog stereo input via a 3.5mm mini-jack input. The control is very simple. From the top of deepblue

One gets five control buttons; from left to right is a Bluetooth enable/pairing button, an input select button (to switch between analog and optical SP/DIF input), an e/off input, and a pair of discrete volume up/down switches. In addition, the unit ships with a handy remote control that doubles the volume controls on the control, while adding both bass up/down switches and a mute switch. In short, this is the kind of device that newbies need in just minutes (or less). The front row blue and white LEDs light up temporarily to indicate, respectively, the relative volume and bass balance whenever users adjust any setting.

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A few weeks ago, we blogged about another excellent entry-level Bluetooth speaker: the $350 Riva Turbo X. So some of you may have wondered how deep blue it is.

Bose Soundlink Mini Review

The Riva Turbo X provides the best compact, portable, battery-powered Bluetooth speaker available today, and one with Surround and Turbo modes gives the six-inch speaker an unexpectedly large and strangely three-dimensional sound. deep blue

It’s still the best sounding Bluetooth speaker you’ve ever heard, period. It is bigger than the Riva, it is not as powerful and yes it is ‘portable’ but not really ‘portable’ in the sense that the Riva is the more expensive of the two products. But what about deepblue?

In addition to the size, a more sophisticated array of drivers, a 440-watt amplifier, and a powerful main configuration is a significant leap in performance. Both units deserve to be considered leaders in their respective categories, as deepblue

Peachtree Audio Deepblue2 Bluetooth Powered Speaker

It offers far more solid motion than any other Bluetooth speaker I’ve heard yet. In the average office environment, your ears will probably scream ‘uncle!’ long before the abyss

Peachtree Deepblue 2 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System

It does, and it is likewise a single box unit that I think would be at home in many medium-sized and even large spaces.

It provides a solid alternative to entry-level hi-fi sound systems, in part because it offers both an exquisite driver array and a more powerful amplifier than many low- and mid-range stereo systems. The only caveat I could mention is that, like any high-end speaker system, the altablue

Some benefit of the time, of the running size. Always go early, but even in the first 45 minutes of an hour of operation, I found it deeper

It went from a relatively tight sound presentation, ‘all’ straight out of the box to a more easy, polished and powerful presentation. In the other

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