Pairing Bose Soundlink With Android

Pairing Bose Soundlink With Android – The Bose SoundLink Flex is a good companion for a hike or a shower, and the reproduction perfectly separates sounds and instruments. However, it has drawbacks such as hard-to-distinguish buttons and a missing headphone jack. Still, it’s a solid choice for those who want something brutal and loud.

Bose may be best known for its noise-canceling headphones and home audio products, but the brand’s Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth outdoor speaker aims to deliver the same quality. With a rugged exterior and water resistance, this speaker looks like it’s packed with features perfect for travelers.

Pairing Bose Soundlink With Android

Pairing Bose Soundlink With Android

Editor’s note: This Bose SoundLink Flex review was updated in 2022. on March 10th to correct typos, add more information about the frequency response test, add microphone array results, clarify the purchase decision, and add FAQs.

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The Bose SoundLink Flex can survive being submerged in salt water, but sand can also seep through the front grille.

Bose SoundLink Flex is designed and built to reflect the intended outdoor use cases. Bose boasts that its grill is made of steel and powder, and it’s really sturdy. Dropping it on the floor will give it a bit of a shock though. Overall, the speaker feels solid, with no lumps or extra bits that could catch on clothes or plants while hiking.

Bose claims this Bluetooth speaker is floating — that is, elastic. If you drop it in a lake or accidentally drop it in a pool, you can pick it up again, but you won’t be able to play music in the middle of it like you can with the UE WONDERBOOM 2. Being able to survive a quick splash in water is useful, as this speaker gets wet very quickly. It collects smudges and fingerprints, and dust can seep through the front grille, all with a quick wipe. However, when sand or other non-dissolving debris gets behind the grill, it’s difficult to remove – I can still hear sand sloshing around this unit every time I touch it.

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The Bose SoundLink Flex has all the buttons on top, but there’s no obvious physical difference.

Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker Ii

Despite its sturdy construction, the Bose SoundLink Flex weighs just 589g, but that might be more than you’d want for intense mountain climbing. However, it won’t really interfere with leisurely hikes and beach trips. A carrying strap on the right side of the speaker lets you attach the SoundLink Flex to a backpack, jacket, and more. You will need to provide your own carabiner or clip though. It can also twist and turn backwards, which distorts the sound. An integrated clip will help avoid this problem, but will also remove some flexibility. You cannot replace the loop yourself if it breaks or breaks. Finally, on the left side you’ll find the USB-C charging input.

The control buttons are located in the middle of the top of the speaker. They’re dim and no lighting illuminates them, but the power and Bluetooth sync buttons have small white LEDs to indicate the speaker is on and connected. The multi-function center button allows you to play, pause and skip content, while volume down and up turns it around. It looks thicker, but there is no physical difference between the buttons. I would have appreciated a wider variety of controls – it’s possible to accidentally tap the multifunction button while looking for something else.

The Bose SoundLink Flex perfectly separates instruments and voices, making it perfect for home listening with nearby speakers.

Pairing Bose Soundlink With Android

The Bose Connect app (iOS/Android) syncs Bose SoundLink Flex with your phone and other devices. It is very easy to use. When you tap the Bluetooth icon, you’ll see the currently connected devices, other devices the app remembers, and a button to change the list. Also note that there is a Bose Connect app

Bose Soundlink Flex Bluetooth Speaker Smoke White

You can use the app to activate Party Mode, which allows two compatible Bose Bluetooth speakers to connect and play the same content. However, this is not strictly necessary, as you can also connect to other devices in Party Mode by pressing the Bluetooth and Volume Up buttons. Before you can turn on stereo mode, you need to turn on party mode.

There is a product overview feature in the app settings, which is useful for exploring widgets. The automatic sleep timer will definitely come in handy for those who like to sleep while listening to music. You can also enable or disable voice guidance here. Pressing and holding the center button activates the phone assistant, but it’s not very useful, especially if you’re closer to the phone than the speaker. Instead, you can say “OK Google” or “Hey Siri” on your phone. If you want to stream content from a device far away from your phone and don’t want to leave your location, this can be useful (if that device has its own virtual assistant). There’s no EQ in the app, so if you want to customize your sounds, you’ll have to go with a third-party option.

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The Bose SoundLink Flex uses Bluetooth 4.2 and only supports the standard SBC Bluetooth codec. According to Bose, the maximum range is up to 9 meters. While the speaker itself supports reliable Bluetooth connectivity, the Bose Connect app doesn’t. Sometimes it says no connection even though there is music playing through the speakers. Also, if you want to overcome the lack of codecs in general, there is no additional input.

The speaker also has a hard time switching between devices with a multipoint Bluetooth connection. Like many other speakers and headphones, you have to manually pause and play content; There is no automatic switching. Therefore, sometimes the speaker never realizes that the content is paused on one device and not switched to another.

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Bose claims the SoundLink Flex can run for up to 12 hours on a fully charged battery. There’s a USB-C to USB-A charging cable inside the box, but you’ll need to provide a power adapter. In our standard battery test using music played continuously 1 meter from the front of the speaker at a maximum output level of 75 dB (SPL), the Bose SoundLink Flex ran for 11 hours and 59 minutes. This means that Bose’s battery life is perfect, and the speaker will last you through a day at the beach or a long hike in the mountains.

The Bose SoundLink Flex sounds great for what it is: an outdoor speaker for hiking the trail with a small group of friends. I also have a JBL Flip 5 and the Bose speaker reproduces all frequencies with relatively similar volume levels compared to the JBL speakers. This type of frequency response makes it easy to hear all the instruments on the track.

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The main drivers are on the top of the speaker and the subwoofer is on the back. So be careful not to sink this speaker into soft surfaces or you may miss some low notes. Bose says its PositionIQ technology helps the speaker determine its orientation to adjust the sound. Whether it’s a marketing change or not, moving around the space like a speaker will cause the sound to change slightly, like swinging from your backpack.

Pairing Bose Soundlink With Android

If you remember that most Bluetooth speakers with studio monitors aren’t for audiophiles, you’ll love the sound of the SoundLink Flex.

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The South Asian-style violin on the Dunya Te Pyaar Mile sounds without being overly muffled or distorted, as is the case with many other speakers. Noorjahan’s vocals stand out and the bass drum doesn’t hide the applause. Sitar strings stand out from Ravi Shankar’s All Raka tabla and Pradevat Sen and Kamala’s tanpur rhythms.

. However, at a party, you may notice that subtle bass notes are missing because people expect them when they think of dance tunes.

As sung by Abhi Sampa, Sampa’s vocals are easily heard, but the hand claps that keep the rhythmic time are lost. In all fairness to the Bose SoundLink Flex, these clips usually only come with decent ultra-clear headphones like the AudioTechnica ATH-M50x.

The Bose SoundLink Flex output is loud enough for hiking or biking. That’s why you won’t be the person playing music on the track and drowning out the sounds of nature at 50% volume. But don’t expect this speaker to fill a room full of speakers. It’s perfect for a picnic on the beach or a little sit-down at home, but you’ll need to use the party mode feature or go for the larger version to conquer the dance floor.

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The Bose SoundLink Flex works best when it’s close to you, but it won’t rock a big indoor party or a big outdoor gathering.

Yes, Bose SoundLink Flex works for voice calls. The microphone allows you to leave intelligible voicemail messages, but it transmits a lot of background noise. You can press the center button while ringing to answer the call or press it to reject the call. Pressing it

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