Pandora Wifi Speakers

Pandora Wifi Speakers – I hope to do some reviews of the speaker soon but I don’t expect it to be the first to be a Bluetooth speaker. Anyway, thanks to Leapfrog Global for releasing the SonicGear Pandora series where we will be removing and reviewing the Pandora Micro, Pandora Mini and Pandora 3. If you haven’t heard of the SonicGear brand before, go to on their website to check. outside.

Will be doing a mix of unboxing and reviews this time so I apologize if this article is longer than usual.

Pandora Wifi Speakers

Pandora Wifi Speakers

Starting at the top we have the green Pandora Micro, the smallest of the three seems to be ‘cool’ which may attract women. It also comes in grey, black, blue and pink. Pandora Micro comes in a small package with a plastic sleeve wrapped around the product. The front end describes the Pandora Micro as a speaker that can use the phone with a simple list of some of the features available on the unit and the appropriate bells and whistles.

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The back lists Pandora Micro information in several languages ​​as well as a 1-year warranty tag. Continued here is a diagnostic box that allows users to fully scan the device for any malfunctions before going to the checkout counter. You can find full details on the microsite.

When you open the package, you will find a Pandora Micro unit, a USB to micro USB cable, a micro USB to 3.5mm audio jack and a manual.

The Pandora Micro is very small, about the size of a soda can. The build is solid and the leather throughout feels nice to the touch. Although it is very portable, one may have trouble cleaning the face, especially in Malaysia’s climate.

The front hides 40mm driver speakers and the bottom has a Pandora Micro tag that glows blue when it’s on. The unit also beeps when turned on and plays a beep when connected to a Bluetooth device.

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At the rear, we find the ‘purely clean’ speaker; the Micro-SD card slot also allows you to play songs loaded on the Micro-SD card instead of Bluetooth playback. There is also a micro USB port which acts as a Pandora Micro charging station or can be connected to a media player for music playback via to micro USB to 3.5mm audio cable.

The power button has two positions such as pushing it in the middle to enable Bluetooth connection and pushing it to the left to enable playback from a Micro-SD card or Micro USB connection. There is also a small LED indicator that blinks briefly to turn on the unit, other than that, there is no indicator on. have another purpose.

At the top there is a re-use of the touch with Bluetooth buttons and a built-in microphone for answering calls (if you have connected a mobile phone).

Pandora Wifi Speakers

The small Pandora is supported by four small rubber feet that do its job well. You will also find brand and product information here.

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Similar to the smaller version, the Pandora Mini is packaged in a plastic case that’s just a little bigger. Available in black, gray, pink, green and blue, the Pandora Mini may also appeal to many people looking for a portable wireless speaker. Uniquely, the Pandora Mini is similar to the smaller Pandora Micro but one hour of playback and will also work as a bank, full information can be found on the micro website.

The contents are different and the Pandora Mini is equipped with a 3.5mm audio extension cable instead of a USB to 3.5mm audio jack. Other than that, it’s the same package as the Pandora Micro.

The Pandora Mini is also sealed in leather except for the front freezer. Clearly the woofer unit has been dropped and extended to the unit, although you still get two 40mm drivers as the main audio drivers.

The power button, Micro USB port, LED indicator, Help button, ‘View’ button and the USB port are placed on the back of the Pandora Mini.

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The device will play a ‘Ding’ note when it is switched on and the LED light hidden behind the front panel will light up blue. When paired with a Bluetooth device, the blue LED will stay on. It turns white when you plug it into the Support port. The small USB port is for charging the device while the full size USB port allows one to charge your device via the Pandora Mini’s 1800mAH battery pack. The LED indicator glows white when the device is on and blue when the ‘View’ button is pressed, although I do not know what it is showing because it is not written anywhere.

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At the top there is a reset control, however, instead of being mechanical, you get buttons that click loudly when pressed, which is not the most interesting thing to do with this unit. .

You’ll find product information on the bottom of the Pandora Mini placed on the skin instead of printed text like the Pandora Micro.

Pandora Wifi Speakers

Pandora 3 is the biggest part here. The packaging is standard, a white rectangular box with a picture of the product and some details of the unit. Remember that SonicGear introduced the Blurtooth chipset from CSR, which is said to be the most popular choice in the world and has the lowest power consumption and the best RF.

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Another picture and description of the product on the back of the box. It is good to note that there are two-wheel drive cars, we will see how it sounds in a moment. You can see all the SonicGear features listed below.

Apparently, this unit is a limited edition package that includes the i-Rez. A corner holder for your mobile phone or Bluetooth device as shown on the side of the box.

Accessories that come in the box include a power brick, i-Rez, a 3.5mm audio extension cable and a user manual.

The Pandora 3 unit itself reminds me of a small radio without the built-in button/CD tray. The build is mostly plastic except for the front bezel that houses the 2″ audio drivers and the 3″ woofer. You can check out the full details on the microsite.

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On the back of the unit you have the power switch, DC-in, Auxiliary in and two dials to adjust the bass and volume. The rear grille will be one of the two bass drivers.

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Media management is easy at the top, you have a play button, two LED indicators (Power and Bluetooth) as well as two buttons to change the track forward or skip to the next. The microphone is also built at the top, at the bottom in the middle.

At the bottom of the device, we can see a 3″ low woofer speaker with product information and QR code on both sides. The four rubber feet are small but do the job.

Pandora Wifi Speakers

Connecting via Bluetooth is a simple matter thanks to the clear user guides of all three units. Just a little glitch with the Pandora Micro that I need to re-scan sometimes to fit my phone. You will be happy to know that the Pandora Micro and Mini are charged out of the box, easy to say with their small size to accommodate them and you will be sharing your music in no time. Apart from that, Pandora Mini will be able to charge your mobile device through the 1800mAH battery box.

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Unlike the other two, the Pandora 3 needs to be plugged into a wall outlet for power because it doesn’t have its own power source making the Pandora 3 more of a home entertainment device. Although I would say that if the Pandora 3 was built into the electronic box, it would be too heavy, so it destroys the purpose of a mobile phone as well so that the protection method is better.

The use of the units was simple, the only information is the play/pause button on the Pandora Micro and Mini to share with the Bluetooth button in the middle but the tracks and the volume control are perfect the understanding.

I have to say that the Pandora Micro touch sensor for controls is nice, it’s also a problem, especially with the volume control because I don’t know if I press a button or not. Skipping and pausing a song is fine though the Pandora Micro sounds those bells when pressed. There are no such problems with the Pandora Mini or Pandora 3 as these built-in buttons can be pressed, although they are a bit loud when activated.

There is a big difference in sound quality between the three units, and for obvious reasons, the Pandora 3 is the best sounder next to the Pandora Mini and later.

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