Mini Bluetooth Speaker For Iphone

Mini Bluetooth Speaker For Iphone – Music is about the journey. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. You won’t be caught dead on a 10 hour flight without your headphones (BOSE if you can get them) and your smartphone loaded with Dashboard Confessional and all the podcasts you can handle. But what happens to the land?

Headphones are great for traveling, but it’s hard to connect with locals and other foreigners when you’re in your own world. Grab your headphones and start a party at a hotel pool, a shared guest room, an Airbnb full of friends, or just head to the valves while getting ready in the morning. Mini bluetooth speakers have gotten pretty good over the years. Travel speakers are lighter, more portable, waterproof, stylish and durable than ever – not to mention affordable.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker For Iphone

Mini Bluetooth Speaker For Iphone

If you want to play your music on the go, you have great options. Here are 8 of my Bluetooth speakers to pack on my next travel vacation.

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It’s all about the travel side of the speaker, which is easy to compare in the first place to club and status. This means it is light weight (preferably under 1 pound), compact and easy to carry. If the battery lasts more than one track, that’s a good thing, and it should have features like a built-in mic, water resistance, and oh yeah, good sound.

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These super lightweight travel speakers also happen to be the best budget speakers on the list, so it doesn’t hurt that they’re portable and affordable.

The Polk Bit Mini Bluetooth Speaker is insane. At just over 1 inch (yes, you read that right), this ultra-lightweight Bluetooth speaker isn’t just built for travel, it’s perfect for it. This thing is so light that you can wrap it around your bag or even your jacket and keep it running, biking, skating around town, or wherever.

It has a built-in microphone, so you can connect it and use it as a speakerphone or voice command (loud) while you’re driving, or just have a conversation or a call tomorrow with your editor while you’re in a noisy place. The only downsides are the short autonomy life (3 hours) and they are resistant to sweat, but not technically so

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Impervious But for the price, portability, and features, you can’t go wrong with this beauty travel bluetooth speaker.

Touching the volume buttons to change the sound is great so I don’t have to take my phone out of my pocket when cycling. And simple direct USB charging means you don’t need to carry around or mark another port. Just plug it into your computer or USB charger and you’re good to go. Naf said.

I reviewed the original Polk Swimmer bluetooth speaker for a while and this mini speaker has aged beautifully. If you want portability but need a more rugged waterproof design, upgrade to the Floater or Floater Jr (it’s a bit smaller).

Mini Bluetooth Speaker For Iphone

The Swimmer line of travel speakers is IPX7 waterproof (this is really good). And while 1oz isn’t a BIT crazy small, it’s still super portable at only 6.7oz. But the boat itself is aimed at Lacinia. The clever tail grip design means you can take this mini speaker anywhere and attach it to almost anything to remove obstruction.

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Clip it to your bag, strap it around your handle, tie it to your dog’s collar; This travel speaker is perfect for the beach or

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Next to the pond Long range Bluetooth connectivity (225 feet) and dirt resistance (sand proof) you can understand or swim with this thing (sensed for submersion up to 3 feet for 30 minutes).

It is the cheapest speaker in the range, and in some ways, it has one of the best features. Worth every penny and perfect for any trip.

The Anker Soundcore 2 is heavier than Polk’s line of speakers, but it’s still a reliable travel bluetooth speaker at 12 inches. If you are a heavy user of the speaker, the extra weight is worth it for a crazy battery life. It boasts 24 hours of playtime (which is way better than the competition) and includes all the top features you’d expect from a more expensive Bluetooth speaker.

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With a Bluetooth range of 66 feet, it’s IPX5 waterproof (IPX4 is technically “waterproof”) and has a microphone, so you can have the odd conference call over the tank if you want. Oh, and the sound of a donkey’s kick. Anker makes great gear (I have a travel battery charger) This budget Bluetooth speaker is a lightweight travel charger.

JBL makes a great legit waterproof travel speaker. This little monster has an IPX7 rating, 8 hours of battery life and is lightweight (6.5 oz). There is a speakerphone mic (for those pesky conference calls). It also has a clipper carabiner handle. I am excited about the good clip.

Attach this waterproof speaker to your backpack, duffel bag, or just to your swim belt and you can start your full moon party.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker For Iphone

Fugoo’s line of bluetooth speakers raises the bar for premium build and sound. Really This mini speaker is the smallest in the line of speakers, but it doesn’t pack much to fit into a small package.

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This mini speaker has 360° sound, IP67 waterproof rating and is resistant to mud, snow and shock. An attached climbing rope allows you to hang it on a backpack strap or tie it around the handle. The battle lasts for 10 hours.

If you’re worried about it breaking, you can attach it with a multi-mount ($10), road ramp strap ($10) or a full package ($19) to attach it to your bike or something else moving. Although I think it’s good.

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Why is a particular Bluetooth speaker the “best” travel speaker on the market? The obvious answer is no. = A critical life battle. A water resistance rating is required. Weight and size play an important role, and of course sound quality matters. You also need to consider the price.

Slightly larger than the mini ultra light speakers, these speakers pack like a tick.

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The UE Boom 2 might be the perfect bluetooth speaker for travel. Weighing in at 1.2 pounds, this travel speaker is still very portable, and while it doesn’t define “ultralight,” it more than makes up for the extra weight with top-notch performance.

This dual connection means you can connect two phones to see which Spotify playlist has more Charlotte Bonus.

This portable speaker sounds like the one in your parents’ room, but it looks great, feels great, and runs like a boss. Take the water, in the mud, in the sand, in the dune buggy – it doesn’t care. Battery life is strong, sound is rich, and the price, while higher than budget travel speakers, is worth it for premium sound and durability. This is the cream of the crop of Bluetooth travel speakers.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker For Iphone

The size of the Fugoo speaker might be better than the UE Boom 2. And it’s customizable. Choose from a stylish option, a sporty option or a tough option, each with its own characteristics as you hold and look at the same speaker.

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Seriously, this thing has some serious features. It has 360° sound, 6 drivers (which is two more than the UE Boom 2) and

A whopping 40 hour battery life. 40. Hours. This is crazy. You don’t even need to pay a private fee for the weekend.

This speaker is shock-tested up to six feet, IP67 water resistant, and comes with a speakerphone that integrates with Siri and Google so you can use the digital assistant without your phone on you (as long as it’s connected). It is very cold.

If you’re still reading, you’re obsessed with Bluetooth speakers for travel. So you know the best JBL 3 specs. It’s IPX7 waterproof, offers 20 hours of playtime, and connects to 3 phones at once (yes). I am sorry for that.

Lifetrons Drumbass Mini Bluetooth Speaker

And do you know the speaker that all the other speakers are throwing? The JBL 3 features noise-canceling and resonant discrete microphones. This is the travel dacia of digital speakers.

Travel mini speakers have become ridiculous. If you want to get the party started, don’t rely on weak speaker phones. Get a bluetooth speaker that fits in your bag, sounds great, has a charge that lasts all day, and can take a light (or get drunk).

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