Outdoor Speakers With Alexa Built In

Outdoor Speakers With Alexa Built In – Alexa from Amazon is one of the most popular smart voice assistants. It works across multiple devices but really shines when combined into a great smart speaker. Whether you want to quickly check the weather, play your favorite song, set a timer, or call a friend, Alexa can do it. You can also use your Alexa-enabled speaker to control any other basic smart devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

However, the sheer number of smart speakers available can confuse even the most savvy consumers. To make your choice a little easier, we’ve put together this helpful list of the best Alexa-enabled options on the market to help you find the one that works best for you.

Outdoor Speakers With Alexa Built In

Outdoor Speakers With Alexa Built In

The One is often described as having the best sound quality among similarly sized smart speakers, even better than many larger speakers. It can be used on its own or as part of a larger Sonos sound system for the whole family and features a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic that looks great in many settings. You can also buy it in packs of 2, 3, or 4 speakers for those who want to listen to music in multiple rooms or set up surround sound with a TV. It works very well in combination with the company’s Beam amplifier.

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In addition to Alexa, which integrates seamlessly like any Amazon device, the One also supports the Google Assistant. You can also turn them off completely if there are any privacy concerns. It is not without its drawbacks, namely the lack of internal battery or Bluetooth connectivity. This means it is only suitable for listening at home. Still, it’s one of the best smart speakers available.

If you care more about smart functionality from a compact and affordable speaker than getting the best sound, then the tiny Echo Dot is for you. While the sound quality is by no means poor and is certainly good enough for the casual user who just wants to hear some tunes, it can’t compete with the other models on this list.

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However, it is the perfect choice for a nightstand in the bedroom or as a speaker in the kitchen. It has an illuminated digital clock on the front that can be set to dim and light up automatically based on ambient light, and you can also turn it off completely when it’s time to go to sleep.

The microphone does a good job of picking up voice commands, so Alexa should have no trouble understanding you. Alexa also speaks clearly when responding, which makes it easy to understand. Overall, it’s a smart value purchase for those looking for a wallet-friendly Alexa-enabled speaker to add some smart functionality to their home.

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If you’ve owned a Bose speaker before, you won’t be surprised by the room-filling sound from the Home Speaker 500. It’s remarkably wide for its size, thanks to two drivers. Dedicated opposite directions reproduce the ambient sound experience from a single speaker. There’s good separation between highs, mids, and lows, so you’ll never end up with a muddy sound as the bass flows into the vocals. Additionally, it can be connected to other Bose Smart Home Family speakers for multi-room listening. It also has several connectivity options, including wired and wireless. Radio lovers will appreciate the FM tuner and the ability to store up to six presets. You can access them via the buttons on the top of the speaker.

If a tablet and smart speaker gave birth to a child, it would probably be like the Echo 10. It’s currently the most expensive smart device on Amazon but worth every penny. It incorporates a 10.1-inch HD display for video calls, web browsing, media viewing and more. It has two tweeters and a subwoofer that produces loud and clear sound. Perhaps the Echo 10’s most innovative feature is its automatic motion tracking feature that allows it to rotate to keep the screen facing you as you automatically move around the room.

It also integrates with video doorbells and smart home surveillance cameras, so you can view their feed for convenient on-screen viewing at any time. Like the Sonos One, the Echo 10 needs to be connected and is not intended to be a portable device for use on the go.

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Outdoor Speakers With Alexa Built In

The C5A addon can compete with high-end Bose and Sonos hardware in terms of sound quality, which is essential since it costs similarly. It also has the same smart functions. It can link multiple units together to hear multiple rooms and easily understand most voice commands without having to speak words or raise your voice. While it really scores, the gorgeous aesthetic will grab the attention of all your guests.

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It comes in three colors: black on black, white with black accents and our favorite, gray with brown and black accents. The buttons on the top of the speaker are also a change from all of today’s touch-controlled devices. However, if you’re looking for a portable speaker, you’ll have to look elsewhere as the C5A doesn’t have a built-in battery.

If you love the functionality of the Amazon Echo but feel like they don’t deliver sound and you don’t need a mobile device with its own battery, the studio is right up your alley. This is the company’s most powerful model to date and features three mid-range speakers, a front woofer, and a 5.25-inch subwoofer. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the only model from Amazon that can compete with high-end speakers from Sonos and Bose in terms of sound quality, and it’s also reasonably priced.

The biggest downside, literally, is the size. It’s big, heavy, and bulky, so don’t expect it to sit quietly on a desk or bookshelf. It looks and feels more like an entertainment subwoofer, which makes sense because it works so well for this. In fact, a cheap TV sound system is more than enough even if you don’t add any satellite speakers.

Inside the Denon Home 350 are two tweeters, two midrange drivers, and two 6.5-inch subwoofers. Overall, these six drivers combine to provide some of the best bass response found in any smart speaker. The volume is loud enough to fill the entire room with sound and without creating annoying compression elements, no matter how high the pressure is. In fact, it’s designed and programmed for lossless audio, essentially, with a variety of streaming apps, including Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer built in. It also supports HD playback of advanced genres such as FLAC, ALAC and DirectStream Digital as a complete package, it is a better speaker than most other speakers with Alexa integration.

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Deco Voice X20

So why not get the Premium or Editor’s Choice award? Quite simply, it may have the most advanced audio technology of any smart speaker, but at $700, it’s an investment.

If you want to kill two or more birds with one stone, consider the Yamaha YAS-209BL mid-range speaker. At 36 inches wide, this is a great size for many small and medium 4K TVs. The wireless subwoofer means it offers a wider range than any fully standalone speaker. Working with Alexa is as easy as possible, which is the perfect way to add voice control to a living room that doesn’t yet have a dedicated smart speaker. There’s a lot to like about it, especially at this price point; For example, it can filter TV shows and movie audio to improve dialogue in difficult scenes, and setting up a subwoofer is as simple as turning everything on.

There are only a few areas of interest. First, it doesn’t support some advanced Alexa features, such as alternate word wake-ups and voice calls. There’s also no center channel, though dialogue optimization does a good job of making up for it.

Outdoor Speakers With Alexa Built In

When it comes to a durable Alexa-enabled speaker that can handle whatever life throws at you, there are few better options than the Megablast. It has a battery life that lasts 16 hours and has an IP67 rating, which means it can be submerged in water up to 3 feet deep for 30 minutes without the heaviest of corrosion. The speaker also produces powerful sound, and the cylindrical design does a good job of spreading the sound out over a large area, so everyone outside can hear it.

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However, audiophiles will notice that the bass can be slightly distorted when playing at the highest volume. Other than that it’s just as great for use on the go, it has the downsides of having better options for home use. Unlike many other smart speakers, it cannot be paired with other devices for multi-room listening. The charging port is also troublesome to access, although this problem can be mitigated by purchasing a wireless charging dock.

The Bose portable smart speaker delivers the great sound you’d expect from this company, but in a battery-powered design that’s rated IPX4 for use.

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