Minirig Sub 3

Minirig Sub 3 – The name Minirig will be unfamiliar to most visitors to this website. If the Minirig Bluetooth speakers are not speakers from well-known brands such as KEF, Klipsch, JBL, Sony or Vifa, but a small Bristol-based company called PASCE Ltd. (which stands for Professional Audio Science and Engineering). High quality Bluetooth speakers are manufactured with only a few employees (not in China, but in Bristol, UK). As a result, small devices are also in the higher price segment. After testing the “normal” Minirig a few months ago, we now want to take a look at its “little brother” the Minirig Mini. To diversify the test even more, we not only look at a Minirig Mini, but also test it together with a second Mini in a stereo system and also as a 2.1 set with a Minirig subwoofer. The following test shows whether the Minirig Mini can convince on its own, as a stereo pair or as a 2.1 setup.

Both the Minirig Mini and the Minirig Subwoofer come in small cardboard tubes sealed with plastic caps at the top and bottom. On the cover you will find a small cardboard card on the back of which you will find short instructions for the corresponding Bluetooth speaker. In addition to the mini device itself, the round package also contains an AUX cable and a charging cable for the respective proprietary charging connections. The Sub also comes with a handy carrying case, which is unfortunately missing from the Minesweeper. Speaker processing is perfect. They feel very valuable. Minirig Mini are very compact with a diameter of 84mm and at just over 300g they are quite light. The sub is heavier, which is also good because it doesn’t move at high volumes.

Minirig Sub 3

Minirig Sub 3

Features typical of many Bluetooth speakers, such as hands-free calls or special outdoor suitability due to protection against water, dust and sand, are unfortunately not found in the Minirig. Minirig minis and subs are completely focused on one essential criterion: sound! And that’s just as well! The really great thing about mini devices is the ability to combine individual speakers with each other. For example, it is possible to start with a single mini rig. This can later be expanded to a stereo system by purchasing another Minirig Mini. If you want a little more “thrust”, the stereo setup can be expanded with a minirig sub. If that’s not enough for you, you can expand the whole thing with a second subwoofer to form a 2.2 system. The stereo connection between two mini minis works with true wireless stereo, but the sub must be connected to one of the devices via an AUX cable. An app (Minirig Mini), available for Android and iOS, allows many different setting options. In addition to the stereo pairing (which can be saved so that the speakers are automatically paired the next time they are switched on) and the choice between 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 systems, the sound can also be adjusted to personal taste with a functional equalizer become . For low volumes, you can also switch to low gain in the app or by briefly pressing the small button and to high gain for higher volumes.

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Minirig 3 Review

To get straight to the point: at this compact size, we haven’t heard anything that sounds better than a Minirig Mini! The frequency response also shows this. Remember, we’re dealing with a single 52mm full-range speaker in a 53mm tall, 84mm diameter case that holds both the tech and the battery! To reduce room reflections, the measurement was made from a distance of about 20 cm.

Even the little Bose Micro was far superior to other speakers in this size class, but the Minirig Mini is it again! Almost everything is here. Excellent low frequency reproduction up to 70 Hz (below it drops off moderately), clear and relatively clear mids and good highs. However, everything is beautifully customizable through the app’s nice equalizer and works great! The low frequency range decreases slightly as the volume increases, but there is a dedicated subwoofer, which we’ll get to in a moment!

If a mini rig mini sounds really impressive for its size, with a second mini in the stereo system at low to medium volume, a very good and powerful mini stereo system can be combined. Two Minirig Mini can already be enough at work to enjoy your favorite music. Almost all genres of music are fun here! As mentioned at the beginning, you can hardly find anything better in this size class at the moment!

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The only thing that slightly spoils the excellent impression is a rather strong background noise. At the first two volume levels, this can be a bit annoying.

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If two minirig minis already form a large stereo network, you need a little more power for higher volumes. However, this is not a problem at all with the Minirig, as the set can be expanded to a true 2.1 or even 2.2 system with one (or, if necessary, two) Minirig subwoofers. In our test, we examined a 2.1 system consisting of two Minirig Mini and one Minirig Sub v2. Unfortunately, the subwoofer can only be connected to one of the minirig minis via a 3.5mm jack cable, but once this connection is made, the post is literally removed! It’s almost unbelievable what comes out of this mini system and it’s almost distortion free up to high volumes! The frequency measurement shows the frequency response of the system 2.1. The setup now plays up to about 50Hz through the subwoofer. The range between 70 and 55 Hz is slightly increased here. From now on, the minis concentrate on the reproduction of medium and high levels, the subwoofer takes over the reproduction of low frequencies. This ensures clear music reproduction even at high volumes.

To get straight to the point: If you are looking for a very compact and at the same time great sounding speaker, you cannot avoid the Minirg Mini! With the ability to expand from a single mini to a stereo pair or, if needed, a 2.1 or even 2.2 system, minis offer customers great options. However, you should live with the fact that you don’t have a “one-box solution”, but you may have to carry several speakers with you. In addition, a single minirig mini is not as powerful as, for example, a Bose Soundlink Micro. If you can live with that, you won’t do anything wrong with the Minirig Mini, but you will do a lot of good!

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If you buy something through one of the Amazon links, I get a small commission without changing the price for you. When the subwoofer is off, press the button (do not hold). The LED will turn on to indicate battery status

Minirig Sub 3

Use the button to change the gain if you want. For the best sound, keep both in the same gain mode

Minirig Loudspeaker Set. One Subwoofer And Two Minirigs Stock Photo

Insert the 4-pin end of the stereo splitter cable into the free socket on the subwoofer. The cable can be purchased from our website

Place the white end on the left mini rig and the red end on the right mini rig. Change the gain setting as needed.

Press and hold the button on the subwoofer to turn the subwoofer on and off

Press the button on that minirig TWICE (two short presses) to start the pairing process. The LED will flash white and RED

Minirig Mini Und Minirig Sub Test

After about 20-60 seconds they connect and music plays through both speakers. You will hear a happy sound and the minirig will stop flashing.

Once connected, plug the subwoofer into each speaker. We recommend the main speaker (left). Change the gain settings as needed

Note that the subwoofer only plays the left channel when connected to the left speaker and the right channel when connected to the right speaker.

Minirig Sub 3

Once connected, place a subwoofer in each speaker. Subwoofers play in stereo along with . Change the gain settings as needed. Minirig Mini Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

For the best sound, open the app and select “2.2 Stereo Mode” on the audio settings page. You can also adjust the levels from here.

Press the button FOUR times on that minirig. The LED flashes BLUE/WHITE. This speaker keeps the link up

Connect your subwoofer to one of the speakers with the aux cable. We recommend starting with the main speaker.

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