Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System – OSD Audio BOM4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor System features an 8.0′ subwoofer enclosure with an integrated Bluetooth receiver and (2) 60W per channel internal digital stereo amplifiers. Ideal for powering any two pairs of external speakers

So you have a basic stereo system right and left. There is no way to connect a second pair or add any kind of subwoofer. As such, it is a closed system that limits the client’s ability to expand.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

BOM4.1 revolves around an 8.0-inch 100-watt outdoor subwoofer enclosure as the centerpiece of the system. Two 60-watt digital stereo amplifiers allow you to connect two to four pairs of 8-ohm speakers to the system.

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You can choose two identical pairs of speakers, or two pairs of rock speakers, patio speakers, outdoor speakers, or even two pairs of planter speakers. Or mix and match different pairs of speakers depending on your application. Each of the four speakers is powered by its own digital amplifier for each channel. And who does not want more bass in their system?

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

IP67-rated power supply and heat- and cold-resistant ABS plastic subwoofer housing that pairs easily with your tablet or smartphone.

Typical external Bluetooth speaker sets include a pair of stereo speakers without the ability to add additional speakers or a subwoofer. The BOM4.1 sets the stage for a complete outdoor Bluetooth system, starting with a green enclosure with a powerful subwoofer and two stereo amplifiers. Each can provide one pair of 4-Ohm/8-Ohm speakers or two pairs of 8-Ohm speakers per amplifier.

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Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

Pyle Pphp82lb 1000w Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Portable Pa System W/tws, Recorder

The speakers may all be of the same type; Rock, Patio and Garden speakers, or you can mix and match depending on your request. You can connect a pair of Rock speakers in the yard and a pair of Patio speakers around the deck as an example.

The built-in wireless Bluetooth receiver connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device, providing a wide range of streaming music and Internet radio stations.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

This subwoofer outside of the ground (a hole 3- to 4-inch depth recommended) includes a green box. The kit includes an IP-67 certified waterproof power supply to seal 100% against sand and debris (#6). (No. 7) means that the power supply can be immersed in water up to one meter deep.

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The BOM4.1 has an internal Bluetooth 4.0 receiver that outputs its signal to two internal 60-watt stereo digital power amplifiers.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

The BOM4.1 Bluetooth® Powered All-Weather Subwoofer features a 360-degree omnidirectional design that adds flexibility in positioning the subwoofer in the ultimate sub/satellite setup.

Connection from BOM4.1 includes two four-conductor speaker cables (right and left +/-) ranging from 10 to 14 feet in length, one of each stereo amplifier output to connect to a pair of 4/8-Ohm. Alternatively, two pairs of 8-Ohm speakers can be connected to each amplifier.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

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A pair of 5.25-inch Rock Speakers (RS550), Patio Speakers (PA525) or Garden Speakers (PS520 Planter) are suitable for the BOM4.1, or two pairs of each, or a mixture of 2 of the three options. Field speakers, including LS-2, LS-3 and FORZA5 (two or four pairs depending on the project), also create a good opportunity.

Outdoor systems are all about adaptability, and BOM4.1’s ability to adapt the system to your application is only optimized. The BOM4.1 includes a Bluetooth source connection with a range of up to 75 feet, providing the ultimate plug-and-play system.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

Connecting the BOM4.1 system is relatively simple; The AC power supply is connected to the subwoofer enclosure and powers the internal Bluetooth receiver, a 4.1 channel power amplifier. Speaker wires from under the engine are connected to two or four pairs of satellites.

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Newuse Tg271 High Power Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Soundbar Hifi Subwoofer Music Center Support Tws Wireless System

Now you are ready to connect your Bluetooth device (smartphone or tablet) to the Bluetooth receiver on the BOM4.1 Box. In no time, you’ll be streaming music from the perfect system for your outdoor program.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

Building a system starting with a dedicated subwoofer with a built-in Bluetooth receiver and two stereo amplifiers can provide a great balance outside the acoustic sub/satellite system.

A subwoofer is a special bass speaker designed to handle low frequency effects in audio systems and is .1 of 4.1 found in BOM4.1. The result is less distortion and more balanced and rich sound, so the next time you’re in the hot tub, patio or pool, the music will take on the ambient sound.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

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If you’re investing in outdoor speakers, make sure they have waterproof claims or an IP rating. IP67 is an international protection rating given to products that meet specific standards.

The BOM4.1 has an IP67-rated power supply that is 100% protected against hard objects such as dirt, dust and sand, and will work for at least 30 minutes after being submerged in water up to 1 meter. This is important in yards with ponds and sprinklers where power sprays can cause damage.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

Every environment is different, but we tested our Bluetooth external subwoofer up to 75 feet unobstructed and received a clear audio signal. Your location may have trees and other factors blocking Bluetooth transmission. However, line-of-sight communication is usually between 35 and 75 feet, and pairing takes only a few minutes.

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Make sure Bluetooth devices and speakers are powered on or fully charged. Control the BOM4.1 from a Bluetooth enabled device. The speakers emit a Bluetooth Sync code that is received by the Bluetooth device and settings such as volume, mute and more are controlled directly from your phone, tablet or other Bluetooth device. We independently review everything we recommend. . We may earn a commission when you make a purchase through our links. Learn a lot>

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

We tested two new models from OSD Audio and Dual Electronics and added the Dual LU53PW as a budget choice.

We love the convenience of portable Bluetooth speakers. But for those who want a permanent, high-quality outdoor sound solution for their yard or patio, we offer a pair of great waterproof outdoor speakers. The OSD Audio AP650 speakers are your best choice because they sound great, are easy to install, and are built to withstand the weather and prevent insect and dust attacks.

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Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers (white) (24644)

The AP650 speakers have a clear and full sound that works well for all types of music. And they have no ports to let in water or bugs.

The OSD Audio AP650 speakers are the best value we’ve found in a pair of outdoor speakers. They clearly surpass anything we’ve heard from other models that cost up to $200 a pair. And they have powerful and powerful sound that can easily fill outdoor spaces up to 1,500 square feet. The AP650 speakers have enough bass for R&B, hip-hop and rock music. And they don’t need a lot of power to sound loud, so you can pair them with a small amplifier. Since they have a completely sealed design, there is no need to worry about water, dust or bugs getting in. The pair is also better than most speakers out in the $200 range, with a thicker chassis and a solid powder-coated mounting bracket.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

The NS-AW294 speakers provide full sound, but aren’t the best choice for high-air locations.

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If you want to spend a little less to get good sound outdoors, the Yamaha NS-AW294 speakers are a good choice – as long as you don’t live in a place with frequent heavy rains, as their transmission design can allow water to enter . . . in, potentially damaging. The NS-AW294 speakers don’t sound as clear as our picks, but they have plenty of bass and can play loud.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

The Dayton Audio IO8XTB speaker is nearly twice the price and size of our OSD and Yamaha picks, but we can confidently say that this speaker is at least twice as loud. Not only does it provide more bass, but the sound is clearer and smoother in the midrange and treble. Whether you’re listening to hip-hop, rock, folk or classical, you’ll appreciate the improvement.

The LU53PW is a compact and affordable choice that is fully sealed, but the pair lacks much bass and doesn’t sound too loud at high volumes.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

Wireless Portable Pa Speaker System

Those who just want to listen to light music in the backyard and want to keep their investment to a minimum will love the Dual Electronics LU53PW speakers. Although they don’t have much bass and are loud when turned up, they sound great for background music, podcasts, and internet radio. They’re also tighter than other off-the-shelf models we recommend, and they’re completely sealed to keep water out.

The BTP525 speakers have built-in Bluetooth and a stereo amplifier, making setup simpler. They sound good, but they don’t fill an area like our other picks.

Outdoor Wireless Speaker System

The OSD Audio BTP525 speakers are a good choice for someone who only needs sound for, say, a small deck, and for someone who wants speakers that are very easy to install. All of our other outdoor speaker options are of the conventional, unamplified variety – they can

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