Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth

Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth – In a surprise update on Tuesday night, Nintendo changed course on one of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest limitations: its lack of Bluetooth audio support. Bluetooth functionality is now available via system firmware 13.0, which is available for download in all Switch regions.

Until this update, Switch consoles had portable audio capability that was the exact opposite of smartphones like the iPhone, as the Switch only worked with wired headphones through the console’s built-in 3.5mm headphone jack. . In portable mode, that limitation was more reversible because the system was in your hands, so a wired headset made a little more sense.

Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth

Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth

With the Nintendo Switch connected to a TV, on the other hand, headphone options became more limited. Without Bluetooth audio support, Switch users had to connect a 3.5mm extension cable to their entertainment center or use a pair of wireless headphones with a Switch-compatible USB dongle, which would have to be plugged into one of the open Switch ports. Modern Xbox and Playstation consoles offer more options for a 3.5mm jack on their gamepads and wireless features built into the consoles themselves.

How To Pair Your Nintendo Switch To Bluetooth Headphones

The Switch 13.0 update simplifies connecting Bluetooth headphones to the console. Open the Switch settings menu, select the new tab dedicated to “Bluetooth” and go to the pairing menu. Put your headset into “pairing” mode and it should appear on your Switch screen. It works like any other Bluetooth pairing interface you’ve seen.

Each Switch console supports saving up to 10 Bluetooth pairings, although only one Bluetooth headset can be actively connected to a Switch at any given time. Speaking of limits: even though it’s in Bluetooth audio mode, only two “controllers” can connect to Nintendo Switch at a time, and Nintendo says that one pair of Joy-Cons counts as two controllers. So if you want to use Bluetooth sound when playing with a second person, both will have to turn one Joy-Con to the side or choose “Pro” style gamepads.

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That fight between the headsets and the Switch gamepads throughout is arguably a byproduct of the Switch’s Bluetooth support, as the system uses a Bluetooth 4.1 controller to communicate with its wireless gamepads. However, even if the bandwidth of the Switch Bluetooth controller is limited, it saves some latency by blocking an important Bluetooth feature. The Switch disables all Bluetooth headset microphones by default (although Switch games generally don’t support microphone audio anyway).

Despite that attention to Bluetooth bandwidth, Nintendo hasn’t magically solved a fundamental problem with some Bluetooth headphones: slow audio. My tests with Google Pixel Buds and Surface Headphones resulted in a significant delay between on-screen action and stimulus sounds on my Bluetooth-connected headphones—enough delay to bring back a TV if the sound was that choppy.

Homespot Bluetooth Adapter For Nintendo Switch Review

This was a good time to follow up on one of my newest Bluetooth options, the Razer True Wireless Headphones, which offer an optional battery-draining low-latency audio mode. Unfortunately, my Switch refused to recognize those headphones while in pairing mode, though I was able to successfully pair the Razer Buttons minutes later on a nearby laptop. The Switch’s Bluetooth interface doesn’t list Bluetooth devices that don’t fit into a certain “audio-only” category, possibly to prevent Switch owners from getting creative and plugging in mice, keyboards, or other input devices. (Xbox still wins on that front.)

An Ars staff member was able to connect AirPods Pro to his own Switch, which can be good for full device support, but you may have your own trial-and-error issues with less popular headphone options .

Increase / We have a few theories about what this base firmware update is all about. We also have some wacky conspiracy theories (but not in this article).

Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth

A firmware update also offers a fun menu change we haven’t seen before on the Switch: an option to push additional firmware updates to the base of the Switch. This feature is likely related to the launch of the OLED Switch later this year, as the base includes a new built-in wired Ethernet adapter, and its functionality may eventually require software updates. [Update, 11:15 a.m. m. ET: Nintendo’s patch notes confirm that this is exactly the case, and also mention connectivity tweaks like showing whether your wireless connection is 2.4GHz or 5GHz. This week’s system update includes a new joystick calibration method, though it’s unclear if this feature will fix the console’s notorious joystick issues.]

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Pack Wireless Bluetooth Remote Controller For Nintendo Switch Console Wireless Gamepad Joypad

Still, the mode change is a curious addition in the wake of rampant Switch Pro rumors, which suggested back in March that a more powerful system base would include some sort of Nvidia DLSS hardware solution, aimed at improve the performance of the Switch low. secret. games at close to 4K resolutions on TVs. Nintendo has made it clear that the upcoming OLED Switch will offer the same power as existing Switch systems, and is in no way hiding a mid-generation upgrade in hardware. But if Nintendo wanted to dispel conspiracy theories about high-tech Switch docks, this path to upgradeable dock firmware isn’t helping.

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Among wireless controllers and wireless headphones, Bluetooth is one of the most popular technologies today. Almost every major device uses Bluetooth in some way, and that includes the Nintendo Switch.

When it was first released, the Bluetooth capabilities of the Switch were quite limited. And although it is still not the best device for Bluetooth fans, it now supports Bluetooth headsets and controllers.

Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth

To pair Bluetooth headphones or speakers with your Switch, make sure the console is up to date, and then open the Settings menu. Scroll down to Bluetooth Audio and select Pair device, then connect your headphones.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Nintendo Switch, Switch Oled

Keep in mind that once you’ve connected a pair of Bluetooth headphones to the Switch, you can only connect two wireless controllers (or one pair of Joy-Cons). And your headset will be disconnected while playing local multiplayer.

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For more information on how the Switch’s Bluetooth audio function works, see our “How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Nintendo Switch in 2 ways” article.

On the Edit home screen, select the Controllers icon and then Edit grip / command. At that point, you’ll probably just need to press the side buttons on your controller at the same time. If you’re trying to pair a brand new controller, you may also need to press the SYNC button on the controller.

For more details on syncing new wireless controllers, see our article “How to sync Nintendo Switch controllers to your system, so up to eight people can play at the same time.”

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Switch: Docked Or Handheld

But what if you want to play your Switch with a controller from another system, say a PlayStation DualShock? There isn’t a built-in way to do it, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

If you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks, you can head over to Amazon and purchase a Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter. These adapters plug directly into your console or dock and allow you to connect additional Bluetooth devices.

If you want to connect wireless headphones to your Nintendo Switch without the controller and local multiplayer restrictions mentioned above, try the Thunderobot Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter.

Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth

You’ll plug it into your Switch’s charging port when it’s in handheld mode, or into the Switch’s charging stand when it’s docked. Note that you may experience some audio delay compared to the built-in wireless headphone feature.

After Four Years, Nintendo Adds Bluetooth Support To Nintendo Switch

If you’re looking to connect a non-Nintendo controller to the Switch instead, check out the 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter. Not only will it let you use controllers like the DualShock, but it will also let you remap the buttons.

The 8BitDo wireless adapter (seen here attached to the Switch’s dock on the right) allows you to connect almost any modern game controller. 8 bits

The Switch’s native Bluetooth capabilities will be perfectly adequate for most users. But if you’re a big Bluetooth fan, you might want to invest in a Bluetooth adapter or two.

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