Lithe Wifi Speaker

Lithe Wifi Speaker – The latest update to Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers brings Apple’s latest protocol to Lithe Audio, allowing users to connect Lithe’s Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers and other AirPlay 2-enabled speakers to create multi-brand multi-channel music. Room Audio.

AirPlay 2 allows users to control all display technologies from a single device. Unlike other casting methods, Apple’s latest release allows more room, more movement. Turn your phone or tablet into your personal entertainment center in just a few simple steps.

Lithe Wifi Speaker

Lithe Wifi Speaker

The exciting integration of AirPlay 2 into our Wi-Fi ceiling speakers allows our customers to combine our Wi-Fi speakers or other systems, sound systems or TV-connected speakers in a Multi-Brand Multi-Room setup. without being locked into a single color system.

Lithe Audio Wi Fi All In One Multi Room Ceiling Speaker (2 Zone Pack)

The update adds HomeKit compatibility, allowing users to create automations and connect lighting, heating, security and audio controlled from an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Pair your music to play with motion sensors, pulse switches or alarms.

Hey Siri… Turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, and play your favorite playlist through your wireless speakers. Connectivity is key, so our speakers can be controlled by Siri as well as HomeKit settings.

Find your next home today. Using AirPlay 2 alongside Homekit and Siri, you can control every compatible device in your home with your voice. – Hey, Siri… Turn on the light. These rules and many other time-saving rules can be implemented to make life easier and more enjoyable.

To listen to music via AirPlay 2, your iPhone or iPad must have iOS 11.4 or later. You also need at least one compatible device that can receive AirPlay 2 signals. These include Lithe Audio Wi-Fi speakers, A/V receivers, audio interfaces and other tools. When all your devices are connected to the same Wifi network, everything should be easily accessible and ready to pair.

Lithe Audio 6.5

Since 2004, Apple’s proprietary wireless protocol suite has become a hot spot for all musicians and dancers. By allowing users to stream to multiple devices in different rooms, AirPlay 2 is an interesting improvement over the original Airplay, which only allowed streaming to a single speaker. Additionally, you can now receive incoming calls without interrupting your music, allowing you to receive calls discreetly.

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AirPlay 2 receivers are also supported by HomeKit, allowing users to access and control them through the Home app. Create a customizable system with lighting, heating, security and audio, all controlled from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

The beauty of AirPlay 2 is its simplicity. After connecting and powering up all compatible devices, I leave the technology to work. But here is a useful way.

Lithe Wifi Speaker

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Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Review

The only AirPlay 2 ceiling speakers currently on the market, our Wi-Fi speakers can stream from the ceiling without connecting to an amplifier or running cables through your walls. Smart speakers are completely different from anything else out there, and most importantly, they produce loud and clear sound. audio Control4 Lithe Audio AirPlay 2 commercial installation field speakers FIBARO

Lithe Audio, a UK manufacturer of wireless audio systems for home and commercial installations, has announced that its line of in-ceiling, overhead and field speakers are now available in the US market. With amplifier, connectivity and high-end speaker equipment integrated in one device, each system needs only one power source to set up, making it easy for integrators to produce high-quality sound in one room, distributed systems and outdoors. the environment. of wireless home theater systems.

“Our first Bluetooth ceiling speaker arrived on the European market five years ago. Since then, we have developed our global strategy and strengthened our product line with multi-channel audio systems that offer unmatched flexibility, scalability and ease of installation for integrators. The pure sound their customers expect” said Amit Rawat, Managing Director of Lithe Audio. “We are excited to bring our unique solutions to the US market and look forward to showcasing the best integrators have to offer for a variety of applications – from single speakers in hotel bathrooms to distributed audio systems and home theaters.”

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For the best sound in any indoor space, Lithe Audio indoor speakers feature glass cones, titanium tweeters and Class D amplifiers designed for in-ceiling use, while Alexa and OK Google support provide voice control. easy. The company’s Bluetooth 5.0 ceiling speaker provides a one-room solution for streaming music in kitchens, bathrooms and hotel rooms, while the Wi-Fi Multi-Room Ceiling Speaker adds built-in support for AirPlay 2 and Chromecast to create a shared indoor audio system. at home. The speaker is available with drivers integrated into the Control4 and FIBARO control systems, with support from additional manufacturers coming soon.

Lithe Audio Wifi All In One Multi Room Ceiling Speaker (single

Lithe Audio’s in-ceiling speakers are the Pro Series Wi-Fi Multi-Room Ceiling Speakers for home installation. Winner of the 2020 CEDIA EMEA Award in the Best New Hardware category, the Pro Series offers full features such as a Wi-Fi speaker with support for high definition audio at 192kHz, 24bit; light transmission; and two Ethernet ports – one for connecting to a wired network and another for connecting to another speaker.

The Pro Series is available with PoE++ and WiSA bolt-on modules for increased functionality. The PoE++ Bolt-On adds up to 70W of PoE power to each speaker, while the WiSA Bolt-On allows integrators to connect the speaker to a wireless Dolby 5.1, Dolby 7.1 and Dolby Atmos surround home theater. For extra bass, the 70W Wi-Fi Multi-Room Micro Subwoofer – small enough to fit in a bookcase, under the bed or behind the sofa – can be connected wirelessly to Lithe Audio’s Wi-Fi in-ceiling speakers.

The Lithe Audio Wireless Micro is a small subwoofer with Chromecast and Apple AirPlay2 that adds the extra bass needed when wirelessly connected to any Lithe sound system with multi-room or compatible setups.

Lithe Wifi Speaker

For areas that require high-quality audio but can’t afford traditional in-ceiling speakers, Lithe Audio’s new IO1 speaker offers the same technology as the company’s Wi-Fi Multi-Room Ceiling Speaker, but can be installed in a number of configurations, including wall-mounted or horizontal, corner-mounted, pole-mounted and many more – to meet the needs of any indoor or outdoor space. The new IO1 will be introduced at CEDIA Expo 2022 and will be released in the first quarter of 2023. The company’s waterproof, IP56-rated Bluetooth Garden Rock Speaker is designed to be suitable for year-round outdoor audio. with the elements when it mixes with greenery.

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Lithe Audio Wifi Ceiling Speaker Review

Lithe Audio is offered in the US market by The BIG Corp, an international, full-time service and support organization. “There are other solutions on the market that offer high-quality audio, and few that offer integrated amplifiers or connectivity, but Lithe Audio solutions are unique because they offer all three in high-quality speakers,” said President Pete Baker. The BIG Corp. “In terms of power, the company’s wireless audio systems make installing speakers more difficult than installing ceiling lights, and their integrated technologies allow for distributed audio systems, surround sound theaters, etc. They are a very unique solution, especially when rewiring where wires can be a problem.” and we are more than happy to introduce them to US integrators.

Lithe Audio Solutions will make its US debut at CEDIA Expo 2022, September 29-October 1, in Dallas (Booth 29093).

The Lithe Audio PRO PoE Bolt-On enables single-channel PRO speakers to be powered via Power-over-Ethernet, using the latest PoE++ technology – ideal for any home or commercial environment. Room with Lithe Audio Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker. Designed to deliver high-quality sound from any Bluetooth-connected device, this in-ceiling speaker combines amplifier, receiver and audio into a single, compact and easy-to-install unit.

WHAT YOU CAN DO AT ONCE: • All in one solution – Amplifier and Bluetooth all built in, just turn on • Any power user can turn it off after 30 minutes • Power from wall outlet or plug • On walls without speaker cables • Stereo or Mono option • Clean pin Enhanced client with • Voice control compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Dot

Wireless Audio Solutions

BEST FOR: • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Bedrooms • Garden Rooms • Loft Conversions • Extensions • Offices • Hotel Rooms • Shops

FEATURES: • Bluetooth 5.0 • aptX low latency chipset • Wireless range: up to 30 meters* • 50W RMS power • Woofer: 6.5” Kvevlar woven cone • Tweeter: 0.75” Titanium cone

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