List WiFi Apps

List WiFi Apps

A list WiFi app can help you find a wireless hotspot or identify bandwidth thieves. The app’s network tab lists devices on a network and can be customised to show you information about each device. It also helps you see who is connected to your network, including MAC addresses. If you find any of your devices stealing bandwidth, you can easily block them.


If you have an iPhone, you can use iNetTools to identify any wifi networks and connect to them. It has a user-friendly interface and offers many useful features, including ping, DNS lookup, trace route, whois, LAN scan, and more. It can even diagnose network problems and offers 24 hour email tech support.

You can also download the app directly from Alternatively, you can download the APK version and install it through an emulator. In either case, it will work for both Windows and Mac. If you do not have the Windows version, you can download the APK version of iNetTools and install it through it.

Another good option is iNetTools Pro, which offers most network tools and includes tech support. This is a great choice if you are new to networks and want to get started quickly. Alternatively, Apple’s Airport Utility app is available on the App Store. It gives you a graphical representation of your wireless network and allows you to view detailed information about it. It is not free, but it is worth a download.

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WiFi Explorer

WiFi Explorer is a wireless network scanner for macOS that can detect network configuration problems, channel conflicts and overlapping channels. Its powerful algorithms will help you diagnose the problems and fix them before they affect your performance. It is an essential tool for any macOS user who wants to keep his network up-to-date.

WiFi Explorer helps you locate nearby Wi-Fi networks and scan their configuration. It displays information such as channel and band, vendor, country code and security configuration. It also gives you information about supported data rates, signal strength, and noise levels. It also supports advanced features and enhanced filtering. This tool is free to download and can be used by anyone who wants to stay connected at all times.

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WiFi Explorer Pro builds on the code base of WiFi Explorer to offer advanced features for WLAN professionals. It helps you design and validate wireless networks, and solve network problems including channel conflict and overlapping channels, poor signal quality, and other issues.


The Vistumbler list WiFi app is a handy way to discover the locations of wireless networks. It uses GPS to scan for nearby networks, and displays the network details and GPS coordinates in a window. In addition, it shows MIDI sounds of all the active access points. The app has a good response time and locates access points quickly. It also does not hang or crash, but its user interface is not intuitive.

As a Wi-Fi network scanning tool, Vistumbler can scan any network. It identifies Wi-Fi access points nearby and maps them for you. The details of each network are provided, including name, type, and location. The app also supports GPS and integrates with Google Earth. Depending on your device, you can even view the location of Wi-Fi networks you’re using.

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Vistumbler is available for Android and iOS devices. It is a free app that scans for wireless networks nearby. It also tracks the signal strength over time. It supports GPS and live Google Earth tracking, and it can show the signal strength in real-time.


OpenSignal is an Android toolkit that lets you find and connect to the strongest Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The app also keeps track of how much data you use while connected. Its dashboard tab will show you your connection’s speed, distance, and direction, as well as how many available WiFi networks are in the area.

OpenSignal also includes a speed-test tool and network statistics for most operators in the world. They’re updated every 60 days and include download, upload, and latency information. You can also sort them by the metric you’re interested in, such as download speed or latency.

If you own a Wi-Fi hotspot or corporate LAN, this app is crucial. It will give you an accurate overview of all devices connected to your network, including their manufacturers. WiFi signal strength is also shown as gray darts on a map.

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