Logitech Megaboom

Logitech Megaboom – The UE Megaboom improves on the UE Boom in every way, but doesn’t fall short of the best in its price range.

UPDATE (January 2022): Although this speaker is still available on Amazon, it is an obsolete product. If you’re looking for a bargain, check out our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $200. Check out our best waterproof speakers for current options.

Logitech Megaboom

Logitech Megaboom

Have you ever come across a movie that everyone but you liked? You could say it was well made, maybe you even liked the cast, but for reasons that seemed obvious to you and no one else, you just couldn’t like it. It was the original UE boom for me.

Megaboom 3 Review: Ue Perfects Its Bluetooth Speaker

When I heard about the EU Megaboom, I had hope. Perhaps a larger size would improve the bass response and overall sound while retaining everything that was good about the UE Boom, which was pretty much everything else. Sure, it was more expensive, but if the sound was good enough, it wouldn’t matter, would it? There’s only one way to find out.

Like the original UE Boom, the outside of the Megaboom’s packaging is just a cardboard sleeve covering a hard plastic case. Open it and you will find the speaker. A USB cable is hidden in a small corner of the case, and under the speaker is a box with a wall charger and instructions.

Unlike the UE Boom’s wide range of colors, the UE Megaboom pairs four reasonable options: Carbon (the model we’re looking at in this review), Electric Blue, Lava Red, and Plum. The Charcoal model is the most understated of the four, but like the others, it still looks fun and stylish.

The general appearance of the UE Megaboom is similar to its predecessor, only larger. This speaker won’t fit in your car’s cup holder like the UE Boom, and it won’t feel as light in a backpack: it weighs just under 2 pounds. Fortunately, the UE Megaboom takes advantage of the larger size.

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Ue Megaboom 3 Review

The Boom was waterproof, but the Megaboom takes it a giant step further by becoming fully waterproof with IPX7 certification. This means that this speaker has been tested and can withstand submersion up to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes. However, we don’t recommend making it a habit, but it’s good to know if you plan to bring it to the beach. Even the USB and 3.5mm jacks are covered with thick rubber to keep water out.

Connecting to the UE Megaboom is quite simple. After turning it on, simply press and hold the Bluetooth button to enter pairing mode. Then pair using your device’s Bluetooth menu, or tap an NFC-enabled device under the + and – buttons to pair without the need for a menu. If you want to go the wired route, there’s a 3.5mm jack on the bottom, though this makes the Megaboom’s 360-degree sound less effective.

The Megaboom is controlled by four buttons and a free downloadable app for iOS and Android. There are two buttons on the top of the speaker: the power button and the aforementioned Bluetooth button. On the side you will find the + and – buttons to control the volume. While it may seem a little small with the built-in controls, the Megaboom app gives you a lot of extra control.

Logitech Megaboom

The Megaboom app lets you adjust the speaker’s EQ and set an alarm, but that’s far from the best feature. The app also lets you link a second Megaboom speaker to create a true stereo connection.

Ue Megaboom 3 Review: Ue Megaboom 3 Is More Durable, Has Better Bass And A ‘magic’ Button

One of the great things about the original Boom was its battery life. It stayed up to 15, regularly getting about 11 hours in testing. The UE Megaboom claims up to 20 hours of playback and unlike the original, I saw it often

That’s a long time, but the speaker also charges quickly. Using the included wall charger, our recorded charge time from fully discharged to full was just over 2.5 hours.

The shape shouldn’t matter, and I’ve said it many times before, but one of the main features of the UE Megaboom is 360-degree sound. For this reason, I only did small tests using the 3.5mm jack, the rest of the time using Bluetooth connected devices.

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Low values ​​were the UE Boom’s weakest point, but thankfully it’s far from it. Megaboom’s lowest terms are

Jbl Charge 4 Vs. Megaboom 3: One Sounds Better At Low Volumes

Better. Fugazi’s “Recap Modotti” bass carries the song and weaker speakers don’t cut it, but it sounded great here.

The midrange sounds much more accurate than the original Boom, and the speaker lacks a bit of box quality. The snarl of a distorted electric guitar cuts through perfectly.

Again, the treble is a huge improvement over the original Boom, with much more clarity and exposure. The overall detail is improved, but not to the point of adding harshness.

Logitech Megaboom

Overall, the speaker sounds much better than the original Boom, although it’s not without its issues. The sound tended to break up a bit at higher volumes, and while it’s fine for a lot of different music, the speaker didn’t seem right for heavy, heavily distorted metal or other rock.

Amazon Has The Ue Megaboom Bluetooth Speaker On Sale For More Than $100 Off

As we’ve come to expect, the UE Megaboom not only retains what was already good about the original UE Boom, but also improves upon it by making it fully waterproof and extending its already impressive battery life. By the way, the biggest upgrade here is the sound. The Megaboom can’t compete with the biggest players in its price range, but it’s still a great-sounding speaker with a lot to offer. The next generation of larger Megaboom portable Bluetooth speakers from Ultimate Ears is here. Find out how it is better than its predecessor.

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Ultimate Ears Boom has been one of the most popular portable Bluetooth speakers and is now in its third generation with the Boom 3 ($150, £130, £200) and Megaboom 3 ($200, £170, £300 USD). ).

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Yes, they have the same cylinder shape, but they have been redesigned mostly for the better. The new material shell is supposed to be more durable, and the speaker is rated to withstand drops of up to one meter. They are also completely waterproof and will even float if you drop them in a body of water.

Ue Megaboom 3 Singapore

The big plus/minus volume controls and their slightly religious tones are back. New is the large button above the speaker. At first you might think it’s the home button. But no, it’s the power button right next to it, along with a dedicated Bluetooth connection button.

The big new button is called the magic button because it pauses and plays music and can be connected to up to four playlists from Apple’s music streaming service, or Deezer if you’re an Android user. A short press plays music even when the speaker is off, and a long press skips to the next playlist you’ve saved using the updated Ultimate Ears app. We may eventually see Spotify playlists get in on the Magic Button action, but for now it’s just Apple Music and Deezer.

The app also lets you connect multiple Boom speakers in party mode and adjust the bass and treble levels to your liking.

Logitech Megaboom

Earlier Boom speakers had a threaded tripod mount and came with a metal loop that screws into the mount. Gone are the threaded mount and the metal loop, replaced with a fabric loop integrated into the top of the speaker. I liked the metal version, but the fabric loop looks good where it is. Instead of the speakers being completely vertical when you hang them from something (I’ve attached the Boom 2 to outdoor lights as well as tree branches using a rubber cord), they now hang at an angle due to the weight of the speaker (they also float in water, and the heavier end sinks below the surface).

Logitech Ultimate Ears Ue Bluetooth Speakers Megaboom, Roll, Boom 2 Comex 2016 Price List Brochure Flyer Image

On the bottom of the speakers you’ll find a charging contact, which makes the speakers compatible with the EU charging accessory, which costs an additional $40.

A charging station is not required to charge the speaker. You can use the included Micro-USB cable, and I like how UE moved the charging port to an easier-to-reach spot on the side of the speaker towards the bottom.

Battery life is pretty good. It is rated for 15 hours Boom and 20 hours

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