Minirig Mini 2

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The Minirig Mini is a small portable Bluetooth speaker that packs a lot more sound than its recommended size. A sibling of the luxury MiniRig 2, the Mini aims to produce the same big sound but in a smaller package.

Minirig Mini 2

Minirig Mini 2

Unlike many other speakers, the Minirig Mini uses only one driver and supports only mono sound. The idea is that it’s good for listening to background music instead of boosting your laptop’s sound for watching movies, for example.

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Despite its reduction in size, the Minirig says the Mini retains the same great sound as its bigger brother. Instead, the big deal here is the short battery life.

Like previous MiniRig speakers, the Mini is a beautiful device. The extremely solid aluminum cylindrical walls and sculpted anodized finish give off a cool vibe.

The brushed aluminum that covers the speaker is thick, while the plastic ring that protects it feels solid. A rubber ring insert in the base also provides a secure base. Past experience has shown us that Minirigs – designed and manufactured in the UK – are built to last, and the Mini is no different.

That said, I was a little disappointed to find a visible lip where the plastic piece meets the aluminum. It’s less than a millimeter across, but while the rings and metal parts aren’t round, they feel sharp. It won’t do anything for you, but it’s worth knowing when you’re handling the device.

Minirig Minirig Mini Bluetooth Speaker, 30 Hour Battery

Unlike the larger minirig, there is no cloth bag included. Although the minirigs are well built, they don’t need protection from spills or stepping on them (they are also leaky), the case makes it smaller.

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Minirig plans to make a simple silicone case or strap for the device, but that’s not available yet.

The package includes a charging cable and a 3.5mm stereo jack cable. The first allows you to connect the speaker to any USB port for charging. Instead of Micro-USB or USB Type C, the speaker uses a barrel type input for power, so be careful not to lose the cable. A full charge takes about six hours.

Minirig Mini 2

As for the stereo cable, it can be used to connect the speaker to any source, the speaker has two inputs to choose from: high channel and low channel.

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The idea is that instead of attaching a volume control to the speaker, you just adjust the output volume of your source device. By providing two levels of gain, you can get different levels of volume.

However, this is only half their job; They can be used to connect other MiniRig units or MiniRig subwoofers to create a stereo pair or 2.1 speaker setup (you can only have one speaker and one sub for a 1.1 setup).

It all seems in order, especially since you’ll need a stereo cable splitter (£7.99 from MiniRig) to get just the wires, but it makes for a limited system.

For example, with a subwoofer at home you will get powerful sound for BBQ or entertainment in the kitchen, then you can grab the speaker for camping trips or other trips.

Minirig Mini 2

What’s more, you don’t really need all the cables to connect the stereo. This is possible through Bluetooth, although you will still need a cable to connect the sub to each of the two speakers.

To turn on the speaker, either insert the cord or press and hold the button on the top of the device. It will turn on different colors to show the status of the speaker. When fully charged, it will glow. It fades to cyan, blue and purple as the battery life decreases, while it is red on its last leg.

Tap the button while it’s on and Mini will switch between high and low gain modes, with the former for greater brightness.

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Minirig Mini 2

Minirig Mini measures only 84 x 84 x 53 mm and weighs only 314 grams. Although it will not fit in your jeans pocket, it is easy for a jacket pocket or one of the side pockets and small backpack.

Minirig 2 Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

Minirig has released an accompanying app that allows you to change all kinds of settings in Mini. You can activate a five-band EQ, activate the power saving mode, rename the subtitles, configure the buttons to play, pause and skip music, the air can activate the stereo and do many things.

The interface is basic but functional, making it easy to customize your Minirig to your liking.

The main selling point of the minirig kit is the powerful, deep and generally satisfying sound. The MiniRig Mini is no different.

It’s amazing how this can go. It’s great for listening to rock music and focused music, as its warm and midrange sound really adds punch and energy. It manages to do it while providing enough detail and the sound isn’t too bad.

Minirig Mini 2 + субуфер ( 2.1 Bluetooth Aptx ) гр. София Студентски град •

That said, compared to the larger MiniRig, the Mini has a touch of force in the bass, and it’s a little bit louder overall – but it’s a small difference.

At the moment, there is not a little bit of brightness on it, but that is the kind of detail that is quickly lost, and whatever background sounds can disturb your ears: conversations, festival campsite chaos , hummingbirds. of chirping, and so on. This speaker is designed for listening to great music wherever you are in the world, and it’s good at that.

Returning to the subwoofer, it’s a surprisingly powerful thing that really turns the MiniRig from a personal listening device into a good beginner, especially if you add a second speaker for a 2.1 setup.

Minirig Mini 2

However, there is one big issue when it comes to sound quality – that is, for Minirig Mini, the company has turned on the sound even more than before. As a result, there is noticeable background noise if you use a high gain channel.

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It’s the kind of problem that happens with every speaker when it’s turned on, or it becomes obvious if you stand close, but it’s strange to see it in a small speaker – it’s a few meters away and how many.

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This can be avoided by choosing a low gain input, but the speaker only adjusts to high gain in Bluetooth mode, so you’ll need to press a button to switch to low gain mode. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s negative; But it’s not a problem that previous minirig devices have had bugs.

In addition, as always, with Minirig’s mono approach to audio, it is best if you are behind a small speaker that can enhance the sound of your laptop or any other situation where you want stereo sound. Instead, it’s about placing the minirig on the table, next to the fireplace, or on the wall of your garden, and letting it fill the space with only music.

Along with its great sound, the minirig’s mainstay is its amazing battery life. It can last about 80 hours, an average of 50 hours; It will last a while even just sitting on the shelf. With a normal home, you’ll get a month or two between payments. With regular use on camping trips it will easily last a week.

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As such, the reduced battery life of the Minirig Mini is a minor detriment. The company says that an average of 10 hours (maximum 30 hours) is correct, but not many. One long party and it will be many. It certainly won’t be a long weekend festival or camping trip.

Still, it’s good for a speaker of this size—some competitors do better. It’s just like such a step up from the bigger version.

MiniRig impresses again by producing a small speaker with incredible sound. The big mini rig is great but the Mini takes things to the next level – it’s definitely an investment but it can fill a room with powerful and full sound.

Minirig Mini 2

It’s also a great looking speaker, well built and versatile, with the option of adding mini rigs and a subwoofer.

Review: Minirig 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

However, the decrease in battery life compared to the larger minirig greatly affects the interest of the Minirig, even if it is better or at least on par with many competitors.

It’s a great choice if you really want a speaker that can be placed in a pocket, but if you’re happy to have a pocket, we’d opt for the larger MiniRig device.

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