Neutron Bt Wireless Speaker

Neutron Bt Wireless Speaker – Today I will be reviewing the HMDX HX-P120 which is a small wireless speaker. First of all, don’t let the small and innocent looks fool you, this thing makes a monster sound as I call it for its size. I was very surprised that this little speaker looks good and the sound it produces is nothing. as I expected. It is definitely a cool gadget that you should not think twice about getting.

I can play with it for a while and impressed. My friend got it as a gift and that’s why I would recommend it as a gift for a tech savvy friend. It would also make a great gift for children. It is small and cheap but it attracts people’s attention and curiosity, which is good for people like me and my friends because we like to wear toys, so my suggestion is a suitable gift.

Neutron Bt Wireless Speaker

Neutron Bt Wireless Speaker

Now you will see that it is known as suction speaker. Which means you can attach this to almost any surface using suction. Yes, you can stick it to glass, walls, etc. and it will stick. There is a peel-off tab that makes it easy to remove when you need to remove it, you can remove it but it sticks to whatever you are attaching it to. Meaning you don’t have to worry about it once connected.

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Now you can take this almost anywhere as its shock proof and avoid getting wet. While this doesn’t mean you should submerge the oil in water, it does mean it won’t break easily in the event of a splash. So you can take it to the pool, bathroom and so on without worry.

Neutron Bt Wireless Speaker

The battery is accumulating in one charge, you can get solid 4 hours and that’s not a joke. I like this because it means you can take this speaker around without worrying about it running out of power too quickly. Four hours is plenty of time to play all the music you have on your device like your phone and whatever else you want to do. .

Bluetooth is very good. It can connect up to 30 feet away, trust me I checked because I can play music from my phone from the next room through a solid concrete wall without any sound quality or distortion. That’s more than enough reason to give the HMDX HX-P120 its suction speakers in my book.

Neutron Bt Wireless Speaker

Hmdx Hx P120gy Homedics Neutron Wireless Suction Speaker (grey) For Sale Online

In addition to Bluetooth that will allow you to connect to almost any Android, Apple iPhone, iPod and other devices with Bluetooth support to play music, you can also use the Aux-in jack to connect non-Bluetooth devices. All you need is the right line and you are good to go. The connection is located under a smooth rubber plate on the back.

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It is made of plastic and rubber and I can tell you that it is made to withstand drops, which is a smart move by the designers. It almost looks like a ball and can be dropped due to its shape, but the rubber exterior prevents such drops as you will drop it at one point or another while you own it.

Neutron Bt Wireless Speaker

As mentioned before, this thing is loud and produces enough sound to fill a standard sized room and does very well. I can play music from my phone, stick this thing on the wall and never Look back. The sound is good and loud, which means that you can find many creative ways for this device because of the long battery life and the best level you will find.

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Overall I really love this little thing, it’s amazing how something so small can make such an impressive sound. Size doesn’t always matter and this tiny speaker with its suction cup proves it. So if you are looking for a great set of speakers with killer sound I suggest you buy these sets and keep one for yourself and give the other to a good friend. They will know it trust me.

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Neutron Bt Wireless Speaker

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Neutron Bt Wireless Speaker

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Neutron Bt Wireless Speaker

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