Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse – Controlling multiple machines was once the domain of niche devices such as KVM switches. But now that tablets, phones, and even TVs are full computers, you may want to use a keyboard and mouse on multiple devices at the same time.

Enter the login group for multiple machines. Keyboards and mice are designed specifically for switching between two or more computers, tablets, phones, etc., with Bluetooth or USB-based wireless connectivity. Sometimes both at the same time!

Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

Logitech has been perfecting this technology – most of the mice and keyboards they’ve released in recent years are interchangeable between multiple devices, and their FLOW software is pretty cool. But there are other ways.

Best Wireless Keyboards 2022: Bluetooth And Usb Models Reviewed

Update, 6/28/22: Removed previous options that no longer existed and replaced with no budget options. Added index.

Best multi-device keyboard: iClever Bluetooth Best multi-device mouse: iClever MD165 Mouse Best multi-device keyboard: Logitech K780 Best multi-device keyboard: Logitech MX Master 3 Best mobile multi-device keyboard: Logitech K380 Mouse best for a variety of mobile devices : Logitech Triathlon M720 Best Multi-Device Keyboard for Gamers: Corsair K83 Best Mouse for Multi-Device Devices for Gamers: Logitech G603

This multi-functional iClever keyboard is the best-looking version of previous Apple Magic keyboards. But for the price, it’s the cheapest option you can get from a reputable manufacturer. The compact design is designed to work well with PCs and mobile devices. The keyboard can switch between three stored Bluetooth connections with 1, 2 or 3 keys for easy access. Its rechargeable battery should last for weeks, and the numeric keypad and Windows and macOS symbols on the keys are a nice touch.

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The design is a little different, but this keyboard connects to three different Bluetooth PCs, phones or tablets at the same time, and switches between them with dedicated keys. Good.

Multi Device Keyboards And Mice

To call the iClever MD165 bland would be an understatement. Even the name is forgettable. But at this price point, the visual appearance is not something to be expected. Instead, you get the essentials: an extra battery, a USB-C port for charging, a USB-A dongle, and the ability to switch between three devices via a wireless dongle or Bluetooth. The only complaint that can be made about this price point is that the button to change the device is at the bottom of the mouse. But you will find the same drawback on other mice you need.

If all you need is the ability to switch between devices, you couldn’t ask for a better mouse at this price.

If you’re looking to add more hardware to your desk, we like Logitech’s midrange K780. There are bigger, more expensive options in the company’s stable, but this one has a handy shelf for your phone or tablet that’s tall and strong enough to hold even the biggest, heaviest tablets. Dedicated hardware switching buttons make switching easy, but it’s also compatible with Logitech FLOW for macOS and Windows, letting you switch from one screen to another. It works with up to three devices, using Bluetooth or Logitech’s Unifying USB Receiver.

Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

The K780 keyboard has a long tray for storing phones and tablets, works with three USB or Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and is compatible with Logitech’s FLOW software.

Rapoo X1800s Wireless Optical Keyboard & Mouse Combo 2.4ghz 1000 Dpi 10m Transmission Fn Key Gaming Keyboard Mouse

Logitech’s top-of-the-line mouse has a number of built-in features. In addition to its excellent design, ball-bearing wheel, thumb buttons and wheels, as well as wireless Bluetooth / USB, it works with Logitech FLOW on macOS and Windows. The latest update also adds via USB-C, a very welcome addition. Note that many of these features are also available on the ergonomic MX Vertical mouse and MX Ergo trackball. These three designs are often discounted, so check out the sale if the high price puts you off.

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Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse, Ultra Fast Scrolling, Ergonomic, 4000 DPI, Customizable, USB-C, Bluetooth, USB, Apple Mac, Microsoft PC Windows, Linux, iPad – Graphite ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Link Icon

The MX Master 3 is an amazing mouse on its own, but it can also connect to up to three USB or Bluetooth devices at the same time using Logitech’s FLOW software.

If you need a way to manage your laptop, tablet and mouse at the same time, and space in your bag is at a premium, the compact K380 will be your best friend. This compact design is like the Apple Magic keyboard, but thinner with better keys. It can switch between three Bluetooth devices on the fly, and yes, it also supports Logitech FLOW if you’re using it with multiple macOS or Windows systems.

The Best Multi Device Mice And Keyboards For Power Users

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard – Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV Compatible – with ease of movement between computers and easy switching between three devices – dark gray

Logitech’s most compact FLOW keyboard fits in almost any laptop or tablet bag and works with three devices at once.

This guy is my favorite mouse of the trip. It’s not very small, but it lasts for years on a single AA battery and is as good as most computer mice, thanks to the curved body with a hard plastic cover. Bluetooth and USB-based wireless means it will work with any PC, tablet or smartphone, and the switch button on the top makes the M720 the easiest multi-device mouse in Logitech’s range. If you use it with desktops and laptops, it is also compatible with FLOW.

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Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

Logitech M720 Triathalon Multi-Device Wireless Mouse – Easily transfer text, images and files between three Bluetooth or USB connected computers with Windows and Apple Mac, fast scrolling, black

Multi Device Portable Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard 78keys Russian For

The M720 lasts forever on one AA battery and works well with three devices at once.

Gaming keyboards are hard to find wireless, and hard to find with multi-device support. But Corsair’s K83 includes Bluetooth and a USB dongle, so it will work with two different systems if you’re using the same connections, with switches built into the F5, F6, and F7 keys. The design includes a touchpad, a dedicated volume wheel, and an integrated controller, perfect for using couch-based games on your gaming console or home PC. A USB dongle and two Bluetooth buttons mean it works with three devices at the same time.

Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard – Bluetooth & USB – Works with PC, Smart TV, Transfer Box – LED Back

I’m a little biased because I have a love affair with this mouse. But in addition to being an excellent “shooting” mouse that is unlikely to kill in terms of battery life, the G603 also works with USB or Bluetooth, with a quick switch via a button on the bottom. Note that although it is a Logitech mouse, it does not work with the company’s Unifying or FLOW USB receiver: it has its own dedicated wireless dongle, and the built-in buttons do not work with Bluetooth.

Logitech Launch New Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

Logitech G603 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 12K sensor, 12,000 DPI, lightweight, 6 programmable buttons, 500h battery life, built-in memory, PC/Mac – black ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Link Icon

Logitech’s G603 is great, but one of its smarts is working with USB and Bluetooth.

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Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

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